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52-MONUMENTAL; AT BALTIMORE, MD., meets 65-CHILLICOTHE, O., meets 2d and 4th Sunday:

every 1st and 3d Sunday, at 2 p.m., at Lehman's at 10 a. m., cor. 2d and Sugar sts. Hall, Garden st., near Richmond market.

S. S. POCKETT, C. E.... 187 Handel st., Columbus, O. PHILIP UNGLAUB: C. E. and Jour. Agent, 210 Clifton S.E. MOSHER, F. A.E.

Box 1392 Place.

G. W. CUTTER, Sec. of Ing.

.Box 684 I. C. KNOSKE, F. A. E... ... 193 Greenmountave, LEWIS GETTLE, Journal Agent. GEO. W. FRY, Sec. and Tr. of Ing., 201 Clifton Place. 53—JERSEY CITY, N. J., meets over Savings Bank 66_CREAM CITY, AT MILWAUKEE, WIS., meets

in Engineers' Hall, 155 Keed st., 18t and 3d Suncor. Mercer and Plymouth sts., 18t Friday, at 10

days at 2 p. m.
8. m., and 3d Thursday at 8:30 p. m. each month.
W.H. GURNEY, C. E......

27 Garrison av,

.718 Ca68 st. B. M. LUPTON, F. A. E..

223 4th st.

541 R, R. st, 8.GARABRANT,Sec. of Ins.,58 Trihper st., Newark,nj E. A, WRIGHT, Cor. Sec. & Sec. of Ing. 272 Greenbush

L, W. RODGERS, Journal Agent... 379 Scott st 54-PORT JERVIS, N. Y., meets every Friday at 7:30 p.m., at Union Hall, Ball st.

67–DUNKIRK, N. Y., meets in Knights of Honor JAS. D. FRANTZ, C. E.

...Box 1532

Hall, Heyl Blk., 18t and 3d Sundays, at 2:30 D. m. 8. L. HOITT, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins.. .L. Box 978 W. S. ABELL, C. E..

.L. Box 47 JOHN F088, F. A. E....


C. H. SEERMAN, Sec. of Ing

..Box 21 TER., meets 18t and 38 Mondays in Engineers'

Hall, at 3p.m.
WM. P. MURPHY, C. E....

68--LONDON, ONT., meets 18t and 3d Wednesday GEO. BIRELY, F. A.E.

evenings, in K. of P. Hall, Carling's Block, Rich

mond st., at 7:30 p. m. W. J. TOY, Sec. of Ins...

S. MASON, C. E.......

..202 Clarence st. H. E. CROUCH, F. A.E.

498 York st. 56-KEOKUK, IOWA, meets 1st and 3d Sundays, at | T. W. Cox, Sec. of Ins.

.417 Bathurst st. Engineers' Hall, 8th and Main sts. E. C. WELLS, C. E....

...507 N. 5th st. J. W. GRIFFITH, F. A. E.

.213 S. 6th st. 69-NORTHERN TIER, AT FERGUS FALLS, MINP. O'BRIEN, Sec. of Ins. and Jour. Agt., 1226 Reid st. NESOTA, meets 18t' and 3d Sundays of each

month, at 7:30 p. m. 57-PROVIDENCE R. I,, meets 1st Thursday at 7:30 | Jos. SIEBERTS, C. E p.m., and 3d Sunday at 2 p. m., of each month, J. SENCERBOX, F. A. E.

...L. Box 224 at Engineers' Hall, 27 Exchange Place.

C. E. DICKINSON, Sec. of Ins.. C.R. LAWTON, C. E., Cor. Sec. and Journal Agent, F. T, GRISWOLD, Cor. Sec..

St. Cloud, Minn' rear of 58 Francis st.

G, W, CONKLIN, Journal Agent, st. Vincent, Minn, E. D. SHEPARD, F. A. E........30 West Exchange st. C. W. GATES, Sec. of Ins.....

.. 249 Orms st.

70-TORONTO, ONT., meets alternate Saturdays at 58-OTSEGO, AT ONEONTA, N. Y., meets 1st and

7p. m., commencing Nov. 6, 1880, at Occident Hall, 3d Sundays, at 2 p. m., at Engineers' Hall, 116

cor, Bathurst and Queen st.

GRO. MILLS, C. E. and Jour. Agt., 320 Queen st, East. Main st.

J. R. SPRAGGE, F. A. E....

...11 Northcoteav. A. D. DIMMICK, C.E.

.Box 733 I. G. PERKINS, F. A. E..

W.P. MARKS, Sec. of Ing., Richardson House, cor.

Box 364 J. D. PRIMMER, Sec. of Ins.

King and Brook st.

Box 351 59-GREENBUSH, N. Y., meets 1st Sunday after 1st 71-PENN TREATY, AT PHILADELPHIA, PA., Wednesday, at 2 p.m., and 3d Thursday evening

meets every alternate Sunday, at 2:45 p. m., at of each month, at Engineers' Hall, B. & A. R. R.

Zimmerman's Hall, S. W. cor. Frankfort road Shops.

and Adams st., commencing March 13, 1881. W. B. HORTON, C. E...


..2543 Koward st. C. A. STUART, F. A. E. 232 East st., E. Albany, N.Y.D. H. FOWLER, F. 4. E. and Sec. of Ing.,

A. 2163 York J.M. HODGE, Sec. of Ins..9 N. 1st st., Pittsfield, Mass.

st. east of Trenton ave. C. S. FENTON, Journal Agent

72-AMBOY, ILL., meets 2d and Ith Sunday8, at 3 60-ROCK ISLAND, ILL., meets 1st and 5d Sundays

P. m. at 2 p. m., in Engineers' Rooms, Star Block. op- OSCAR COMSTOCK, C. E...

..Box 100 posite Harper House.


Box 666 W.L. MAINE, Sec. of Ins
J. Z. COLBURN, F. A. E. and Jour. Agent.....Box 75
P.H. WELLS, Sec. of Ins., 417 E. 6th st., Davenport, 73-MADISON, WIS., meets 1st Sunday, at 2 p. m.

J.J. MCCORMICK, Journal Agent.

and 3d Saturday, at 7 p. m., at 82 Pinkney st. JOHN LEWIS, C. E...

810 University st. 61-BOSTON, MASS.. meets 2d Suoday at 10 a, m.,

C.S. WILBER, F. 4. E..

512 Wilson st. and 4th Saturday at 8 p. m., each month, at Engi- \ A. HAWKINS, Sec. of Ins... ...935 JOHDSON st.

neers' Hall, 47 Hanover st. T. BRYANT, C. E. & Sec. of Ins., Box 27 Salem, Mass. 74-HARRISBURG, PA., meets 1st and 3d Sundays C. E. DEAN, F. A. E.......Box 64 East Boston, Mass.

of each month, at new Hall, corner 3d and Broad 62--GALESBURG, ILL., meets at Engineers' Hall, R. L. HUNTER, C. E.

Sts., at 3:30 p, m.

. 1528 Ridge ave, Main st., every Sunday, at 2 p. m.

J. J, STROH, F. A.E.

Eagle House. R. MARTIN, C. E...

124 Day st.

E. B. MITCHELL, Sec. of Ips.... ..1520 Ridge &ve. L. E. HINCKLEY, F. A. E.

.309 W.Brooks st

R MKCUTCHON, Journal Agent ....1300 Wallace st. PETER ERICKSON, Sec. of Ins.

776 Sumner st. J. F. WEBB, Jouraal Agent.

649 E. South st.

75—READING, PA., meets 1st and 3d Sunday after. 63-SPRINGFIELD, MASS., meets 1st and 3d Sun- noons, at 2 o'clock, at 729 Penn st. days at 12 m., in B. & A. R. R. Building.


.330 Chestnut st: A. E. BARNES, C. E....

Box 183 WM, R. LEWIS, F. A. E. & Sec. of Ins. 720 Walnut st. E. D. MERRILL, F. A. E........Box 31, Merrick, Mass. CHARLES F. ROOT, Sec. of Ins .....96 Bancroft st.

76-WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, meets 1st Sunday at 2 64-WORCESTER, MASS., meets 1st and 3d Sundays P. m., and 3d Wednesday at 8 p. m., in Engineer's in each month, at 2 p. m., at Pythian Hall, No. 405 Hall, Main st. Main st.


29 Rogs st. J. C. BEAN, C. E.......cor. Portland and Myrtle sts JAS. STEWART, F. A, E..

....Box 507 WY. H. YOUNG, F. A.E..... .56 Southbridgest. L. O. LEMIEUX, Sec. of Ins.

Brandon, Man, P. L. COOPER, Sec. of Ing. ...... .8 Davis St. L EILER, Journal Agent

.Box 507

77–NEW HAVEN, CONN., meets 1st Tuesday and 90-POTTSVILLE, PA. 3d Thursday evenings in each month, in Engi. F. F. WADE, C. E...

428 East Market st. neers' Hall, cor. Chapel and State sts.


....518 S. Centro st. H. M. BAYINGTON, C. E..

..132 Portsea st. W.F. SEIDEL, Sec. of Ina. Port Carbon, Pa. O. B. PARRISH, F. A. E, & Jour. Agt., 56 Woolsey st. J. H. SOUTEWORTH, Sec. of In8,...129 Columbus st.

91-TRENTON, MO. 78-LOUISVILLE, KY., meets 1st and 3d Sunday A. E. WOLCOTT, F. A. E


....Box 158

..Box 158 and 2d and 4th Monday at 1:30 p. m., at Wedekind M. M. SHEARWOOD, Sec. of Ins

L. Box 149 Hall, Market st., between 6th and 7th sts. Jos. O'NEIL, C. E....

.L. C. & L, shops. JAS. MCCLOY, F. A. E... ..1031 Washington st. 92--PEORIA, ILL., meets 1st and 3d Saturday even GEO. BURGESS, Journal Agent. ..L. & N. Shops, ings.of each month, at 107 South Adams st. D. E. KELLEY, Sec. of Ins. .....1102 Oak st. T. H. ROGERS, C. E....

....303 Morton st. THOS, DALTON, Cor, Sec.

1017 Storey ave.

.806 N. Adams st.

H. H. WELLS, Sec. of Ins...613 Lower Jefferson st. 79-BROOKFIELD, MO., meets 1st and 3d Mondays. | ROBERT R. MARTIN, Journal Agt, 2521 S. Adams st. CHAS. LEAPHART, C. E.... C. H. SALDONS, F. A. E..

93-JACKSON, TENN., meets 1st and 3d Sundays of P.J. DAILEY, Sec. of Ins

Box 168

each month, at Pythian Hall, at 7 p. m. J. F. BOTTOMS C.E.

Box 128 80-BALDWIN, AT STEVENS' POINT, WIS., meets A, B. MINTON, F. A. E....

Box 128 ist and 3d Sundays, at 1:30 p. m., at Engineers' R. A. CLARK, Cor. Sec Hall, 615 Church st.

JOHN SMALLEY, Sec. of Iu8. H. ALLEN, C. E.....

.Box 64 T. EMMONS, Journal Agent....
M. W. BUCK, F. A. F,..

Box 427
F. P. RUSSELL, Journal Ageat..
J. K. SHULTZE Sec. of Ins:

94-FARRELL, AT MARQUETTE, MICH., meets 18t .Box 347

and 3d Sundays, in German Odd Fellows' Hall,

cor. 3d and Washington sts. 81–KANSAS CITY ,10., meets at 7:30 p. m., 18t and PATRICK KEYS, C. E....

Drawer 362 3d Saturdays of each month, at 1215 W.9th st. JOHN W, GRIBBLE, F. A. E.

Drawer 362 ROBT. MURPHY, C. E.... Wyandotte, Kan. M. M. MEEHAN, Sec. of Ins...

...Drawer 158 L. W. PARR, F. A. E.......Box 208, Wyandotte, Kan. C. B. STEPHENS, Sec. of Ins.. Wyandotte, Kansas.

95-CINCINNATI, O., meets 1st and 3d Sundays, at 82-SIOUX CITY, IOWA, meets 1st and 3d Satur

1 2. m., in Queen City Hall, corner Freeman and

8ch sts. days, at 8 p. m., in Odd Fellows' Hall, cor. 4th and Douglass sts.

A. Moss, C. E. and Sec. of Ins..

528 W. 5th st. MATT DOUGHERTY, C. E....

J. W. CONAHAN, F. A. E.....

....658 W.8th st. Box 994 P. Y. CALVIN, F. A. E...

Box 1025 H. W. BUTTERFIELD, Cor. Sec..

96-WEST CHICAGO, ILL., meets 18t and 3d Sun

days, at 10:30 a. m., at 241 Milwaukee ave. 83 - OZARK, AT NORTH SPRINGFIELD, MO.

JOHN M. WANDELL, C.E.......320 West Indiana st. meets in Masonic Hall, 1st and 3d Tuesdays of 0. F. LONG, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins. and Jour. Agt. each month, at 2 p. m.

Lombard, Ill.
A. BALL, F. A. E....

97-SOUTH BALTIMORE, MD., meets every Sunday J. R. MOORE, Sec, of Ins.

...Box 8

#t1:30 p. m., cor. McHenry and Starret sts.

ABNER INGEL, C. E... 84-CHARLOTTE, N. C., meets every Sunday, at G. W. METCALF, F. A. E...

43 Weyler st. 2:30 p. m., in Odd Fellows' Hall.

WM. GALLOWAY, Journal Agent and Sec. of Ins., G. W. MARING, C. E...

Box 317

102 South Popleton st. J. F. BROWN, F. A. E...

Box 317
A. TANKSLEY, Sec. of Ips.
J. F. HARRIS, Cor. Sec

Box 317 98-LINCOLN, NEB., meets 1st and 3d Sundays in

each month, in Engineers' Hall.

WM. FOWLER, C. E-...... Box 973 Plattsmouth Neb. 85–PALMETTO AT COLUMBIA, S. C., meets every E. MANCHESTER, F. A. E....

..808 T st. Sunday, at 2:30 p. m., in K of P. Hall.

E. S. GORE, Journal Agent..

M. Cook, Neb. J.L. ANDERSON, C. E. W.C. & A.R.R. Florence, S.C | CHAS. F. SANBORN, Sec. of Ins..

Box 593 W. A. SMETHURST, F. A. E JAS. F. LOWE, Sec. of Ins..

..Box 240

99-WATER VALLEY, MISS., meeta_ every Satur 86-ARTHUR, AT MOBERLY, MO., meets:2d.and days, at 7:30 p. m., at Odd Fellows' Hall. 4th Sundays in Odd Fellows' Hall, Reed st.


Box 138 THOS. E. BUTTERLY, C. E..

Box 856

ADAM FULMER, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins...L. Box 153 C. H. CHAMBLIN, F. A. E.

.Box 284 L.E. HAWKINS Journal Agent.....
JOAN COTTY, Sec. of Ins. and Journal Agent
W. H. O'BRIEN, Cor. Sec

Box 477

100-DANVILLE, ILL., meets 18t and 3d Saturday 87–TROY, N. Y., meets 18t and 3d Sundays, at 1:30

and 2d and 4th Monday evenings, at Engineers P. m., at Odd Fellows' Hall, River st.

Hall, S. E. corner Maip and Walnut streets. VisA. WILSON, C, E...

..444 10th st.

iting Brothers cordially invited. CHAS. GRAHAM, F. A. E .......90 Hudson sve., Green F. H. ROBINSON, C. E....

Box 998 Island, N. Y.

J. S. MATHER, F. A. E...

Box 998 J. E. FARRELL, Sec. of Ins....cor. 3d and Adams st. JOHN FRECKLETON, Journal Agent.

Box 1263 J. R. CLARK, Sec. of Ins..


meets 1st and 2d Saturdays, at Masonic Hall | 101-GREENBhIER, AT HINTON, W. VA., meeta 18t Spruce st.

and 3d Sunday evenings of each month. GEO. W. VROMAN, C. E .Box 28 W. H. MONKS, C. E. and Sec. of Ins...

..Box 19 W.J. STUART, F. A E... Box 51 J. R. MCCULLOCH, F. A. E...

.Box 6 GEO. W. DILLARD, Sec. of Ins.

J. F. PIERCE, Cor. Sec. and Journal Agent. WM. WAITLOCK, Journal Agent.

102-AUSTIN, MINN., meets 18t and 3d Fridays, at 89—POINT ST. CHARLES, P. R., meets alternate 7 p. m., in Engineers' Hall, Hayes Bros. Block, Sun 'ays. at 1:30 p. m.

Main st.
F. PAYETTE, C. E and Jonr. Agt., 12 Richmond st. WM. RIDLEY. C. E.

... Box 505 F. B. LYTLE, F. A, E, and Sec. of In...136 Congre-H. FURTNEY F. A. E, and Journal Agent ... Box 305 gation st.

J. D, BEECHER, Sec. of Ing....

103-ROCKY MOUNTAIN, AT LARAMIE, WY, TER, 115CHEYENNE, WYOMING TER., meets every meets every Saturday, at 3 p, in., in Odd Fellows' Thursday evening, at 7:30 p. m., in Engineers' Hall.

Hall, Opera House Block, D, H. BRERS, C. E...,

.Box 184 A, S. ARTIST, C. E. and Journal Agent.. ...Box 114 P, MATHISON, F. A. E..

45T, J, KELLETT, F. A, E..... C, H. PATTERSON, Cor. Sec

" 395 E, MILLYARD, sec, of Ins.. N. Z. WOOD, Sec, of Ins

806 H, CHAPLIN, Journal Agent.

116-LAKE SUPERIOR, AT ESCANABA, MICH. 104-COLUMBIA, PA., meets 18t Monday, at 2 p. m. meets in 1, 0, 0, F, Hall, 1st and 3d Sundays of

each month. and 3d Wednesday at 7 pm., at Fendrich's Hall, 163 Locust Bt., 8 story.


..Box 150 GEO, W. IRWIN, C. E....

JAS. J. Cox, F. A, E, and Journal Agt. .Box 275

Box 69 JOHN T. RICHARDB,F. A E., Sec. of Ins. and Journal THEODORE FARRELL, Sec. of Ins Agent.. Box 592 | PHILIP SULLIVAN, Journal Agent.

..Box 417

105-NEW YORK CITY, meets 2d Sunday, at 10 a. 117--SANBORN, AT MASON CITY, IOWA, meets 1Bt

man i 4th Saturday, at 8p.m., of each month, Saturday and 3d Friday, at7 p. m., in I. O. O. F, at Lexington Hall, 143 East 59th st.

Hall,cor. 5th and Commercial, D, R, CAFFERTY, C. E... 1274 Lexington ave. S, F. BROWNE, C, E

Box 173 E 1. BAKER, F. A. E, and Sec. of Ins..N. Y. & N. H.G.S. THOMPSON, F. A, E...

Box 40 Shops, 46th st, and 4th ave.

CHAS. BEREBFORD Journal Agent.

Box 698 J. T, TAYLOR, Journal Agent. ..182 Waverly pl. C, A. BEEBE, Cor. Sec. and Sec. of Ins. .Box 11 106-BELLOWS FALLS, VT., meets 18t Thursday and 3d Saturday of each month, in Gray's Hall, 118 BROCKVILLE, ONT., meets in Merrill's Block, at 8 o'clock p. m.

King at., 181 and 3d Tuesdays, at 2p, m. H, H. B. GRAVES, C, E,..

J. CHATEM C. E and Sec. of Inb....

Box 64 ...Box 145 GEORGE S. BLAKE, F, A. E. Box 280 E. MORTIMER, F. A. E..

..Box 64 D. W, WRIGHT, Sec, of Ins Greenfield, Ma88.

WH, STEWART, Journal Agent..

.Box 17 107-ST. JOSEPH, MO., meets in A, O, U, W. Hall, 119-DUBUQUE, IOWA, meets 18t and 3d Sunday: cor. 8th and Locusts streets, 186 and 3d Sundays

at 2 p. m. of each month, at 2 p. m,

J.J. BARKER, C, E, and Sec, of Ins..153 Eagle Point C, M, MOREHEAD, C, E,..Cor. Vine and Lafayettests,

&venue. W, S. ROBERTS, F, A, E .705 South 10th st. J. R. CHURCH, F. A E.....

.436 High st. D. C. PIERCE, and Sec. of Ins....K-C. st.,J.& C. B.

R. R.
D. E. PATTERSON, Journal Agent..1624 South 10th st

120-LIMA, O., meets 1st and 3d Sundays, at 2 p.

m., 3d floor Fitzgerald's Block, cor. Maine and 108-HUMBOLDT, AT CARLIN, NEV., meets 18t and

Wayne sts.
A. A. ORR, C, E..

Box 808 15th of each month, in Engineers' Hall. WM, HEBARD, C, E.

..Box 704 A. L, WILLIAMS, F. A, E

.Box 33

.Box 41
E, EDMONDS, Sec. of Ins....

.. Box 899

JEFF COOKE, Journal Agent. OLE THOMPSON, Sec. of Ins

BUX 135 F, VANNAMEE, Journal Agent..

JOHN L. PAPP. Cor, Sec..

.Box 779 109-TRENTON, N, J., meets at Concordia Hall, W.

121-EFFINGHAM, ILL., meets over Pape's drug Stace st., 4th floor, alternate Sundays, commenc

store, on Jefferson ist., alternite Sundays of each ing January 25th,

month, at 2:15 p. m,

Box 10 J, B, MOVEY, C. E. and Sec, of Ins Box 542 T. L, CRUSEN, C. E..

Box 269 SAMUEL B. STEWART, F, A, E...

Box 513 L. G. MILLS, F, A. E....
JOS, A. MCCLELLAND, Sec. of Ins....

.Box 32 110-PACIFIC, AT SACRAMENTO, CAL., meets 18t and 2d Saturdays, at 7:30 p.m., in Red Men's Hall,

122-GRATIOT, AT FT, GRATIOT, MICH., meets 2d New M4sonic Building, K street, between 5th and

and 4th Sundays, in I. 0. O. F. Hall, over Bur. 6th sts,

rall's drug store. FRED. A. STEVENS, C, E...

Box 30 .... Box 283 JOHN RENWICK, C. E.. E, C, JORDAN, F, A. E. and Journal Agent ..Box 283

ALFRED EADES, F. A. E, and Sec, of Ins...... Box 30 Thos, O'CONNELL, Sec, of Ins...

Box 283

H. BOUCHER, Journai Agent.

111-ECLIPSE, AT CHICAGO, ILL., meets every 123–IRON MOUNTAIN, AT DESOTO, MO, meets 2d Monday, at 7 p. m., at their hall, 4747 State st.

and 4th Sundays of each month. Jonn HILL, C. E... C. R. I. & P. Shops. N.H. CARLE, C. E...

.Box 418 JOEN KELLY, F. A, E....Cor. 47th and Wabash ave. WM. J. FRANEY, F. A. E. E, W, KENYON, Sec. of Ins... .325 W, 47th st. J. F. JOYCE, Sec. of Ins.

...Box 378 A. W, MCALLISTER, Cor, Sec... .4904 Dearborn st. A. C. HEUSTIS. Secy of Gen. Committee ...Box 383 GEO, BRONSON, Journal Agent

.405 47th st. A G. DONOGATE, Journal Agent.

112-OTTUMWA, AT CRESTON, IOWA, meets every 124—BUCYRUS, O., meets 1st and 3d Sundays of Tuesday evening, at Engineers' Hall.

each month, at 2 P. M. E. J, GAVNEY, C, E........ Box 464 GEO. M. JONES, C.E..

Box 107 FRANK KENDALL, F, A, E.... Box 439 W.R. SCOTT, F. A, E.....

.Box 23 J, B, KIRSCH, Sec. of Ing...

Bor 8 J. P. SEELMAN, Sec. of In8.... R. J. VANDERBECK, Journal Agent.

JOHN MCALEES, Journal Agent...

113-DES MOINES, TOWA, meets 1st Sunday and 125-CLINTON, IOWA, meets 2d and 4th Sundays 3d Friday of each month, at 8 p. m., in Good at 12 m., in Engineers' Hall, Empire Block, 4th Templars' Hall, East Des Moines,

street. THOS. JOHNSON C, E...

.805 East Lyon st. WM. HUFMAN, C, E .... D, A. ROBISON, F. A. El....

.414 East 6th st. B. S, KEITH, F. A, E. G, W. RUSSELL, Sec, of Ins..

808 East 5th st. A. L. SLOAN, Journal Agent. LEVI CHAPIN, Journal Agent

L. SISCO, Sec. of Ins..... 114-WATERLOO, IOWA, meets in Odd Fellows' 126_TEHACHAPI, AT TULARE, CAL., meets in O. Hall, 2d and 4th Sundays in each month, at 2

A, U, W. Hall, 1st and 3d Mondays of each month, p. m.


..BOX 126 6. A, MARTIN, C, E

F, V, MEYERS, É, A. E.

L. Box 125 B, F, Fox, F. A. E Box 838 A, D, NEFF, Sec. of Ins...

Box 126 Ħ, E. CAMP, Sec. of Ins..

R.A. MURPHY, Cor. Sec... J, W, MCNEILL, Journal Agent

J.R. JACKSON, Journal Agent

....Box 923

127-BIG SANDY, AT BEARDSTOWN, ILL., meets 139-LONE STAR, AT HOUSTON, TEXAS, meets every Sunday, at 2:30 p. m, in Engineers'

Hall, Sundays at room 7. Stude's Building, Preston st over Eberwein's store, Main st.

at 2 pm. S, GREEN, C. E..... Box 29 R. J. NICHOLS, C. E.

14 Houston ave. P. J, MURRIN, F. A. E Box 150 F.M. COLLINS, F. A. E....

199 Hoi88 st. GAO, W. WHEATLEY, Sec. of Ins, and Journal

SAM MILLICAN, Sec. of Ins..

,49 Stanley st. Agent..

...Box 273 A. O. WOODWARD, Journal Agent...,

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128_RICAFORD, VT., meets 18t Monday and 3d 140-GULF CITY, AT MOBILE, ALA., meets every Sunday of each month.

Tuesday at 2:30 p, m., cor. Dauphin & Jackson sts. GEO. S. MCKINNON, C. E. and Journal Agent....Box JW, SMITH, C. E....Charleston st., between Ham105, West Farnham, P. Q.

ilton and Lawrence sts. IRA CROSS, F. A. E..L. Box 33. West Farnham, P, Q. Jos. G. NENO, F. A. E., cor. Charleston and HamilMARK CUNNINGNAM. Cor Sec...

ton sts. G. D. MACK, Sec, of Ing.......Sutton Junction, P, Q.

141-SMOKY HILL, AT ELLIS, KAN., meets every 129-ROCK CITY, AT NASHVILLE, TENN., meets

Monday at 10 &. m., in Odd Fellows Hall. every Monday, at 9:30 a. m., at Simmons's Hall, TroS. OLIVER, F. A. E

M. W. RYAN, C. E....

Box 94

.Box 219 Union street.

Thos. CHAPMAN, Sec. of Ing

...Box 299 W. W. KEAD, C, E.... 1. MCD. TOLMIE, F. A. E. & Seo. of Ins., ..35 Pinest. West Nashville.

142-ST. FRANCIS, AT RICHMOND, PROY. QUEW.B. HILL, Journal Agent, 245 N. Market, E. Nash- BEC, meets second and fourth Thursdaysot each ville, Tenn.

month, at Odd Fellows' Hall. A. SINCLAIR, CE....

Box 36 130—KAW VALLEY, AT EMPORIA, KAN., meets GEO. F. HOWE, F. 4. E... second and fourth Sunday evenings, in K. of P.

J. WILKINSON, Sec. of Ing....

BOX 36 Hall, at 4:30 p. m. C. Rich, C.E...

149-URBANA, ILL, meets first and third Sundays, W. W. FRISBIE, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins..... Box 1271

in Odd Fellows' Hall, at 3 pm. R.S. MEARS, Journal Agent..

WM. WEBB, C. E.....

Z.F. SHARP, F, A. E. and Sec. of Ins........Box 329 131—MANHATTAN, AT NEW YORK CITY, meets 144-BRAINERD, MINN., meets first and third Sun 18t Saturday at 7:30 pm. and 3d Thursday at 10:30 days, at Odd Fellows' Hall, between Front and a. m., at $62 West 49th st.

Laurel tts.
H. D. BLOOMFIELD, C. E., 13 Sylvan P1., 160th st. and P.H. CARNEY, C. E..

L. BOX 451 St. Nicholas ave.

C. M. SHAW, F. A. E....

L. Box 762 D. F. NICHOLSON, F. A.E... ...768 9th av. H. B. SCOBIE, Sec. of Ing.

.Box 1626 JOHN C, KOOPMAN, Journal Agt. .....792 8th av.

T. E. BRADY, Journal Agent.. GEO.S. FORCE, Sec. of Ins.. 45 Washington st., Hoboken, N.J.


at Germain Hall, 426 Eighth av., irst and fourth 132-ST. THOMAS, ONT., meets every Sunday

Sundays in each month, at 10:30 8. m. at 2 p.m., in Engineer's Hall, Acacia Block,

GEO. H. VANTASSELL, C. E., Sec. of Ing. and Journal S. W. WHITOOPB, C. E......

..Box 29

Agent, Box 124, Tarrytown, N. Y.

.Box 564
JAS. REED, F. A. E...

494 West 25th st. ROBERT BROWN, Sec. of Ing. .Box 561 J. A. WALLACE, Cor. Sec.

.. 1201 2d ave.

146-MARSHALLTOWN, IOWA, meets first and 133-HAMILTON, ONT., meets every alternate Sat

third Sanday8, at3p.m., in Engineers' Hall, Whiturday, at 836 King st., East.

ton's bik, WM. DURDON, C. E..

.270 Bay st. FRANK MILLER, C, E. E. TINSLEY, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins.....1 Center st. ROBERT MCMAINS, F. A.E.

ROBERT F. HOYT, Sec. of Ins...


Ter., meets 1stand 3d Tuesdays, in B. L. E. Hall. G. PETERSON, Jour. Agt.
A, L, PARKER, C. E..L. Box 283, Albuquerque, N, M,
F. P. MARTIN, F. A. E....


TER., meets first and third Sunday of each F. P. MARTIN, Jour. Agt....Albuquerque, New Mex.

S. LADD, C. E...

.Box 93 135--HUDSON, AT JERSEY CITY, N. J., meets al

J. E, CADIPBELL, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins...... Box 77 ternate Wednesdays of each month,commencing 1. W. PHILLIPS, Cor. Sec. and Journal Agent May 7, at 10 a. m., over Fifth Ward Savings Bank, 148-IRON CITY, AT PITTSBURGH, PA., meets ev. cor. Pavonia avenue and Erie st. E. KENT, C. E......

ery Sunday at 2 p. m., at G. A. R. Hall,78 and 80 ..Sparkill, N. Y

4th ave. GEO.W.GAGE, F. A. E. & Sec. of Ins., 169 Pavonia av


....2631 Carson st.

F. LAYTON, F. A, E.....Cor. 26th and Smallman ste, 136–SALT LAKE, AT EVANSTON, WYOMING TER.

H. H, RODGERS, Sec of Ins.... .4838 Hatfield meets every Tuesday at 7 p. m., at Odd Fellows Hall.


meets first Saturday and third Thursday of each WM. LATHRIDGE, F. A. E..

month, in Caledonia Hall, Inglis st. GEO. HAMILTON, Sec. and Treas. of Ins..

CHAS. EDWARDS, C. E... WM. HAMILTON, Journal Agt......

GEO. FEETHAM, F.A. E. and Sec. of Ins..


150-ST. PAUL, MINN., meets in Druid's Hall, cor WM. T. HULL, C.E..

Seventh and Jackson sts., every first and third

Box 369 H.S, WOOD, F.A. E..

Sunday evening of each month, at 2 p. m.

....... Box 130 W, D. C. OUTWATER, Sec. of Ing.

A. B. SMITH, C. E...

St P. M. & M. Shops HENRY REDPATH, F, A. E.

.853 Burr st. GBO, BUCK, Sec. of Ins..

.626 St. Paul Bt. 138-SNOW DRIFT, AT CAMPBELLTON, NEW BRUNSWICK, meets first Saturday and third 151-BURLINGTON, IOWA, meets every alternate Wednesday of each month, in Curry & Welch's Sunday at 2 p. m., in Parsons' Block, corner Jer. Building.

ferson and Third sts. WM. WALL, C. E.....

Box 491 C. S. JOHNSON, C. E... WM, BASTIAN, F. A. E..

..Box 459

A. J. SHARP, Jour. Agt.
Box 491 J, W. PARR, Sec. of Ing.

652 S. 7th sto GEORGE A, SEARS, Sec. of Ing.

Box 491 N. V. FOSTER, Jourdal Agent... 1019 8o. 5tn st. 152-OSWEGO CITY, N. Y., meets first Sunday at 165 CAYUGA, AT ITHACA, N, Y., meers second

and fourth Mondays of each month, at 7:30 p, m., 1p.m., and third Monday at 7:30 p. m., in Engi

in Odd Fellows' Hall, corner State and Cayuga sts, naers' Hall, Midland Depot.

ORLANDO SEELY, C, E VICTOR BELISLE, O. E. and Sec. of Ins..4 East 7th st.


Box 296 B. H. GARLAND, F. A, E,

20 E. Schuyler ste GEO. HAY, Journal Agent. 72 West Mohawk. V. BELIBLE, Sec. of Ing..

.4 E. 7th st. 166_CARBONDALE, PA,, meets Arst and third

Sunday of each month, at 3:00 p, m., in Maxwell

Hall, salem gt, 163-GARRETT, IND., meets every Sunday at 10 A. COPELAND, C. E.

Box 117 8. m,

F. H. DUBLE, C. E......
.L. Box 138 T, VANDERMARK, Sec. of Ins...

Box 65 W.H. SOENITZER, F. A.E.

L. Box 28 E. J. BOARDMAN, Sec. of Ins...

Box 80 JERRY BAKER, Journal Agent...

167-DEVEREUX, AT CLEVELAND, 0,, meets every

alternate Sunday, at 2:00 p. m., at 180 Ontario st. J. C, BLACKWOOD, C, E.

62 Willey st. 154-JEFFERSON, AT MT. VERNON, ILL., meets


146 Alabama st. 18t and 3d Sundays at 1:30 p. m.


55 Pelton &ve E. F. STOUT, C.E.

L. Box 559 IRVIN CARR, F, A. E..

..L. Box 126 W.C. VAWTER, Sec. of In:

168-CAPITOL, AT OTTAWA, ONT., meets 1st and

3d Sundays, in Manchester's Block, 447 Spark st. 155-DECATUR, ILL., meets every Sunday, at 3:30 Jog. L. WELLS, C. E.

.544 Wellington st P, m., in Commercial Block, El Dorado st.

A. J. BARR, F. A.E.

...16 Victoria &ve. H. M. GILLIS, C.E.

B. PIGEOX, Sec. of Ing,260 Moreau st., Hochelaga,P. WM. FRLTON, F. A, E...

J. BOURKE, Journal Agent.... A, MCNEIL, Sec, of Ing..

1009 E, Northst, C. S. MALLETT, Journal Agt.

Box 103 | 169-SYRACUSE, N. Y., meets every Monday even.

ing at 7:30 p. m., at Hendrick's Block, East La. 156-BIRMINGHAM, ALA., meets and fourth

fayette st. Sundays of each month in Masonic Hall, at 3pm.


.11 Grace st. THOMAS G. SIMPSON, C. E. and Sec. of Ing., Box 472


93 Seymour st. GEO. C. ALLEN, F. A. E. and Jour Agt .......Box 559 Box 559 8. W, WATKINS, Sec, of Ins.

68 Tully st.


TON, 90 S. Division st., Auburn, N.Y.,Jour Agte. J., meets second Monday, at 12 m., and tourth Saturday of each month, at 8 p. m., at Masonic Hall. 170__WELLSVILLE, 0,, meets second and fourth corner Pacific ave. and Maple sts.

Sundays of each month, in Aten's Hall. W. H. LOVELL, C. E....

Whiton sto


183 Whiton st.

CHARLES KLASGYL, F, A, E R, G. SMALL, Sec, of Ins......Box 56, Bayonne, N. J.

H, C, PARMALEE, Sec, of Ing JOAN RICA, Journal Agent...

. 154 Pinest.

171-HOBOKEN, N, J., meets in American Mechan 158-TRUCKEE, AT WADSWORTH, NEV,

ico' Hall, No. 80 Washington st., first Wednesday JAS. STIRLING, C. E. and Sec. of Ins.

Box 4 and third Tuesday of each month, at 10:45 JOHN W, SMITH, F, A, E...

..Box 4
GRO, W. HUFF, C. E..

.Box 94
W. R. BISHOP, F.A. E. and Sec. or Ins

Bor 94 159-CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, meets first and third

Sundays of each month, at 3 pm,, at K. of H.
Hall, room 13, Post Ofice Block.


..461 18t ave. West

alternate Saturdays, at 7:30 p. m., in Odd Fellows' JAS. DUNDON, FA, E

.....L. BOX 631

Hall, State street.
D. H. DEGEAR, Sec. of Ing.,

.240 So. 2d st.

Box 288

W. H. FRAME, F. A. E, and Journal Agent... Box 49 160—CAPITOL, AT WASHINGTON, D, C, meets

H. HOPPMAN, Sec. of lng....

. Bor 282 every first and third Sunday in each month, at 2 o'clock p, m,

173 OIL CREEK, AT OIL CITY, PA.. meets alter. JOS. S. BLACK, C. E

..497 C st., S. W nate Sundays, at 4 p. m., commencing April 1, JOAN W, RULLMAN, F, A, E.

502 Md, eve

Young Men's Literary Hall, corner of Sycamore FRED RULLMAN, Journal Agent and Sec, of Ine.. 427

and Elm sts, 6th st., S. W.

JOHN STAPLETON, C, E. and Sec. of Ing., Box 68, Ash

tabula, O. 161-SAN FRANCISCO, CAL, meets second Sun. S. M. MCLASE, F. A. E..... days at 1p, m., and fourth Wednesdays at 8 P. P. CRAHAN, Journal Agt....

m., at 909% Market st. F. C. GRIMES, C. E...

S. P. R. R. Shops. 174-HOPE, AT PORT HOPE, ONTARIO, meets alHARRY BREWER, F.A. E. & Sec. of Ins. 913 Bryant 8t.

ternate Saturday evenings.


JOHN MCMAHON, F. A. E ... and fourth Saturdays, in Pythian Temple, Rob- W.C. ALLISOX, Sec. of In8,

Midland, Ont. inson gt.

A. MILER, Journal Agent
B. C, GESNER, Sec, of In8

175-OLENTANGY, AT DELAWARE, O., meets every

Sunday, at 2p, m., at Ried & Powell's Block cor. 163-PASSUMPSIC, AT LYNDONVILLE, VT., meets c. C, ROBINSOX, C, E, and Sec, of Ins.

Sandusky and North sts.

..Box 241 second Wednesday and fourth Thursday, at Engi. SAMUEL HUTCHINS, F, A. E.

Box 326 neerg' Hall, Hoyt's Block, Depot st.

WM. QUINLA X, Journal Agt. 2, EASTMAN, C, E.. WM. MCMULLIN, F. A. E.....

P. HOYE, Sec. of Ins.
W. A. MCMULLEN, Journal Agent...


Box 847
GEO. MCDORMITT, Sec. of Ins..

.Box 69

3 164-MASSASOIT, AT ATCHISON, KAN., meets alternate Sundays, at 2 p, m, in Masonic Hall, 177-DENISON, TEXAS, meets every Wednesday Cor. 6th and Commercial sts., South Side,

evening, in Masonic Hall, J. S. BASSETT, C, E, ... ...L. Box 560 A. A. HARRISON, C. E...

Box 63 JAMES STRAHAN, F. A. E. and Seo. of Ins..913 West JACOB HENRY, F. A. E

.Box 302 Parallel st.

T, B, MURPHY, Sec. of Ins..

..ΒΟΣ 39 FRANK HULL, Journal Agt.....1425 Commercial st. | J.C. BLAIR. Journal Agent..


a. m.

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