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We will pay this amount to any person who may be suffering from a case of

Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Constipation,

Liver Complaint or Malaria,

Who cannot be relieved and cured by the use of



The great double treatment for all complaints arising from functional affections of the


PRICES: 1 Package, $1.00, 6 for $5.00, or 12 for $9.00. For sale by Diuggists and Dealers in Medicine, or sent by express, (prepaid), to any part of the

United States upon receipt of price, 30 DAYS' TREATMENT FOR ONE DOLLAR.

NOTE.—The above reward does not apply except when the medicine is purchased direct from us. In all other cases we simply guarantee satisfaction.


As it is well known to many readers of this JOURNAL that the Holman Medicine Co. is composed principally of members of the B. of L. E., the question may naturally arise as to how they obtained their knowledge of the preparation and use of medicines. In answer to this query, we will state that our medicines are prepared under the personal supervision of our physician and chemist, from the favorite prescriptions of an eminent New York physician (now deceased), who made himself famous by his successful treatment of diseases arising from derangements of the liver and stomach. Therefore, we would say to the Brothers at large, that if they have occasion to use our medicines, they can safely do so without fear of imposition or injury. We would also add, that as our medicines are now put up, they stand at the head in point of economy as well as efficiency, as the Liquid and Powders are both put up in the same package, and sold for one dollar. Thus the complete course is obtained irithout additional cost for something or other to complete the treatment, as is the case with most medicines now before the public. The Liquid acts upon the liver and borrels and the Powders upon the stomach and the two combined upon the whole system, constituting a remedy that relieves and cures where all single preparations fail. Testimonials certifying to the superior medical virtues of Holman's Dys-pep-thera furnished on application. Physician's adrice in chronic or complicated cases free of charge.

LOCAL AGENCIES. For the convenience of our patrons in the vicinity of New York, we would state that our medicines can always be obtained at either of the following well knowu drug stores:

Benson's, Third Arenue, between 126th and 127th Streets, New York.

119th 120th

86th Street, New York. Bohmfalk's,"

41th Sidley's, Eighth

Schrader's, Ninth

Crittenton's, 115 Fulton treet, New York,
Paradis & Co., corner Fulton and Yassau Streets, Brooklyn.
Broas', 135 Pavonia Are., Jersey City.
Lyons & Ziegler, 59 Montgomery Stieet, Jersey :
Wolfstirn's, corner Hudson and Newark Streets, Hoboken.
White's, 10 Jackson Ave., Long Island City

Boehme's, corner Atlantic aud Georgia Aves , East New York.
Address all orders or communications to the




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"One good turn deserves another." In April, 1885, we paid into your treasury Five Hundred Dollars ($500). We are now going to give you more.

On the 2d of January, 1886, we signed a contract with your Grand Officers to pay into your treasury a royalty of one (1) cent on every pound of “RAILROAD PLUG" that we sell in the next five years.

If every member will assist by chewing this tobacco, asking for it continually in stores that do not keep it, and asking his friends to try it, the royalty paid into your treasury will reach a large amount per month.

See that each butt of tobacco bas our name on it.


The Ky. Railroad Tobacco Co.

The above statement is correct. Ask your dealers to keep the “RAILROAD PLUG."

P. M. ARTHUR, G. C. E.
H. C. Hays, F. G. A. E.

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Patented June 15, 1886. My patent consists of a canvas screen made from 12 ounce material, and painted black with a paint which serves as a filling, making it perfectly opaque and impenetrable to light. The screen is operated by the roller at the top, to which is attached a No. 16 copper wire running to the cab, and by this wire the engineer can operate it at will. Lovrering of the curtain winds up the wire on the pulley, which unwinds as the curtain is raised. The roller on which the curtain winds is made of light wood 2 inches in diameter, evenly balanced and well finished. On the right end of the roller, which is made square, is fitted the pulley which operates the curtain. The aperture in the center of the pulley is also made

inch square to fit the end of the roller and is fastened with a split key. The pulley is made 14 inches thick, and 3 inches in diameter, with flanges on each side 32 inches in diameter; made of 14th sheet iron and secured to the pulley by means of one inch screws. The rod at the bottom of the curtain serves as a weight to pull the curtain down when released

from the bracket for securing the operating wire in the cab. This rod or weight is made of one inch iron and covered with 78 inch rubber hose, which prevents it from rusting and rotting the canvas. Two perpendicular rods or guides are placed at the ends of this rod or weight and are secured at top and bottom by brackets. On each side of the bracket is a nut which operates against the put on the opposite side of the bracket, equalizing the strain and serving as checkputs. These perpendicular rods or guides pass through the ends of the lower horizontal rod or weight holding the curtain steady and prevent wind or jar from flapping it.

I claim for my invention points of superiority, as follows:

1st. Simplicity of construction and small liability to get out of order. It is easy to operate, being no more of an exertion than pulling the bell rope, and can be flashed with a quick motion, responding instantly to the pulling or releasing of the wire. There is, in fact, nothing to get out of order, and it cannot be broken with ordinary careful usage. The parts are perfectly adjusted and work very neatly, requiring only an occasional oiling to keep in perfect order. In most headlight screens it necessitates the operator's climbing out on the pilot to operate them. In ny invention this is not necessary, as the cord is right at the engineer's hand and as easy to take hold of as the lever or throttle.

2d. As to economy, my screen is the cheapest ever made. The cost of manufacture, if made in any quantity, say from 25 screens up, will not be, at the outside, to exceed $1.25, and if made in large quantities, would probably be far less. I am not in condition to manufacture, and therefore propose to sell the right to the railroad companies and allow them to manufacture for themselves. To any road having less than 100 engines I will sell the right to manufacture and use my screen on their own engines for $100, to last for sixteen years, which is as long as my patent runs. To any road having more than 100 engines, $i per engine. This sale gives the company the right to use the screen on what engines they have at the time of purchase, also on all they may afterward have during the 16 years

Respectfully yours,


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will not cure. This remedy is prepared under the personal supervision of Mr. A. D. DIMMICK, from the formula of an eminent physician who effected marvelous cures with it.

It is a specific for all Kidney Diseases, and is an active blood purifying agent, eradicating any traces of impurities in the blood caused by imprudence or exposure its influence on the Liver being prompt and radical.

It is also warranted to cure all (diseases of the CIRCULATORY SYSTEM, including PARTIAL PARALYSIS.

Read the Statements of those who have Tried it.

ONEONTA, N. Y., Jan. 5, 1885. A. D. DIMMICK-Dear Sir: I have been troubled with kidney disease many years, and have tried many prominent physicians, but in vain; but after using two bottles of your Kidney Cure I am as healthy and strong as a young man. I can recommend it to all afflicted with this disease. Yours truly,



Locomotive Engineer, Susquehana Div. To Whom it may Concern:

This is to certify that I have used DIMMICK'S KIDNEY and BLADDER CURE for kidney and liver complaint. I was so bad that I could not sleep nights. I also had symptoms of paralysis. I was induced to try your remedy because I could not get any help from any other source. I bought one bottle of the Kidney and Bladder Cure to make another experiment on myself, but after using one-half of the first bottle I found it was one of the greatest experiments I ever tried. I would recommend it to all who are troubled with kidney trouble, or irregular circulation of the system, and would call the attention of railway conductors to this remedy, that are troubled with this difficulty

Conductor D. & H. C. Co., Oneonta, N. Y.

PRICE $1 PER BOTTLE. Sold by leading Druggists and Dealers. If your druggist hasn't got it, ask him to send for it. Write

Write for four-page circular containing numerous other testimonials to the



Who are the proprietors of the Kidney and Bladder Cure, and Six other New Household Remedies.


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Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen, Brotherhood of R. R. Conductors, Brotherhood of R. R. Brakemen, Brotherhood of R. R. Yardmasters,

etc., etc., etc.


The Celebrated ARMSTRONG CAPS for Conductors,

Brakemen, Baggagemen, etc., etc.

The Celebrated Armstrong Uniforms for

Knights Templar, Uniformed Patriarchs,

1.0.0. Fu K. P, and other societies,


Costumes, Regalia

, Banners, &c., for Masonic, 1. 0. 0. L., L. P.




208 & 210 JEFFERSON AVE..


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