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LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEERS' MUTUAL LIFE notice, and the Secretaries to the General Secre

tary within ten days thereafter, on penalty of INSURANCE ASSOCIATION.

forfeiting their membership, failing to do so. CLEVELAND, O., Oct. 81, 1886.

Yours, etc., ABSESSMENT NOTICES Nos. 758, 759, 760, 761, 762,

T.S. INGRAHAM, Gen'l Sec. 768, AND 704.

P. M. ARTHUR, President.
To the Secretary and Treasurer of Division No.-
You are hereby notified of the death of the

CLEVELAND, O., Sept. 30, 1886. following members of this Association, and ordered to collect an assessment of one dollar Expressions of regret at the resignation of for the payment of each of the followingclaims Mr. George W. Lowe, the late Master Mechanic from all who were members of this Association of the Mahoning Div. of the N. Y, P. & 0. are at the time these deaths occurred.

universal among the men with whom he was

associated in a business way. Although Mr. ASSESSMENT NO. 758.

Lowe had charge of the shops only two months, September 19, 1886. Brother JAMES T. JOR; he succeeded during that time in winning the DAN, of Lexington Division No. 35. Admitted March 28, 1883." Died from injuries received in highest regard of his men by his uniform coura collision. Insurance payable to MRS. ELLEN teous treatment. Mr. Lowe resided at Fort JORDAN

Wayne for a number of years previous to his ASSESSMENT No. 759.

acceptance of this position. He had practicSeptember 26, 1896. Brother LEONARD HAM, tically retired from aetive service, and was of Rochester Division No. 18. Admitted July 1, 1869. Died of general debility. In surance loath at the time to resume an active railroad payable to MARY M. HAM.

life. His resignation was purely voluntary, and ASSESSMENT NO. 760.

he will return to Fort Wayne, where his family September 28, 1886. Brother HARRISON resides. Thirty years ago Mr. Lowe was emDAVIS, of Los Angelos Division No. 5. Admit- ployed in the Cuyahoga Locomotive Works of ted November 20, 1885. Died from the effects of injuries received by his engine overturning. Cleveland. Later he was foreman of the AlleInsurance payable to MRS. MARTHA Davis. gheny Shops of Pittsburgh, and after running

for a time as engineer on the Pittsburgh, Fort ASSESSMENT NO. 761. October 10, 1886. Brother CHARLES HILL, Wayne & Chicago road, became Master Meof Little Rock Division No. 182. Admitted chanic of the shops at Crestline. He then acApril 9, 1885. Died of abscess of the liver. In- cepted a position as Master Mechanic of the surance payable to MRS. CHARLES HILL.

Chicago & Northwestern shops at Clinton, Ia., ASSESSMENT No. 762.

and was there for a number of years. His conOctober 12, 1886. Brother CHARLES W. SIL; nection with the Vypano has been brief, but he LOWAY, of Troy Division No. 87. Admitted May 25, 1868. Died from rheumatism of the leaves hosts of friends here who will remember heart. Insurance payable to MRS. CLARA M. him in all kindness and esteem. SILLOWAY.

The Engineers of Mahoning Division of the ASSESSMENT NO. 763.

N. Y. P. & O. R. R., adopted the following resOctober 23, 1886. Bro. WILLIAM HAINES, olutions : of Carondelet Division No. 42. Admitted De

Resolved, That it is with sincre regret that cember 1, 1869, Loss of eyesight. Insurance we learn of the resignation of Mr. George W. payable to WILLIAM HAINES.

Lowe, our Master Mechanic. Although but a

short time among us, he has by just and courASSESSMENT NO. 764.

teous dealing, won the esteem and good will of October 23, 1886. Brother CHARLES BAIRD, the engineers on the Mahoning Division N. Y. of Utica Division No. 14. Admitted September P. &0. R. R., and by his unirersal kindness to 21, 1869. Loss of eyesight. Insurance payable all, and his straightforward, gentlemanly busito CHARLES BAIRD.

ness manner, established for himself a warm NOTE-Assessments Nos. 758 and 759 will be place in the hearts of all employes in the mo

tive power department of Mahoning Division. paid from the surplus. Secretaries will collect Be it further for five.

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be Assessable members, 4,445.

printed in the ENGINEERS JOURNAL, and a cer

tified copy be sent to Mr. Lowe's address. Total membership to date, 4,465.

ENGINEERS MAHONING DIY. N. Y, P. & O. RR. An assessment of one dollar per member for the payment of each of the above claims is

ADMITTED BY CARD. hereby ordered to be collected and forwarded to the General Secretary within thirty days Into Divisionfrom date of notice.

273—W. F. Wright, from Dir. 143.

315-C. A. French, from Div. 41. Members of the Insurance will remit to their

210D P. Caronyhi, from Div. 101. Secretary within thirty days from date of this 29-Oscar Valentine, from Div. 32.

207-P. J. McCormack, from Div, 101.

Samuel Smith, from Div 163.
Joseph Raymond, from Div. 281.

W, T. Hamar, from Div. 101. 281-Terry Smith, from Div. 86.

B. J. Cummisky, from Div. 193.

Harry V. Wilkins, from Div. 223. 106-H. H. Parker, from Div. 60. 276-Jacob Christ, from Div. 288. 206-G. T. Carr, from Div. 47.

B. G. Harris, from Div. 242. 95_G. W. Kirlin, from Div. 198 45-L. M. Filbert, from Div. 104. 311-W. J. Morris, from Div. 265. 266-J. H. Kelley, from Div. 173. 293-Louis Malone, from Div. 170.

J. B. Rambo, from Div. 148. 145-F. F. Miller, from Div. 205.

H. I. Hedden, from Div. 105.

Wm. Upson, from Div. 18. 818-J. J. MCEally, from 175. 304-George Pierce, from Div. 2. 100-F. A. Cook, from Div. 16.

18--H H. B. Graves, from Diy. 106. 282_James Whaley, from Diy. 29. 162–Robert Dunbar, from Div. 76. 167–W. D. Sellers, from Div. 74.

J. Polite, from Div. 31.
153–F. R. Mills, from Div. 225.
105–Andy Regan, from Div. 46.

J. P. Healy, from Div. 235.
J. W. Cartwright, from Div. 145.

Wm. Darnell, from Div. 10.
258VVm. Miller, from Div. 51.
240—R. Turner, from Div. 15.
49-Henry Ash, from Div. 208.
210-H. F. Stanfield, from Diy 129.

Into Division

237_J, D, Bruce.
74-John Leamon.

W D. Sellers.
49-Alonzo Coral and Wm. Roper,
71-Isaao C, Shute.
46–George Shaw,
287-J. M. Burley and Jos. Reed.

47-Henry V. Trask.
244-A, J. Goble.
293_Wm. Jordan, M. Nelson and Robert

71-Wm Richardson,
15-0. W. Brooks.
195-J. W. Daily.
192—Walter Leighton.
293–M. V. Miller and D. O. Mason.
278—John Cunio.

SUSPENDED From Division

E. C. Wilmot, for six months, for vio

lading Art. V, Sec. 2. 200-J. L. Wade, for one month, for unbe

coming conduct. 25-George Gordon, for six months, for in

toxication. 52-Charles W. Noell, for three months, for

unbecoming conduct. 286-George B. Reading, for one month, for

unbecoming conduct. 219-James McGuire, for ten months, for in


From Division

74-TV. D. Sellers, to join Div. 167.
24-E. D. Morris, to join Div. 123.
70–George Elliott and Robert Mee, to join

147-S. A. Hunt, to join Div. 80.
210—C. E. Pyron, to joiu Div. 207.
281-A. J. Raymond, to join Div. 207.
106—H. B. Graves, to join Div. 18.
123-G. D. Mack, to join elsewhere.
182—G. W. Vansickle, to join Diy. 139.

C. A. Robinson, to join Div. 216.
46—Anthony Regan, to join Div. 105.
176-A, P. Howe, to join elsewhere.
287–Wm. M. Kauffman, to join Div. 74.
47-Geo. P. Carr and Ira Dunning, to join

266-A. Amons, J. C. Madden and D. S. R.

Jones, to join elsewhere.
29-James Whaley, to join Div. 282.
199-Geo. R. Wales, to join elsewhere.
235–J. P. Healey, to join elsewhere.
205-Charles E. Perley, to join Div. 244.
129–Hyden Stamfield, to join Div. 210.
226–E. S. Wells, final.

J. A. Trusty, to join Div. 203.
71-1. C. Shute, to join Div. 22.
162—P Robertson, to join Div. 76.

15-0. W. Brooks, to join Div. 298.
192—Charles G. Ault, to join Div. 161.
134-W. H. Belt, to join elsewhere.
61-W. L. Barrett, to join Div. 5.
45—T. J. Chandler, to join elsewhere.
171-James Allen, to join Div. 299.

29-George E. Lent, final.
153-Samuel Smith and J. J. Jones, to join

2-George A. Pierce, to join Div. 304.

J. W. Reading, to join Div. 286.
184–C. 0. Needham, to join Div. 228.
288–1, Ackerman, to join Div. 169.

EXPULSIONS. From Division 217–Fred. McKinsie, for contempt of Divi

sion and non-payment of dues. 274–W. C. Dean, for dealing in intoxicants. 30—Howard Barnes and Charles Sebold,

for non-payment of dues. 57-Mathue T. Furlong, for non-payment

of dues. 18-John Burke and George W. Ney, for

non payment of dues, 266–E. J. Johnson, for non-payment of

dues. 137—John E. Hawley, for contempt of Divi

sion and non-payment of dues. 112-T. W. Newell, for non-payment of

dues. 156–Thomas Jeffers, for violating Sec. 3 of

Art. III. 24-George N. Sceets, for non payment of

dues, 162-Wm. D. Martin and George B. Storey,

for non-payment of dues and non

attendance. 249—Thos. Doner, for being drunk on duty.

73–T. F. Rathbun, for non-attendance. 144-A. J. Dalton and P. K. Dealy, for non

payment of dues. 203-R. A. Nichols, for slandering a Brother. 218-F. B. Jones, for drunkenness and unbe

coming conduct. 301–0. P. Woodson, for non-payment of

dues. 152--P. Mooney, for burning an engine. 288James A. Beeler, for violating his obli

gation. 84—J. R. Evans, for intoxication. 266-W.N. McCormick, for defrauding Divi

sion and non-payment of ducs. -H. Nactrieb, for non-payment of dues


13-NORTH LA CROSSE, W18., meets first and third

Sundays, at Brewer's Hall, Mill st., at 2:30 p. m.
JOHN R. HODGES, C. E. and Jour. Agt...Box 85, Port-

age, W1s.
C.F. WEBT, F. A. E.....

302 Summer st. JAS. MCLINDOX, Sec. of Ins.

724 Rose st.

Addresses are same as location of Division unless

otherwise noted.

1-DETROIT, MICH., meets first and third Sundays, 14—UTICA, N. Y., meets first and third Sundays of at 2 p. m., at room 23, Merrill Block; cor. Jefferson

each month, at 11 a. m., in Bradish Hall. and Woodward avenues.


239 Elizabeth st. -J. MCMINN, C. E. and Sec. of Ins....335 Fort st. East.

M. J. CARROLL, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins. .84 Main st., FRANK PIMLOTT, F. A. E... Box 15, Detroit Junction, Y. RICKARD, Cor. Sec

2 Taylor av. Springwells.

CHAS. B. CARBOL, Journal Agt

. 100 Broad st.

2-JACKSON, MICH., meets alternate Sundays, at 15-BUFFALO, N. Y., meets every Monday evening

2:30 p. m., commencing May 24, at 235 East Main st. at 412, So. Division St., cor. Hickory.
212 Elm ave. M. CALLAHAN, C. E

...503 North Division st. Wy. E. BREWER, H. A, E .......606 So. Mechanic st. JOAN H. HORNER, F. A. E. & Sec. of Ins.,453 Swan st. JAS. WINNEY, Sec. of Ins...

.117 East av. FRANK ALBRIGET, Journal Agent.....543 Seneca st. F. M. DWELLEY, Jour. Agt.. TenEyck and Pleasant st.

16_GALION, O., meets every Monday evening, in 3-COLLINWOOD, O., meets at Engineers' Hall, al- Engineers' Hall, 29 East Main St. ternate Tuesday evenings.

W. C. MITCHELL, C. E.. C. C. HASKINS, C. E. and Sec. of Ins.... .L. Box 85 A. W. LOGAN, F. A. E., Sec. Ins., and Jour.Agt..Bx 754 JOHN BAIRD, F.A E....

...L. box 147 M. A. COOK and A. B. CHAPMAN, Journal Agts.

17-STANBERRY, MO., meets every Sunday at 9:30

a. m., in Odd Fellows' Hall, cor. 12th and Park sts.

J. W. HALL, C. E. and Jour. Ágt.... 4-CORN CITY, AT TOLEDO, O., meets first, second

E. S. DOTY, F. 4. E. and Sec. of Ins... and third Tuesdays at 8 p. m., and last Sunday at 2 p. m., in Chamberlin Block, Broadway, entrance

18-ROCHESTER, N. Y., meets every Monday evenon Segur avenue, commencing Nov. 7. DANIEL WATSON, C. E..Box 18, Air Line Junction, O. ing, in Carter Block, cor, State and Church sts.

44 Concord av. J. H. MACK, F. A E. and Sec. of Ins....East Toledo, J. M. WATSON, C E.... 4. D. HULL, Jour. Agt ....

..207 Maumee ave.
J.H.C.OPER, F. A. E..

.65 Jones av. CHAS. THOMAS, Cor. Sec..

.40 Gorham st. J. C. GOULD, Sec. of Ins.


meets second and fourth Mondays, in Engineers' 19–BLOOMINGTON, ILL., meets every 2d and 4th Hall.

Saturdays in the month, in Engineers' Hall, 910 D. MCDONALD GBAY, C, E.

West Chestnut st. R. W. KELLY, F. A. E. and Journal Agt..5 Elmira st. P. POTTER, C. E...

.Stahl's Hotel. R. R. BRADLEY, Sec. of Ins.... San Pedro, Cal P.J. DAGENHART, F. A. E. .618 W. Jefferson st.

W. B. HUSKEY, Jour. Agt..

F. G. ONGLEY, Sec. of Ins..........510 E. Chestnut st. 6 MONTANA, AT BOONE, IOWA, meets every

Saturday evening, at Engineers' Hall, Story st. E. MCCORMACK, C. E.....

Box 167 20-LOGAN, AT LOGANSPORT, IND, meets alterJ. E. RUSSELL, F. A. E..

Box 373

nate Sundays, at 10 a. m., cor. 12th and Spear st. C. L. BLACK, Sec. of Ins..


Lock box 541 C. DEERING, Journal Agent.

W. B. LAXC.. STER, F. A. E.

..Lock Box 5-11 JERRY CLEWELL, Sec. of Ins. and Jour. Agt. Bx 1259

7-LAFAYETTE, IND., meets every Sunday, at 2:30 21-YEMPHIS, TENN., meets first and third Sundays p. m., in Engineers' Hall, cor. Fourth and Ferry.

of each month, at 2 p. m., at 298 Second st. D. POPE, C. E..

184 N. 6th.
A. ELMORE, C. E...

.L. & N. shops. ED. LONG, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins. 156 North st.

F. MCCLAIN, F. 1. E..

.M. & C. Shops. R. B. HICKOX, Journal Agent.... .84 Romig st. J. H. BCCKALEW, Sec. of Ins, and Jour. Agt.

8-MEXICO, AT SLATER, MO., meets at Odd Fel- 22-CAJIDEN, N. J., meets second and 4th Sundays lows' Hali, first and third Sundays.

at 1:30 p. m., and third Friday evenings at 8 p. m., B. V. MEADE, C. E..

.Box 14

at Engineer's Hall, 139 Federal street. J. MANN, F. A. E ...

Box 31

24 South 3d st. J, P. TIGHE, Sec. of Ins.,

Box 87

T. W. SMITH, F. A E. and Jour. Agt...524 Benson st.
R. GAUNTT, Sec. of Ins....

.323 Mickle st. 9-WASECA, MINN., meets second and fourth Sun

days of each month, over Hardin & Co.'s Bank, at 2 SPRINGFIELD, ILL., meets_first Saturday and 2 p. m.

third Friday at 7:30 p. m., in Engineers' Hall, 217 .J. D. REECE, C. E... Box 1008, Winona, Minn.

South 5th street. C. F. DENSEL, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins......... Box 163

Box 163 F. P. CLARK, C. E. and Jour. Agt... 1111 South 7th st. Tracey, Minn.

G. F. W. SCHETERS, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins....1129

East Jefferson street, 10_CHICAGO, ILL., meets alternate Saturdays commencing December 6, 18-4, at Masonic Hall, 144 24CENTRALIA, ILL, meets every Sunday, at 10 a. and 146 22d street.

m., in Hofheimz Block, West Broadway. WM. T. PERRY, C. E. and Jour. Agt..1228 Indiana av. CHAS. JONES, C. E... M. H. KEMPTON, F. A. E...

.3743 Stanton av. OLE TORGERSON, F. A. E... S. S. EDGERLE, Sec. of Ins.

1536 Wabash av. JAS. MCFAIL, Sec. of Ins.

11—INDIANAPOLIS, IND., meets every Sunday at 25-TERRE HAUTE, IND., meets first Monday at 7:30 2 p. m., in Knight's of Honor Hall, corner Market p. m., and second and fourth Sundays at 2:30 p. m., and Delaware sts., over No. 5.

over drug store, cor. Main and 7th sts. WM. REVEL, C. E....


1337 Liberty av, WM, M. BLYTHE, F. A. E.

.287 North Pine st,

W. E. MILLER, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins....464 N. 7th. FRED KLINE, Sec.of Ins. & Jour. Agt..550 E. Georgia st. 12-FORT WAYNE, IND., meets every Sunday, at 2 26-RICHMOND, VA., meets first and 3d Sundays at p. m., at their new hall, 140 Calhoun st.

2 p. m., in Druid's Hall, cor. Main and 7th sts. VM. B. MCPHAIL, C. E..... :39 5th st. T, M, COFFEY, C. E...

.C. &0. Shops. M. TEAGARDEN, F. A. E. & Sec. of Ins, and Jour. Agt.. C. EASTMAN, F A. E...

Manchester, V&. 175 W. Superior,

H. B. BARTON, Journal agent...

1808 Jay st

RACINE, AT FREEPORT ILL., meets first and 40–PORTLAND, MAINE, meets second and fourth third Sundays in each month, in Carcher's Block, Sundays at 12:30 p, m, cor. Van Buren and Stephenson sts.

R. G. HILBORN, C. E and Sec. of Ins... 35 Howard st. THOS, CARROLL, C. E...

Box 191 GEO, C. COBB, F. A. E...

..... 49 St. Lawrence st. JOHN PECK, F. A, E.

.Box 1027 CHAS. B. PEARSON, Journal Agent............. H. C. HAGEDORN, Sec. of Ins...

Box 1594

28–TUCSON, ARIZONA TER., meets first and third
Sundays of each month, in Odd Fellows' Hall, cor,

Church and Maiden Lane, at 10 a. m.
F. E. SMITH, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins.
LOUIS MARTIN, Journal Agent..

41–ELMIRA, N. Y., meets first and third Sundays ati

2 p. m., at Odd Fellows' Hall, water st. E, MORGAN, C.E.

...426 Herrick st. G. H. MORGAN, F. A, E, and Sec. of Ins....524 Jeffer

son av. JOHN FINLAY, Journal Agt. ..310 Franklin st.

42_CARONDELET, AT ST. LOUIS, MO., meets at 29/GRAND CANON, AT SOUTH PUEBLO, COL., first and third Sundays at Lafayette and S. 8th sts. meets every Sunday at 3 p. m., at Engineers' Hall. F. D. BALDWIN, C. E..

.182 BroadwayB, DIGGORY, C. E Lock box 834 LOUIS LADKUBURGER, F. A.E.

A. E..., J. E. MILES, F. A. E...

.box 894 W. J. WETTON, Sec. of Ins, 6305 Virginia av.r J, D. KETNER, Sec. of Ins...

South St. Louis, Mo. THEODORE BRIEN, Journal Agent

43-MEADVILLE, PA., meets in Royal Arcanum 30_PHILLIPSBURG, N. J., meets at 1 p. m., the first Hall, Phænix Block, every Monday at 2 p. m. and third Sundays of each month, over Phillips H. D. BROWN, C. E....

Box 96 burg National Bank,


,Box 29 MILTON MOYER, C. E. and Sec. of Ins ...,652 Main st. J. A. WILLIADIS, Sec. of Ins..Bx 207, Salamanca, N. Y. JACOB RUSTAY, F. A. E......

.Lock box 21 W. S. MURRAY, Journal Agent.....

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31-CLEVELAND, O., meets at 1. O. of O. F. Hall, 52 44-WYOMING, AT RAWLINS, WY. TER., meets Public Square, first and third Sundays.

every Thursday at 7:30 p.m., in Odd Fellows' Hall. JAMES H. DUROSS, C. E..

.347 Bamilton st.
73 Carroll st. D. E. SULLIVAN, F. A. E..


Box 191 A. SAWYER, SEC. of Ins... 411 Lake st.

..BOX 222 ROBT. I. TURNER, Journal Agt.

JOBX H. LYXCH, Sec. of Ins... 32-AURORA, ILL., meets every alternate Sunday

commencing Feb. 1, 1885, over 8 and 10 Broadway. JOHN A. BAUEREISEN, C. E..

75 Anderson st. 45-WEST PHILADELPHIA, PA., meets every alter W. L. WILSON, F... E...

..200 Jefferson st. nate Sunday at 2 p. m., at 601 N. 40th st. A. E. COOx, Sec. of Ins.. 61 N. Anderson st. SAM'L T. MANAHAN, C. E..

3941 Aspen st. A. KOEGEL, Journal Agent .93 South Lasell st. JOHN E. DEISEM, F. A. E.

.624 N. 37th st. DELOSS EVERETT, Cor, Sec.........3629 Paverford st.

B.F. KENNEDY, Sec, of Ins. and Jour. Agt.... 3826 Fair 33-BATTLE CREEK, MICH., meets first and third

mount av. Sundays at 2:30 p. m., in B. L. E. Hall, Jefferson st. GEO, MRLROSE, C.E.. M. LAQUAY, F. A. E. and Journal Agt.. Box 114946-ALBANY, N. Y., meets every second and fourth R. D, NILES, Sec. of Ins.

..Box 1359

Thursday at 480 Broadway.

63 Clinton av. 34-LITTLE MIAMI, AT COLUMBUS, O., meets first EDWARD LYONS, F. A. E.... ....760 Broadway. and third Sundays at ñ p, m., Miller's Block.

THOMAS F. JUDGE, Journal Agent

J. M. JONES, Sec. of Ins..

611 South Front st. CHAS, G. KNIGHT, C.E..

22 Hunter av. E, L. COIT, F, A, E...

325 John st. JOHN CASSEL, Sec. of Ins..

..152 West First av.

47-HORNELLSVILLE, N. Y, meets on alternate

Wednesday evenings, cor. Main and Church sts. 35-LEXINGTON, AT LUDLOW, KY., meets second WM. R. MARTIN, C. E. and Jour Agt.

.Box 950 and fourth Sundays at 1:30 p. m. each month, in J. K. CHAPMAN, F. A, E..

.Box 88 I. O. O. Hall.

JOHN DUNOVOŃ, Sec. of Ins.

.Box 105 P. H. SCHREIBER, C. E.....

..Box 17 H. PRICE, F. A. E....

.Box 17 E. J. DROHAN, Sec. of Ins...

Box 55 48-ST. LOUIS, MO., meets first and third Sundays R.J. WALKENSHAW, Jour. Agt.

in each month, at No. 2847 Chateau av, H. A. WALTERS, C. E....

R. M. NAUGHTON, F. A. E. & Jour. Agt..706 So. 18th st. 36_NEWARK, 0., meets every Sunday at 3p.m., in GEO. J. TYRELL, Sec. of Ins ... ..10 South High st.

Knight's of Labor Hall, south side Park. JOHN A. RYAN, C. E.

.Box 291 JOHN GORBY, F. A. E...

.Box 226 49-ST. CLAIR, AT EAST ST. LOUIS, ILL., meets ALLISOX POWELL, Sec. of Ins

.Box 1220 irst and third Sundays in each month, I. 0, 0. F. JAMES DENISON, Journal Agt..

Box 651

M. &OR, R.

WM. MCCREVY, F. A. E.... 37-MATTOON, ILL., meets every Sunday at 3 p. m., D. M. STEPHENS, Sec. of Ins. and Jour. Agt...

in Hinckle's Block, W. Broadway. W. HUNTSBURGER, C. E.. W. S. WHITE, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins. Box 932 50—CONNELLSVILLE, PA., meets alternate Sun

days at % p. m., at T. W. Morris' Hall, cor. Pitts 38_STAUNTON, AT CLIFTON FORGE, VA., meets WM. BRADLEY, C. E...,

burgh and Peach sts. first and third Mondays at 2p.m., in Masonic Hall.

G. W. MCCARTNEY, F. A. E....

.Box 53 J. H. MERRITT, C. E....

... Box 24 B. C. TAYLOR, Sec. of Ins.... L. M. HOWERTON, F. A. E..

..Box 24 W. L. CUDDY, Journal Agt. C. B. SMALES, Sec. of Ins....L. Box 79, Staunton, Va. 51-PHILADELPHIA, PA., meets first and third Sun

days in each month, at 2 p. m., at Gen. Robt. Pat-.

terson's Hall, Broad st., near Ellsworth. 39_SEYMOUR, IND., meets second and fourth Mon. F. A. GILMORE. C. E...

..1838 Christian st. days at 7:30 p, m., Odd Fellows' Hall.

W.C. ROBERTS, F. A. E., 297 S. Ann st., Baltimore, Md. W. N. Cox, C. E..

..Box 295 L. D. TUFTS, Sec. of Ins...P. W. & B. R. R., WilmingJ. C. VANHORN, F. A. E.

Box 235

ton, Dei. JOHN T. DANVER, Sec. of Ins.

Box 2351 C, G, Fox, Jo. Agt..204 E. Preston st., Baltimore, Ma. GEO. APGAR, Journal Agent

52 -MONUMENTAL; AT BALTIMORE, MV., meets 6 WURCESTER, MASS., meets 1st and Sd Sunday

1st and 3d Sundays at Lehman's Hall, 230 Garden. in'each month, at 5p.m., at Pythian Hall, No. 405 JOHN BECK, C. E....

116 Hoffman 8t.

Main si. K, B. CHURCH, F.A, E.

....... 68 Dolphin st.

P, L. COOPER, C. E. and Sec. of IDP...6 Berit Place GOU. W. FRY, Beo. of Ins.,

,392 Federal st. | Wu, H. YOUNG, F. A. E... 56 Southbridgest. PHILIP UNGLAUB, Jour. Agti. ,167 E. Preston st.

65-CHILLICOTHE, O., meets 20 and 4th Sundays 53-JERSEY CITY, N. J., meeti flrst Sunday, at 2:30

&t 10 a. m., cor. 2d and Sugar gts.

Box 609 P. m., and 8d Thursday at 7:30 p. m. each month, FRANK MCHORTAR. C. E...

BOX 947 over Savings Bank, cor. Plymouth and Wash. GEO. W. WALTERS, F. A. E... ington ste,

G. W. CUTTER, Sec. of Ips...

Box 684 JAS. C. CURRIE, C, E....

J. F. FANTOK, Journal Agent. W. H. GURNEY, F.A. E. and Jo. Agt.,27 Garison av.


in Engineers' Hall, 155 keed st., 1st and 3d Sun. 54-PORT JERVIS, N. Y., meets every Friday at 7:30 days at 2 p. m. p.m., at Union Hall, Ball st.

L. W. RODGERS, C. E.,..

...395 Scott st JAB. D. FRANTZ, C. E.... .Box 1532 C. MCCOLLUM, F. A, E,

467 Mineral st. S. L. HOITT, F. A, E., Sec. of Ing. and Jour. Agent.. E. A. WRIGHT, Sec. of Ins..

272 Greenbush L. Box 973

T.J. CAMPION, Journal Agent...

.291 First av, 55-AMERICAN DESERT, AT TERRACE, UTAH 67-DUNKIRK, N. Y., meets in Knights of Bonor TER., meets 18t and 3d Mondays in Engineers' Hall, Heyl Bik., 18t and 3d Sundays, at 2:30 R. m.

W. S. ABELL, C. E...

.L. Box 47 Hall, at 3 p.m.

JOHN F088, F. A. E..

L, Box 38 FRANK HOUSTON, C.E.... E.A. PEOK, F. Á. E. Boz 608 C.H. SHERMAN, Sec. of Ing

Box 21 M. SHOLL, Sec Ins.. JAS, HOPE, Journal Agent.

68-LONDON, ONT., meets 1st and 3d Wednesday evenings, in K. of P. Hall, Carling's Block, Rich.

mond st., at 7:30 p. m. 56-KEOKUK, IOWA, meets 1st and 3d Sundays, at PETER TEMPLE, C. E...

.96 Waterloo st. Engineers' Hall, 8th and Main stb.

H. E. (200CH, F. A. E....

...498 York st. P. O'BRIEN, C. E., Sec. of Ins. and Jour. Agt...... TH08. PUBDOM, Sec. of In.. .33 Cartwright st. 1226 Reid et.

J. W. KERNS, Journal Agent

.242 Clarencest TROS. COLLIER, F. A. E.....

.823 Franklip st.


NESOTA, meets 1st, 2d and 3d Sundays at 2 p.m. p.m., and 3d Sunday at 2 p. m., of each month, F. A. CATLIN, F. A.E.

Bor 16

L. Bor 110 at Engineers' Hall, 27 Exchange Place.

C.E. DICKINSON, Sec. of Ins ....Fergus Falls, Minn, C.R. LAWTON, C. E...

rear 58 Francis st. E. D. SHEPARD, F. A.E..

SU Exchange BL. 0. W. GATEB, Sec. of Ins..

..5 Washburne st.

70—TORONTO, ONT., meets alternate Saturdays at 7p. m., commencing

Nov. 6,1880, at Occident Hali

cor. Bathurst and Queen ßt. 58-OTSEGO, AT ONEONTA, N. Y., meets Ibt and GEO. MILLS, C. E. and Jour. Agt, 320 Queen st, East, 3d Sundays, at 2 p. m., at Engineers' Hall, 116 JAS. CHRISTIE, F. A. E..

68 Muter str Main st.

W.P. MARKS, Sec. of In8., cor. Front & Draper 8t8. CHAS. RYNDUS, C. E.

Box 528 C. E. CURRIER, F. A, E,


Box 951

meets every alternate Sunday, at 2:00 p, m., at E. J.ALBERT, Journal Agent

Straubmuller's Hall, York st., commencing September 6, 1885.

..2633 Emerald, 59–GREENBUSH, N. Y., meets_18t and 3d Sundays M. LARKINS, C. E. :of each month, at 2 p. m. at Engineers' Hall, B. D. H. FOWLER, F. A. E. Sec. of In8., and Jour, Agt. & A, R. R.shops.

2169 York 86. east of Trenton ave. JAMES HEPINSTALL, C. E.. C. A. STUART, F. A. E,.232 East st., E. Albany, N.Y. 72-AMBOY, ILL., meets 2d and 4th Sundays, rt 3 J. M. HODGE, Sec. of Ins..9 N. 18t Bt., Pittsfield, Mass.

p. m, O.S. FENTON, Journal Agent. 471 Broadway O. COMSTOCK, C. E.,


Box 345 60-ROCK ISLAND, ILL., meets 1st and 3d Sundays W. L. MAINE, Sec. of Ing. and Jour. Agt.. at 2 p. m., in Engineers Rooms, Star Block, op. 73-MADISON, WIS., meets 18t Sunday, at 2p. m.

posite Harper House. JAS. EWING, C.E.....

Box 666 and 3d Saturday, at 7p. m., at 82 Pinkney st. J. Z. COLBURN, F.A.E. Box 75C.S. WILBER, C. E..

..512 Wilson st.

,810 University st, P. H. WELLS, Seo. of In8.,417 E. 6th st., Davenport, JOHN LEWIS, F. A. E.... Iowa.

A. HAWKINS, Sec. of Ins..

985 Johnson st. E, FAIRMON, Journal Agent...

D. W. CONNELL, Cor. Sec. 407 Washington ave.

GEO. NELLINS, Jour. Agt 61-BOSTON, MASS.. meets 2d Sunday at 10 &. m.,

and 4th Saturday at 8 p. m., each month, at Engi! 74- HARRISBURG, PA., meets 18t and 3d Sundays neers' Hall, 47 Hanover st.

of each month, at new Hall, corner 3d and Broad C.S. BUSSELL, C.E.. .118 G. st., South Boston.

8t8., at 2 p. m.
J. J. STROH, C. E....

...Eagle House. G.R. DORITY, F. A. E...53 Washington st., Charles


918 Cowden Bt. town, Mass.

WM. BRALER, Journal Agent

645 Broad st. T. BRYANT, Sec. of Ins......: Box 27, Salem, Mass

.1205 7th et 62-GALESBURG, ILL., meets at Engineers' Hall, 75-READING, PA., meets 18t and 3d Sunday afterMain st., every Tuesday evening at 7:30 p. m

E. B. MITCHELL, Sec. of Ins....

noons, at 2 o'clock, at 729 Penn st. T. J. HILL, C. E..

331 South West st.

HENRY C. SMITH, C. E.. J. D. GASKILL, F. A. E.. .224 East Tomkins st. WM, R. LEWIS, F. A. E. & Sec. of Ing.720 Walnutst. CHAS, C, BOYER, Sec of Ins. .431 A cadeny st.

76_WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, meets 1st Monday at 8 69-SPRINGFIELD, MASS., meets 1st and sd Sun- p. m., and 3d Wedpesday at 8 p. m., in Engineers' days at 12 m., in B. & A. R. R. Building.

Hall, Main st. E. G. ROBINSON, C. E... 59 Auburn st. DERRICK MOORE, C, E,...

98 Logan st. A.E. BARNES, V.A. E...

Box 183 S. W. MCKINNON, F. A. E... ,20 Gwendoline st. W.J. STEARNS, Journal Agt.... 49 Bancroft st: GEO, T. HORRON, Sec. of Ins.

148 Logan Bt. CHARLES F. ROOT, Sec. of Ins ,96 Bancroft st. G. H. BAILEY and J. BROWKLEE, Jour, Agents.

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