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77-NEW HAVEN, CONN., meets 18t Tuesday and 90-POTTSVILLE, PA 3d Thursday evenings in each month, and 2d F. F. WADX, C. E.....

429 East Market st. Sunday at 11:30 a. m., each alternate month, com- WM. HAOKMAN, F.A.E. & Sec. of Ins,518 8. Centre st. mencing June, 1886, in Engineers' Hall, cor. Chap

el and State sts. J. W. SCOFIELD, C. E.

103 Minor st. 91-TRENTON,

91-TRENTON, MO., meets second and fourth 0. B. PARRISH, F. A. E, & Jour. Agt.,

Sundays, at 2 p.m., in Coon's Block, Elm st. 40 Winthrop street, Springfield, Mass. A.E. WOLCOTT, C.E

Box 158 J. . SOUTAWORTH, Sec. of Ins....129 Columbus st. A. G. FLESHER, F. A. E

Box 475 S, C, HANNA, Sec. of Ing.

Box 94 78-LOUISVILLE, KY., meets every Monday at 1:30 | W.C. SPIER, Journal Agent.

p.m., at Colgan's Hall, Walnut and 10th sts. S. W. PETTIBONE, C. E

L.& N. shope. JA8, MOCLOY, F. A E...

1438 Hull st. 92-PEORIA, ILL., meets 1st and 3d Saturday eveno HIRAM PROUT, Sec. of Ins, and Jo. Agt..1002 10th st. ings of each month, at 107 South Adams st. D. E. KELLEY, Sec. of Ing.... .1102 Oak st. E. B. MCCLINTOCK, C.E.

T. P. & W. Ry F.E. HEWITT, F. A.E.

507 South Adams st.

H. H. WELLS, Sec. of Ins ...619 Lower Jefferson 8t. 79--BROOKFIELD, MO., meets 1st and 3d Mondays. JOHN M. PARKER, Journal Agt,.. T. P. & W. shops. GEO. MOFFITT, C. E.... H. L. COOPER, F. A. E. P.J. DAILEY, Sec. of Ing

„Box 168 93-JACKSON, TENN., meets 1st, 2d and 4th Thurs C. L, BOWMAN, Journal Agent

days of each month, at Pythian Hall, 38 Main sto

at? p.m. 80-BALDWIN, AT STEVENS' POINT, WIS., meets J. B. COZART, C. E......

...Box 128 18t and 3d Sundays, at 1:30 p. m., at Engineers' A. B. MINTON, F. A. E.

...Box 128 Hall, 615 Church st.

Thos. DUNCAN, Journal Agent

Box 359 A. ALLEN, C.E..

Box 64 JOHN SMALLEY, Sec. of Ins..
M. W. BUCK, F. A. F.

Box 427
F. P. RUSSELL, Journal Agent.
J. K. SHULTZE Sec. of Ins..

...Box 347 94-FARRELL, AT MARQUETTE, MICH., meets 18t

and Sd Sundays, in German Odd Fellows' Hall,

cor. 3d and Washington sta. 81-KANSAS CITY, MO., meets at 7:30 p. m., 1st and


.Box 133 3d Saturdays of each month, at 1215 W.9th st.

M. M. MEEHAN, F. Á. E.. Sec, of Ing. and Jour. Agt., ROBT. MURPHY, C. E....... Box 65, Wyandotte, Kap.

Drawer 158 L.W.PARR, F. A. E. and Journal Agt.. Box 208, Wy

andotte, Kan. C. B. STEPHENS, Sec. of Ins.. Wyandotte, Kansas

95-CINCINNATI, O., meets 1st and 3d Sundays, at 82-SIOUX CITY, IOWA, meets 1st and sd Sun 1 P. m., in Queen City Hall, corner Freeman and

days, at 10 a. m., in Odd Fellows' Hall, cr. 7th and 8th ste. Douglass sts.

A. MOSS, C. E. and Sec. of Ins.........528 W. 5th st. M. DULING, C. E.........

.611 Court ot. G. BAKER, F. A, E, and Jour. Agent....3 Sargent st. C. M. WETMORE, F. A. E.

..1417 6th st. 88 - OZARK, AT NORTE SPRINGFIELD. MO.

96-WEST CHICAGO, ILL., meets 18t and sd Sun.

days, at 10:30 &. m., at 241 Milwaukee ave. meets in Masonic Hall, 1st and 3d Tuesdays of

JOHN M. WANDELL, C.E. 320 West Indiana st. each month, at 2 p. m.

O. F. LONG, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ing. and Jour. Agt. TH08. HASLER, C. E

Box 54

Lombard, Ill. WALTER A. NOLEMAN, F. A. E...

.Box 396 J, R. MOORE, Sec, of Ing.

Box 8 J. F. THOMS, Journal Agent.

97-SOUTH BALTIMORE, MD., meets every Sunday

&t 1:30 p. m., ne. cor. Hanover and Camden sts. 84-CHARLOTTE, N. C., meets every Sunday, at WM. A. SPURRIER, C. E

.225 East Chase st. 1:30 p. m., in Odd Fellows' Hall.


102 Parkin st. 1. H. MORSE, C. E.....

WM. GALLOWAY, Sec. of 198... ..i98 MoHenry st. A. TANKSLEY, F. A.E.

Box 817 ROBT. J. ALLEN, Sec. of Ins..... North Danville, Va.

North Danville, Va. 98-LINCOLN, NEB., meets 18t and 3d Sundays in 85-PALMETTO AT COLUMBIA, S. C., meets every SAMUEL KIMBALL, C. E..

each month, in Engineers' Hall.

.839 South 9th st. Sunday, at 2:30 p. m., in K. of P. Hall.


1282 T st. W. J. GERMANY, C, E.

E. S. GORR, Journal Agent..... W. A. SMETĦURBT, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins.

CHAS. F. SÁNBORN, Sec. of Ing....

...:: ..Box 593 JAB. F. LOWE, Jour. Agt.....

Box 240 86-ARTHUR, AT MOBERLY, MO., meets 2d and 99-WATER VALLEY, MISS., meets second and 4th Sundays in Odd Fellows' Hall, Reed st.

fourth Saturdays, 7:30 p.m.,at Odd Fellows' Hall. THOS. E. BUTTERLY, C. E.

...Box 856 | E. F. CHRISP, C. E.. C, H. CHAMBLIN, F. À E., Sec. of ns, and Journal | W. W. BECTON, F. A.E...

Box 137 Agent...

A. FOLMER, Journal Agent.. 87-TROY, N. Y., meets 1st and sa Sundays, at 1:30 100-DANVILLE, ILL., meets first Saturday even: p. m., at Odd Fellows' Hall, River st.

ing and third Sundays at 2:30 p m., at Engineers' F. C. STICKNEY, C. E..

405 9th st.

Hall, 24 No. Yn street. Visiting Brothers corCHA8. GRAHAM, F. A. E. and Jour. Agt.....66 George

dially invited. st., Green Island, N. Y. H. C. MYERS, Sec. of Ing., 84 Hudson av., Green Isl'd J. S. MATHER, F.'A. E..

JAMES R. CLARK, C. E. and Sec. of Ins ......Box 285

Box 988

GEO. LONG, Journal Agent.... 88-GRAND ISLAND, AT NORTH PLATTE, NEB. meets 1st and 2d Saturdays, at Masonic Hall

101-GREENBhIER, AT HINTON, W. VA., meets 1st Spruce st. GEO. W. VROMAN, C. E

.Box 28 and 3d Sunday evenings of each month. H. C. LANGDON, F.A. E.....

..Box 77 W. H. H. MONKS C. E... GEO. W. DILLARD, Sec. of Ins..

F. NIHOOFF, F. A. E...... GEO, A. AUSTIN, Journal Agent,

W. KNIFFIN, Secretary of Insurance......... 89_POINT ST. CHARLES, P. Q., meets alternate 102-AUSTIN, MINN., meets 18t and 3d Sundays, at Sundays. at 1:30 p. m.

2:30 p. m., in Engineers' Hall, Hayes Bros. Block, F. PAYETTE. C. E..

.12 Richmond st. Main st. O. LENY, F. A. E .75 Miellans st. A. F. MATTICE, C. E...

.....Bor 119 M. B, LYTLE, Sec. of Ina 136 Congregation st. F. A. JONES, F. A.E. JOHN ALLAN, Journal Agent........61 Magdeline st.

...61 Magdeline st. J.D BEECKER, Sec, of Ing...


meets every Monday evening, in Knights of La- Thursday evening, at 7:30 p, m., in Engineers' bor Hall.

Hall, Opera House Block, N. Z. WOOD, C. E. and Sec. of Ing.


J. V. ELLIS, F.A. E, and Journal Agent.....Box 218 "THOS, GROGAN, Journal Agent.

, MILLYARD, Sec, of Ins....

...Bor 698


104---COLUMBIA, PA., meets 18t Monday, at 2 p. m. 116-LAKE SUPERIOR, AT ESCANABA, MICH, and 3d Wednesday'at 7p, m., at Fendrich's Hall


meets in I, 0, 0, F, Hall, 1st and 3d Sundays of 163 Locust Bt., 8d story.

each month, CHAS. MCCAULLEY, C. E

F. H. LATHROP, C. E...

Box 164 JOAN T. RICHARDS, F, A E., Sec, of Ins. Box 592JAS. J. Cox, F. A, E..

., Box 275 A. J. KEECH, Journal Agent ...


..BOX 69

W. H. YECKEY, Journal Agent.. 105-NEW YORK CITY, meets 2d Sunday, at 10 a. m.

ani 4th Saturday, at 8 p. m., of each month, 117-SANBORN, AT MASON CITY, IOWA, meets 1st at Lexington Hall, 149 East 59th st.

Saturday and 3d Friday, at 7 p, m., in 1.0.0.F, JAMES D. OUTWATER, C. E..........200 East 107th st. E, I, BAKER, F, A, E, and Sec, of Ins.....,Flushing, BENRY M. BAKER, C. E

Hall,cor, 5th and Commercial.

Box 622 Queen's Co., N, Y,


BOX 40

CHAS. BERKBFORD Journal Agent... 106—BRATTLEBORO, VT., meets first Sunday and C, A, BREBE, Cor. Sec. and Sec, of Ins.. ....ΒΟΣ 11

third Saturday of each month, in Grand Army Hall.

118 BROCKVILLE, ONT,, meets in Merrill's Block FRANK MOORE, C. E.... HENRY WHITTIER, F. A. E....

King st., 18t and 3d Tuesdays, at 7 pm,

Box 569 JOAN BRENNON, Sec. of Ins.....box175 Windsor, Vt. JOAN RYAN, C. E....


.Box 569 J. S. FLOOD, Journal Agent..

J. CBATEM, Sec. of Ing. and Jopr. Agt.. Box 569 107-ST. JOSEPH, MO., meets in A, O, U, W. Hall, oor, 8th and Locusts streets, 18t and 3d Mondays 119-DUBUQUE, IOWA, meets 1st and 3d Sundays of each month, at 7 p. m.

at 2p, m. Jos. SWARTZ, C. E. and Sec. of Ins ...1414 8. 10th st. J.J, BARKER, C, E. and Sec, of, Ins..153 Eagle Point J. B. SUITE, F. A. E...

1302 S. 17th st. CHAS. M. TOMAS, Journal Agt..... 2312 Bartlett st. | JOHN C. BAYNES, F, A, E .......155 Eagle Point ave.

J. W. MCKOWN, Journal Agent., 1648 Washington st. 108-HUMBOLDT, AT CARLIN, NEV., meets 1st and

15th of each month, in Engineers' Hall. WM, HEBARD, C, E.....

Box 33 120-LIMA, O., meets 1st and 3d Sundays, at 2 p. R. TREWICK, F. A, E, and Sec. of Ins.Winnemucca,

m.,3d floor Fitzgerald's Block, cor. Máine and T. VAN NAMEE, Journal Agent...

Wayne sts,
A.A. ORR, C. E

Box 808

Box 135 109-QUAKER CITY, PHILADELPHIA, PA.. meets E, EDMONDS, Sec. of Ins... alternate Sunday8, commencing December 13th, B. HARPER, Journal Agent..

.Box 899 at Hall, 601 North 40th st. JOAN A. COVERT, C. E.....

.632 N. 37th st. E, W. KILLEY, F.Å. E.. Sec. of Ins. and Jour, Agent 121-EFFINGHAM, ILL, meets over Pape's drug 3608 Haverford st.

store, on Jefferson Bt., alternate Sundays of each

month, at 2:15 p.m, 110-PACIFIC, AT SACSINTO, CAL., meets Jos, A. MCCLELLAND. C. E. and Sec. of Ins...Box 32 every Saturday, at 7:30 p. m., in Red Men's Hall, H. W. WHITTLESEY, F. A. E..., New Masonic Building, K street, between 5th and 6th ste, JAS, W. HANFORD, C. E.....

1730 O st. 122-GRATIOT, AT FT, GRATIOT, MICH., meets 2d THOS, SWEENEY, F. A. E.


and 4th Sundays, in I. 0. 0. F. Hall, over BurTEOS, O'CONNELL, Sec. of In8.,

Box 283

rall's drug store. D. H. McDonald, Journal Agent Bor 283 J. D. BRINTNALL, C.E.

Box 141 H. H. PATRICK, F. A. E.

Box 141 111-ECLIPSE, AT CHICAGO, ILL., meets every JOHN RENWICK, Sec. of Ing.

...Box 30 Monday, at 7 p. m., at their hall, 4747 State st. O. M. PEASLEE, C. E....cor. 518t st. and Wabash sv.

123-IRON MOUNTAIN, AT DESOTO, MO., meets 2d JOAN KELLY, É. A, E....Cor, 47th and Wabash ave. and 4th Sundays of each month. E. W, KENYON, Seo. of Ins.. 325 W, 47th st. LEWIS KELLEY, C.E.,

Box 295 E. C, KENTON, Journal Agent

A. H. DoxOGHUE, F. A. E

N. H. CARLE, Sec. Ins.. 112-OTTUMWA, AT CRESTON, IOWA, meets every A, PLATT, Journal Agent

Tuesday evening, at Engineers' Hall, GEO. FISHER, C. E...

..Box 709

124-BUCYRUS, O., meets 1st and 3d Sundays of FRANK KENDALL, F.A E

Box 499

each month, at 2 P. M. J, B, KIRSCH, See, of Ing.

...L. Box 1037 J. W. DONNELLY, C. E..... C. H. ANDERSON Journal Agent.

M. MARTIN, F, A, E...

.L. Box 289

W.J, BERRY, Sec. of Ins 113-DES MOINES, IOWA, meets 1st Sunday and 3d Friday of each month, at 8 p, m., in Good Templars' Hall East Des Moines,

125CLINTON, IOWA, meets 2d and 4th Sundays Tæos. JOHNSON C, E...

.805 East Lyon gt.

at 10 a. m., in Engineers' Hall, Empire Block, 4th D. E, HAYES, F. A.E..

street. G, W, RUSSELL, Sec, of Ins... ....806 East 5th st. H. E. WILLS, C. E

Box 749 H. F. IRONS, Journal Agent.

B. S. KEITH, F. A. E...

..Box 1962

L. S1800, Sec. of Ins. 114-WATERLOO, IOWA, meets in Odd Fellows' Hall, 2d and 4th Sundays in each month, at 2 126–TEHACHAPI, AT TULARE, CAL., meets in 0. P. m,

A. U. W. Hall, 18t and 3d Mondays of each month, L. H. HARVEY, C. E.....

W. H. MAIN, C. E

Box 126 B. F, FOX, F. A, E .Box 898 F, V, MEYERS, F. A. E....

.L, Box 126 A, E, CAMP, Sec, of Ins.. .Box 855 A, D, NEFF, Sec. of Ing.

Box 128 G. W. HACKETT, Journal Agent..............

A.J. PHIPPS, Journal Agent .................


....Box 76



127-BIG SANDY, AT BEARDSTOWN, ILL.. meets 140-GULF CITY, AT MOBILE, ALA., meets overseas

every Sunday, at 2:30 p. m, in Engineers' Hall, Tuesday at 2:30 p. m.,cor. Dauphin & Jackson ste over Eberwein's store, Main st.

CHAS. MOONEY, O. E.Conception near Palmetto sto P.J. MURRIN, C.E... ... Box 150 H. WALLACE, É. A. E...

90 Palmetto st. R. B. CUTLER, F. A, E.

..Box 227 H. MINTO, Journal Agent
GEO, W. WHEATLEY, Sec. of Ins,
P. M. BETTS, Journal Agent..

141-SMOKY HILL, AT ELLIS, KAN., meets every 128-RICHFORD, AT WEST FARNHAM, P, Q., M. W. Ryan, C. E....

Monday at 10 &. m., in Odd Fellows' Hall. meets 1st and 3d Saturdays at B. of L. E. fall,

Box 94 C. G. AMES, C.E..

THOS. OLIVER, F. A. E. and Jour. Agt.
Sutton Junction, P.Q.

Box 219
S. E, CROSS, F. A, E....
L. Bez TAON. CHAPMAN, Sec. of ins

Box 299 B. R. FULLER, Sec. Ing. and Jo. Agt.. Richford, V

WM. RICHARDS, C. E......

..Bor 86 129-ROCK CITY, AT NASHVILLE, TENN., meets 142-ST. FRANCIS, AT RICHMOND, PROV. QUEevery Monday, at 9:30 a. m., at simmons's Hall, BEC, meets second and fourth Thursdaysof each Union street.

month, at Odd Fellows' Hall. E, W. BONAHAM, C. E..245 Foster, st., E. Nashville. GEO. F. HOWE, F. A. E...and Journal Agent WM. MCKEAND, JR., F, A, E., 536 MOGavock st., Wost J. WILKINSON, Seo. of Ins.....

Box 86 Nashville, Tenn. A. MOD. TOLMIE,

Sec. of Ins.35 Pinest.W.Nashville 143-URBANA, ILL , meets first and third Sundays W.B. HILL, Journal Agent, 258 N. Market, E. Nash- in Odd Fellows' Hall, at 3 p, m. ville, Tenn.

A.S. HAMPTON, C. E WILL J. REA, Cor. Sec..... .39 Pine st.A. THOMPSON, F. A. E.

Box 76

Z.F. SHARP, Seo. of Ing. and Jour. Agt.....BOX 329 130--KAW VALLEY, AT EMPORIA, KAN., meets second and fourth Sunday evenings, in K. of P. 144-BRAINERD, MINN., meets first and third Sun

Hall, at 1p. m. R, S. MEARS, C. E

.Box 1242

days, at Odd Fellows' Hall, between Front and

Laurel ste. JOHN G. MCNEILL, F. A. E.

...Box 1210 JOHN M. HOFF, Sec. of Ins.

Newton, Kas.

...L. Box 1513 A. J. SOVEREIGN, F, A, E...

Box 5550 181-FRASER, AT SANBORN, IOWA, meets 2d and H. H. SCOBIE, Sec. of Ing..

.Box 162 4th Sunday each month at 3

W. LINCOLN, Journal Agent.

Box 75% J, V. DURGIN, C. E.....

Box 221 J. F. HUGHES, F. A. E...

BOS 266 145–VANDERBILT, AT NEW YORK CITY, meets J. J. FARRELL, Journal Agent.

at 426 8th ave., irst and fourth Sundays in each J. F. HUGHES, Sec. of Ins.

month, at 10:30 a. m. NAT SAWYER, C. E...

4th ave, and 45th st. 132-ST. THOMAS, ONT., meets every Monday JAS. REED, F. A. E.

.434 West 25th st. at 7:30 p. m., in Engineer's Hall, Acacia Blook, GEO.H. VANTASSELL, Sec.of Ing. and Journal Agt., W.P. CORBETT, C. E..

Box 988

330 W. 47th st. D. NEILSON, F. A.E...

.Box 564 ROBERT BROWN, Soc. of Ing.


.Box 561 146-MARSHALLTOWN, IOWA, meets frst and 133-HAMILTON, ONT., meets every alternate Sat

third Sandays, at 3p.m., in Engineers' Hall, Whit

ton's blk. urday, at 876 King st., East.

T, HUTCHINSON, C. E... 196 Hughson st. North. ROBERT MCMAINS, F. A. E..
E.TINSLEY, F. 1. E., & Sec. of Ins. 15 Colbourne Bt. ROBERT F. HOIT, Sec. of Ing.

..L, BOX 611

GEO, T. CRAIG, Cor. Sec. and Journal Agent. 134--ALBUQUERQUE, AT WINSLOW, ARIZONA

Ter., meets every Tuesday eve'g, in B, L. E. Hall. 147—SPOKANE, AT SPRAGUE, WASHINGTON WM. DAZE, C. E...

TER., meets first and third Sunday of each JAS. WATSON, F. A. E

month A. GURNEE, Sec. of Ins.

WM. H. EVANS, C. E....

Box 144 W. H. FARNSWORTH, Jour. Agt

J. F. GATES, F. A. E and Journal Agent. ....Box 206

J. E. CAMPBELL, Sec. and Treas. Ins.. 135-HUDSON, AT JERSEY CITY, N. J., meets al. ternate Wednesdays of each month,commencing 148-IRON CITY, AT PITTSBURGR, PA., meets ev May 7, at 10 a.m.,over Fifth Ward Savings Bank, ery Sunday at 2 p.m., at G. A, R. Hall, No. 99 cor. Pavonia &venue and Erie st.

5th ave. E. KENT, C. E....... .Sparkili, N. Y. L.L.OWBEY, C. E.

199 Wylie aye. GEO.W.GAGE, F.A.E. & Sec. of Ins..169 Pavonia av.


.P. L. E. Shops. H. H, RODGERS, Sec of Ing.

4838 Hatfield, 136-SALT LAKE, ATEVANSTON, WYOMING TER. E. SCHMERBER, Journal Agent. .94 Fulton st. meets every Tuesday at 7 p. m., at Odd Fellows Hall.


Box 126 meets first Saturday and third Thursday of each' WM. LETHBRIDGE, F. A, E...

Box 126 month, in Caledonia Hall, Inglis st. GEO. HAMILTON, Sec. and Treas. of Ing......

HENRY MCAULEY, C. E.... J.J. GROESBECK, Journal Agt....

GEO. FEETHAM, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins.... Box 223 197-STARRUCCA, AT SUSQUEHANNA DEPOT 150-ST. PAUL, MINN., meets in Druid's Hall, cor PENN.

Seventh and Jackson sts., every first and third W. J. HULL, C E...

Box 369 Sunday evening of each month. at 2 p.m. JOAN KEENA, F. A. E.

.Box 711 A. B, SMITH, C. E..

.S. P.M. & M. Shops. W. D. C. OUTWATER.Sec. of Ins.


956 Burr st. S. PIERCE, Journal Agent

GE'O, BUCK. Sec. of Ins...

Hamline P. O, 138--SNOW DRIFT, AT CAMPBELLTON, NEW M. J. SULLIVAN, Journal Agent. 861 DeSota st.

BRUNSWICK, meets last Saturday of each 151–BURLINGTON, IOWA, meets every alternate month at 8 p. m. and second Sunday at 1p. m. in

Sunday at 2 p. m., in Parsons' Block, corner Jet Patterson's Hall, near I. C. R. Depot.

fergon and Third sts. BLISS LUTEB, C, E...


.549 South 8th st. WM, BASTIN, F. A. E.. .Box 459 3. D. SANSON, F.A. E...

.816 7th st. GEORGE A, SEAR8, Sec. of Ins

Box 491 J. H. GALLAGHER, Journal Agent.... 2606 So. 10th st. JOHN DEVEREAUX, Jour. Agt..

J.W. PARR, Seo. of Ins....

.652 S. 7th st, 1994-LONE STAR, AT HOUSTON, TEXAS, meets Sundays at room 7. Stude's Building, Preston st 152--OSWEGO CITY, N. Y., meets first and third at2 p.m.

Sunday at 2p, m., in Engineers'Hall, Midland W.L, HOLMES, C. E.....

.. 109 Elysian st. Depot. SAM MILLICAN, F. A. E.and Sec. of Ins..49 Stanleyst. M. BARRY C. E......

106 W. Oneida st. ROBT. IANKES, F. A.E...

20 Sens st. VICTOR BELISLE, F. A. E, and Sec. of Ing.50 E 6th ot. F. M. COLLINS, Cor. Sec... ..........139 Heigs st. 1 M, J. CRONAN, Journal Agent... ....16 W. 10th ot.

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15-GARRETT, IND., meets every Sunday at 10 166–SAMUEL H. DOTTERER, CARBONDALE, PA,, &. n.

meets Airst and third Sundays of each month, B. 8. DUBLE, O. E......

L. Box 188

at 8:00 p, m, in Odd Fellows Hall, 78 Church st. W. E. TRAINER, F. A. E.

L Box 169WM. BLARE, C. E.... E. J. BOARDMAN, Sec. of Ing.. ...Box 80 A. COPELAND, F, A, E..

.Box 117 JERRY BAKER, Journal Agent.. .L. Box 99J, VANDERMARK, Sec. of Ins..

.... Box 65


1st and 3d Sundays at 1:30 p. II. CHAS. FORBES, C. E..

167-DEVEREUX, AT CLEVELAND, 0,, meets every IRVIN CARR, F. A.E.

alternate Sunday, at 2:00 p. m., at 180 Ontario st. W.C, VAWTER, Sec. of Ins... ::Box 1961. C, BLACKWOOD, C, E...

62 willey st. THOB. CUYLER, FA, E..

.146 Alabama st.

56 Howard et. 155-DECATUR, ILL., meets every Sunday, at 8:3 CON LINEHAN, Seo, of Ins

Mondays at 10'a, m., and 18t and 3d Thursdays at 7:30 p. m., in K. of P. Hall.

168—CAPITOL, AT OTTAWA, ONT., meets 18t and GEO, H. BAKER, C. E.., ..500 E. Eldorado st.

3d Sundays, in Manchester's Block, 447 Spark st. M. MCKENZIE, F. A, E,.. Conover st. A. J. BARR, C. E....

.15 Victoria ay. A, MONEIL, Seo, of Ins.. .1009 E, North 8l, F. ROWE, F. A. E,..

.100 Queen st. N. B, WHITSEL, Journal Agt.

A. PIGEON, Sec. of Ins,324 Moreau st. Hochelaga,P.Q.

J. WELLS, Journal Agent.........672 Wellington st. -156-BIRMINGHAM, ALA., meots 2d and fourth

Sundays of each month in Masonic Hall, at 3 p m. 169-SYRACUSE, N.Y.,meets every Sunday at 2:30 JAS. T. HAYES, C. E

p. m., at Hendrick's Block, East Lofayette st. GRO.O. ALLEN, F. A. E. 800. of Ins , Jour Agt. Box 559 R. W. WILLIAMS, C. E....

...200 Gifford st. W. M, FRAZIER, F. A.E.

.93 Seymour et. 157–CENTRAL DIVISION, AT JERSEY CITY, NSW, WATKINS, Sec, of Ins.

.68 Tully st. J., meets second Monday, at 12 m., and fourth saturday of each month, at 8 p. m., at Masonic Hall 170—WELLSVILLE, O., meets second and fourth corner Pacific ave. and Maple sts.

Sundays of each month, in Aten's Ball

127 Pacific ave.

Box 106 F, WYNKOOP, F. A. E

183 Whiton et


.128 Maple st. H, C, PARMALEE, Sec. of Ins R. G. SMALL, Sec. of Ins.

.Bayonne, N. J

171-HOBOKEN, N, J., meets in American Mecban158-TRUCKEE, AT WADSWORTE, NEV,

ics' Hall, No, 80 Washington st., first Wednesday N. COLE, O. E.....

.BOX 4

and third Tuesday of each month, at 10:45 JOHN R. FORREST, F, A, E. and Sec. of Ing..

&, m, „J. F. GEORGE, Journal Agent


Box 94 W. R. BISHOP, F.Å. E. and sec, of Ins

Box 94 2159-CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, meets f'rst and third T. VREELAND, Journal Agent

Sundays of each month, at 3 P, m,, at K. of H.
Hall, room 13, Post Ofico Block.


Palace Hotel. alternate Saturdays, at 7:30 p.m., in Odd Fellows' W. M. WILLIAMS, F. A. E.

180 A ave. Hall, State street. D. E. DEGEAR, Séc, of Ing.

240 S. 2d st.

Box 618 ED. WOOD, Journal Agent. Albert Lea, Minn, H.A. MILLER, F. A. E.

Box 409 H. HOPPMAN, Sec. of lng..

. Box 282 160-CAPITOL, AT WASHINGTON, D, C., meets EDWARD REEVES, Journal Agent every first and third Tuesday in each month, at 11:30 o'clock a, m, at 627 Virginia av., S. W

173-OIL CREEK, AT OIL CITY, PA,, meets alterS. B. JOHNSON, C. E...,

nate Sundays, at 4 p. m., commencing April 1 JOAN W, RULLMAN, F, A, E.

.502 Md, sve Young Men's Literary Hall, corner of Sycamore FRED RULLMAN, Journal Agent and Sec, of Ins,, 147 and Elm 8t8, Valley st., Baltimore, Md.

PETER CRAHAN, C. E. and Jour. Agent......

JORN STAPLETON, F, A. E.. .......South Oil City, 161-SAN FRANCISCO, CAL, meets second San S. M MCLAIN, Sec. of Ins

days at 1p, m., and tourth Wednesdays at 8 p.

m., at 909% Market st, D. B. FIFIELD, C. E,

174-HOPE, AT PORT HOPE, ONTARIO, meets &l.

.S. P. R. R. Shops.
HARRY BREWER, F.A. E. Sec, of Ins. and Jour. Agt. ALEX. MILLER, C. E..

ternate Saturday evenings.

Box 241 913 Bryant st.


.Box 273 W.C. ALLIBON, Sec, or Ins,

Midland, Ont. 162-MONCTON, NEW BRUNSWICK-Meets second J, J. MOMINN, Jonrnal Agent.

and fourth Saturday8, in Pythian Temple, Rob

inson st. CHAS. S, MCCARTHY, C, E. S,

175OLENTANGY, AT DELAWARE, 0,meets 2d and 8, M. STEWART, F. A. E...

4th Sunday, at 2 p, m,, at Ried & Powell's Block J, MCKAY, Sec, ot Ins

cor Sandusky and North sts,


C, C, ROBINSON, F, A, E, and Sec, of Ing. Box 241 second Sunday at 1 p. m., and fourth Sunday at

D. CUMMINS, Journal agt..... 10 a. m., at Engineers' Hall, Twombley Block, corn r Broadway and Depot st.

176-BARABOO, WIS, P. HOYE. C. E.....

AL YAITE, C, E. 0. G. CHASE, F. A. E.

..Bor 44 CHAS. W. SHELPER, F, A, E, and Jour. Agt..Box 794
GEO. MCDORMITT, Sec. of Ins...

.Box 69 1164_MASSASOIT, AT ATCHISON, KAN., meets al

ternate Sundays, at 2 p. m., in Masonic Hall, 177--DENISON, TEXAS, meets every Wednesday Cor. 6th and Commercial sts., South Side.

evening, in Masonio Hall, T. D. FRASER, C, E,

..1524 Main st.

.Box 63 JAMES STRAHAN, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins..913 West JAMES BLAIR, F. A.E.

L. Box 179 Parallel st.

T.B, MURPHY, Sec. or Ins.

Box 39 JOSEPE ELSON, Journal Agent..

W, J. BLACK. Journal Agent. 165-CAYUGA, AT ITHACA, N, Y., menus second and fourth Sundays of each month, at 10 ...,

178-SEDALIA, MO., meets 20 and 4th Saturday in Grand Army Hail, State Street,

evenings, at 7:30 p,m,, at K. of L. Hall. CHAS. TRUE, C. E......

H. D. CHASE, C. E...

.cor. Eng, and 4th. P. H. BRATTON, F. A. E.

1115 East 6th st. CHARLES POPPLEWELL, F, A, E,...

Box 296 | R, LISTER, Seo, Ing. & Jour. Agt., 418 Engineers st,


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179-PARSONS, KANSAS, meets first Saturday and 193-CRESCENT, AT NEW ORLEANS, LA., meete third Friday, at 7:30 p,m,, in Masonio Hall, John- every Monday at 7:30 p.m., at 5 Commercial alley, BON AVO,

near cor. Camp st. C. H. HOWLETT, C. E....

Box 408 CHAS. REAMY, C.E......117 Paciic av., Algiers, La. OHAS. M. FLETCHER, F, A. E...

GEO. W, BETANCOURT, F. A. E.....76 Mandeville st. J. B. HOTCHKISS, Seo of Ing. .

JAS, MITCHELL, Sec. of Ins....

.469 Royal st. E. M. SERLY, Journal Agent

BOX 19

194-REVIVAL, AT PALESTINE, TEXAS. meets 180 MINNEHAHA, AT MINNEAPOLIS, MINN, meets every second and fourth Sunday, in 221

every Sunday at 2. p. m., in Engineers' Hall. CHARLES REITCH, C. E...

Box 274 Washington ave, south. Open at 1 p. m.


L. BOX ...274 Wm. C. HAYES, C. E....

...68 Lyndale ave.
WM. STIGLER, Seo. of Ing.

...L, Bx, 274 ROBT. S. TROMAS F.A. E

.28 10th st. North H.O. RAMSDELL, Sec.and Treas Ins. 1816 16th ave.,So. ARTHUR SANDY,Jour. Agent ... ..1421 7th st. 'So. 195--YELLOWSTONE, AT FORSYTH, MON. TER.

meets every Sunday, at 2 p. m. 181--ELDON, IOWA, meets' first and thira Sunday


.Glendive, Mon of each month, at2 p. m., in Odd Fellows Hall.

W. B, NORTON, F. A, E,..

Glendive, Mon BEN FEAR, C. E. and Seo. of Ins.

E. E. DENIS, Journal Agent... Glendive, Mon WA. MILLARD, F, A. E. and Jour,'Agt.

196—MAGNOLIA, AT MOCOMB, M188., meets .at 182-LITTLE ROCK, ARK, moets every Tuesday

Fireman's Hall, alternate Sundays of each

month, at 8 p. m. at Quapaw Hall, cor. Chester and West Markham sts., at 7:30 p. m,


Box 95 A.L. VAUGAN...

.1012 Water st.W.D. MITCHELL, F. A, E. and Jour. Agent.....Box 95 ROBT. HERIOT, F. A, E, and Jour. Agt..... L. Box 292 M. J. COLE, Sec. of Ins..

404 Pulaskist. 197-SUN SET, AT SAN ANTONIO, TEX., 183 OMARA, NEB., meets second Saturday and

every Sunday at 1:30 p. m., in Dulling Block, fourth Monday evenings, cor, 14th and Douglass. E,

cor. of Alamo and Commerce ste.

BOX 525 W. W. BURNHAM, C.E.......... cor. 8th and Pacific. cor. 8th and Pacific. A.M. HILLIARD, F. A. E

Box 525 -R. FONDA, F. A. E..., Council Blufre, Iowa. B, O, HOWARD Sec. ot Ins....... Grand Island, Neb.

198-LOOKOUT, AT CHATTANOOGA, TENN., meets 184-STUART, IOWA, meets alternate Mondays every Wednesday, at 7:30 P. M., in Clippenger's and Tuesdays at 7:30 p. m., in small's Building,

Hall. 815 Market st. So. Division st


A, G. S. Shope. JOAN DRISCOLL, C. E.....

W. H. HACKNEY, F, A. E...

.213 Fapnin gt. E. TRAVER, F. A. E...

J.L. HAVER, Sec. of Ins, and Jour. Agt. 11 Boyd at TEOS. ETOLMES, Sec. of Ins.

..L, Box 21 T, T, MCGILL, Journal Agent.


1st and 3d Sundays at 2:30 P, m. 185-JANESVILLE, WIB,

Wm. P. BATES, C.E.....

Box 524 FRANK A, DREW, O, E..

ROBT, PATTERSON, F. A. E. and seo. of Ins, Box 576 JAY WALKER, F.A E. .Box 1999 W. D. YATES Journal Agent...

.....BOY 28 A, B, SAESEY, Seo, of Ing

Box 1621 F. O. MOLEAN, Journal Agent.

200 SAVANNA, ILL., meets first and third Sub186 – DENVER, COLORADO, meets in Engineers E. P. MONROR; C. E......58 Seymour st., Chicago, Ill.

days, at 2p. m., in their Fall, Law'& Block. Hall, overy Wednesday evening, ROBT. M. CLARK, C. E...

.St. James Hotel,

..Box 494 F.P. WILSON, F. A. E ...

.398 9th sta

C. E. WILKINS, Sec. of Ing. 33 Artesian &ve., Chicago. F,6, KAUB, Seo. of Ing.

.435 Champa st.

ED. JAMES, Journal Agent. J. W. RICE. Journal agent...

201-TYLER, TEX., meets every Wednesday at 7 187-FT, WORTE, TEXAS, meets 2d and 4th Sun- P. M., in Engineers' Hall.

days at 2 p. m. in Knights of Pythias' Hall, cor J.D. RIDGWAY, C. E. Sec. of Ing. and Journal Agent, 30th and Main

Box 1450 J. L. BAKER, C. E.

.L. Box 283 W.J. TERRIBERY, F. A. E.. JOHN E. SMITE, F. A. E....

L, Box 283 A. G. FOWLER Sec. of Ins.

612 East 14th st. 202-FARGO, DAKOTA TER., meets 1st and gd Sun. CRA8. CROMWELL, Jour. Agent.

BOX 283 days at 2:00 p. m., in I. 0. 0. F. Hall, Robert st.

and 2d ave. 188-AVON, AT STRATFORD, ONT., meets 1st and 3d G.H. TRUEMAN, C. E

..L. Box 714 Sundays eaeh month at 2:30 p. m.


.L.Box 1722 JOSEPH BROWN, C.E.....

Box 337 J.F. MCGRAW, Sec. of Ins.. ALEX MUIR, F. A. E. and Journal Agent....Box 337 R. DIZZARD, Jour, Agt.....

Box 1659

G. A, MCLAÍN, Jour. Agent, Jamestown, Dak. Ter. 189-BELLEVILLE, ONT., moets first and third sandays of each month, at 2:30 p, me

203PERRY, IOWA.-Meets first and third Mon WM. PRATT, C. E....

Box 1016 days, at 7 p. m.
P. CARNRY, F. A. E.....
.Box 1016 | GEO. T. NETTLES, C, E....

Box 95 JOHN WIMPERLY, Soo, ot Ing.

P, H, RAY, F. A. E

Box 683 ALEX. STEWART,'Jour. Agt....Box 23, G. T. Station. D. L. ROBERTS, Journai Agent.

..Box 495 190-HUNTINGTON, W. VA., meets first Monday | H. A. CLARK, Sec. of Ins....... at 7:30 p. m., and third Sunday at 2 p. m., in Engl- 204—PEARSON, AT RIVER DU LOUP, PROVINCE

neers' Hall, 823 3d ave. JOHN H. HIGGINS, C. E...

QUEBEC, meets Arst and third Sundays at 2:30 .L. Box 126

P. M. and alternate Fridays at 7:30 P. M., in English R. B. FREEMAN, F. A. E...

school house. G. W. WASH, Journal Agent.

C.E. SAWYER, C. E. and Journal Agent.... T. J. BULLOCK, Soc. of Ins..

W. MACKIE, F. A. E... 191–WACHUSETT, AT FITCHBURG, MASS.. meets A SHICKLE, Sec. of Ins ....Point Levi, 80. Quebeo.

ist and 3d Sundays, at 5:30 p. m., in G. A. R. Hall. 205–HARTFORD, CONN., meets 18t and 9d Sundays M. S. FERSON, C. E..

...41 Clinton st.

at 2 P.M, in Temple of Honor Hall, 91 Asylum st. E. P, TAYLOR, F, A, E.

.89 Summer st. WM, M. CUBBMAN, Seo, or Ins

J. A, BRENYAN, C. E. and Sec. of Ins..12 Atlantic sto Box 1082 CBAS. BARNEA, F. A. E..:

58 Fairpount st J. W. ABBOTT, Journal Agent

W. B. MILLER, Journal Agent........12 Atlantic 8t 192-RIO GRANDE, AT EL PASO, TEXAS, meets first and third Tuesday evenings, in Odd Fel- 206--TEMPLE, TEX., meets every Thursday, at 7:30 lowg' Hall.

P. M., in K. of P. Ball. H, DRAPER, C. E. and Sec. of Ins..

Box 40 W. C. FAULKNER, C. E...
CHAS. J. LUFF, F. A. &....

Box 198 A. SMITH, F. A. E ....
E. A. KINGSLEY, Journal Agt....
.Box 40 W.H. CRAINE, Seo. of Ins

...L. Box 28


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