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General Manager of the Union Pacific Railway, S. T. Smith, General Superintendent of Nebraska Division, for the generous favors they have shown us in furnishing free transportation to the military band of Sidney, and also to all engineers, their wives or sweethearts, who desired to attend our annual May party, held at North Platte on the evening of May 1st, 1885. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to each of them, and published in the ENGINERRS' MONTHLY JOURNAL.



The chairman, in his opening remarks, stated that it was gratifying to him, as it must be to all others interested in this gathering, to witness such a large attendance. It showed, he thought, their appreciation of Mr. McNeill, who had, for so many years, been a warm friend to his fellow-workmen. [Cheers.] Mr. McNeill was now favorably situated, and, he had no doubt, he would continue to merit promotion from the company until he held the highest Committee. gift of his employers. [Cheers.] His friends here, the chairman concluded, would always be pleased to hear of his success. [Cheers.]


PEORIA, June, 7, 1885. At a regular meeting of Peoria Division No. 92, B. of L. E., held on the sixth day of June 1885, the following preamble and resolutions were unanimously adopted:

Whereas, The members of this Division have received many favors from the different railway officials, during our attendance at the Union meeting held in the city of Springfield, Ills, May 24, 1885. Therefore, be it

Resolved, That a vote of thanks is due and is hereby tendered to T.B. Burnett, General Manager, and F. B. Ogden, Supt. of the Peoria & Pekin Union Ry. Co.; and to E. N. Armstdong, Supt.; N. H Goodell and F. L. Tompkins, Train Masters; J. B. Barnes, Supt. of Motive Power; and M. Honness, Division M. M. of the Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific Ry. Co., Middle Division, for the kindness in furnishing us with a special train, thereby placing us under lasting obligations for the favors shown, which we shall endeavor to show in the future, by our work that we appreciate.

Mr. Thomas McNabb, secretary of the committee, then presented Mr. McNeill with a handsome gold watch. He said: The object that calls us together this evening is to take some substantial notice of the services rendered the locomotive engineers and firemen by our late brother engineer and fellow-workman S. C. McNeill [cheers], who, for a number of years, has labored so faithfully and zealously, and made many sacrifices of time, in discharging the duties of his office, viz: Representative of the engineers and firemen of the Grand Trunk Railway. [Cheers.] Inscribed in the mottos of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers

to which nearly all of the engineers belongwe find the word "Justice," and we believe it would not be just, right or proper to let such services pass unrewarded. Therefore, Brother McNeill and fellow employes, it affords we and firemen of Belleville that, appreciating the much pleasure to say in behalf of the engineers services you have rendered, they have thought this a fitting opportunity to present you with some token as a tangible proof of their appreciation and esteem, and for that purpose have that we could have selected a more fitting testiselected a watch. [Cheers.] I do not know monial, or one more useful to our calling, which requires that we should watch, always watch. Whether in the bright rays of the midday sun or in the darkness of the midnight hour; whether on the straight line or on the sharpe curve, or the up grade or the down grade; whether running backward or forward, the engineer should watch-watch his time, watch his orders, watch the switches, watch his rights, watch his engine, watch lest he encroach upon the rights of others. Then no testimonial could be more suitable to his calling or better calculated to remind him of his responsibility. [Cheers.] Then, Mr. McNeill, please accept this watch, and with it the best wishes of the locomotive engineers and firemen of Belleville that you may long live to enjoy it. You see these gold cases, which will remind you of the purity of our intentions in giving merit to whom merit is due. [Cheers.] Inside you will find a movement that for acwill remind you of the accuracy of your accuracy of time can not be surpassed, which tions as a brother locomotive engineer; and as you watch the movement of the hands on the watch let it remind you of your duties as a locomotive fireman, that you shall watch the Below is given a full account taken from the movement of the power under your superviBelleville Daily Ontario. T. NCNABB, sion and despatch steadily to the Grand Trunk Railway Company and your brother engineers Secretary under your control, and in years hence, when The programme began about eight o'clock, and some, yes, many, of us here to-night will have dancing was the order of the night until three made our last trip, and passed from the cares hours later the orchestra disappeared and the of this life to that terminus from whence no railroaders were called to the platform. Mr. E. train returns, this watch may cause you to look Taylor was chairman, and seated on his right back in kind remembrance on the donors. (Prowas Mr. Thomas McNabb and the guest of the longed cheers.) evening, Mr. McNeill. About fifty other Grand

After the applause had abated, Mr. McNeill

Rssolved, That a copy of the above resolutions be sent to the parties named and a copy for publication sent to the ENGINEERS' JOURNAL and the Peoria daily papers.

R. M. ORR,





Trunk engineers and firemen were seated about them.



BELLEVILLE, May 15, 1885. MESSRS EDITORS: A very happy party met in Odd Fellows' Hall, Belleville, on April 28, comprising the engineers of Division 189 and firemen of Challenge Lodge 66, and their friends, to pay tribute of respect to Bro. McNeill, who has received the appointment of Locomotive Foreman at Pt. St. Charles. Bro. McNeill was for a number of years representative of the General Committee, and for the past two years was chairman of the committee representing the Grand Trunk System.

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rose to reply to the able address of the secretary. He heartily thanked them for the valuable present which they had given him, and he promised to preserve it that in years hence he might look back to the good and true friends he had left in Belleville. As a fellow-workman for fifteen years he had witnessed many similar presentations to those leaving to fill distant stations, and from the earnest and enthusiastic manner in which the engineers and firemen always responded, he valued this token of their appreciation more than the real value of the watch. (Cheers.) Here Mr. McNeill was overcome with emotion and he was unable to give expression to his thoughts, but the silent tear trickling down his cheek told the hundred and fifty people surrounding him his true thankfulness to them for the kind expressions of good will accompanied by such a magnificent present.

The watch was bought in Montreal, by Mr. McNabb, and is valued at $150. It is an Appleton Tracy, three ounce, eighteen carat watch, with a fine monogram on the case, the inscription on the inside reading: "Presented to S. C. McNeill, by the Locomotive Engineers and Firemen of the Grand Trunk Railway, Belleville, April, 1885.

A brief program of songs and recitations was then rendered, after which the ladies provided a bountiful supper, and dancing was resumed. The program was brought to a close about two hours afterwards, all expressing their entire satisfaction with the arrangements made by the commitee, and Mr. McNeill received a cordial shake of hands from his friends, and many a kind word of congratulation and encouragement for future success.


Into Division

278-A. W. Machin, William Curwin, Peter Ring, Charles Kelley, A. H. Heath, John Wood, H. Rogers, George W. Bush, J. D. Newcomb, Ed. G. Sell, H. Southard, J. M. Harris, Charles Cobb, Joseph Gregory, E. L. Morgan, M. Rice, W. H. Cook, J. W. Scott and L. Hardison, from Div. 182.

J. O. Haynes, from Div. 42. George W. McComb, from Div. 21. Owen Donigan, from Div. 225. 148-Frank White, from Div. 50. 78-J. S. Woodward, from Div. 239. 34-Simeon Wiser, from Div. 36. 232-William Liel, and John J. Brown. 11-W. H. Loomls, from Div. 207. 201-W. S. Criss.

112-A. G. Cummings, from Div. 151. 282-S. W. Leagett, A. Stewart, J. C. Smith, George Williams, A. M. Carothers, E. W. Parks and John Morrow, from Div. 29.

W. T. Leavitt, and T. B. Peoples, from Div. 261. 280--William Cramer, and C. H. Elliott, from Div. 7.

134-George Hastings, from Div. 92. B. P. Gilman, from Div. 150. 270-Edward Butler, from Div. 34. 283-A. D. Cushing, L. C. Kerr, E. F. Ingles, Wm. Gilstrap, Wm. Bradley, C. W. Pinkerton, E. H. Littlejohn, Isaiah Jordan, Peter Wilbert, George Herriott, R. W. Gray and Emile Frick, from Div. 161.

251-D. W. Daley, from Div. 134. 230-P. E. Brittingham, from Div. 99. 273-Charles N. Kimball, from Div. 173. 95-C. W. Bradley, from Div. 34. 150-George Davis, from Div. 86. 219-M. O. Dwyer, from iv. 144.

Wm. Platt, from Div. 227. L. H. Gray, from Div. 176. A. T. Honer, from Div. 78. George Finnegan. from Div. 155. 88-Charles G. Hall, from Div. 228. 12-H. Hollar, from Div. 167. 194-B. G. Plumber, from Div. 139. Marion Slager, from Div. 18. 232-H. C. Vaupel, from Div. 144. 177-0. S. Bouchard, from Div. 86. 154-R. M. VanDorn, from Div. 100. 222-J. T. Havard, from Div. 55. 274-A. Hazlett, George McGarrahan, Geo. Palmer, Wm. Adams, and Wm. H. Parkison, from Div. 186.

John W. Else, and W. C. Dean, from
Div. 136.

John S. Sweeney, from Div. 222.
E. M. Jacobs, from Div. 55.
Wm. F. Brennan, from Div. 258.
B. W. Johnson, from Div. 232.
P. Flavin, from Div. 175.
George Richardson, from Div. 144.
L. R. Clemerson, from Div. 78.

237-H. P. Fisher and E. R. Fullenrider, from

[blocks in formation]

244-Thomas H. Shoens, from Div. 169. 58-Owen McCarty, from Div. 41. 118-J. Ryan and B. Phillips, from Div. 89. 12-Christian Shrone, from Div. 12. 161-F. A. Levitt, from Div. 110. 45-John A. Willits, from Div. 109. 181-W. H. Dunham, from Div. 41. 119-J. P. Turley, from Div. 178.

Joseph G. Moor, from Div. 125, 200-Wm. C. Peaco, from Div. 125. 207-W. S. Gaines, from Div. 84.

John A. Bower, from Div. 21. 273–0. E. Work, E. F. Bynane, B. S. Finney, B. S. Snyder, C. W. Pool, Thos. Cherry, Andrew Dailey and Allen White, from Div. 15.

Jerry Breen, C. C. Sliter, V. Whirr and M. V. Felt, from Div. 31. Charles Deane, from Div. 69. H. I. Phipps, from Div. 3. J. D. Cook, from Div. 148, W. J. Pierce, from Div. 186. 251-Frank McColgan, from Div. 234. 187-C. M. Miller, from Div. 201.

C. M. Brown, from Div. 127. 28-A. Harrison, from Div. 110. 261-Ed. Horan, from Div. 232.

Charles Paull, from Div. 222. 148-F. White, from Div. 50. 176-A. L. Waite, from Div. 96, 198-C. C. Hafer, from Div. 148. W. H. Archery, from Div. 129.


From Division—

176-L. H. Gray, to join Div. 219.
54-John Cassidy, to join Div. 235.
201-T. D. Harris, to join elsewhere.
132-D. H. Connors, to join Div. 4.
38-W. A. Brown, to join Diy. 269.

89-John Ryan and B. Phillips, to join Div 118.

J. O. Hebert, I. H. Demarias and H.
Dodd, to join Div. 168.

Joseph Paulett, to join elsewhere. 195-Jas .Burke, Fred Leonberger, John E. Leonberger, Fred Case, Ed. Huntington, James McQuay, A. Garlick, James Kilmartin, M. J. Weaver, Charles Conivan, Charles Clarkson and Chas. Barrett, to join Div. 279. 169-George Herriott, 'E. Frick, I. Jordan, R. W Gray, E. F. Ingles, P. Wilbert, Wm. Bradley, A. D. Cushing, Isaiah Jordan, William Pinkerton, L. C. Kerr, E. H. Littlejohn and Wm. Gilstrap, to join Div. 283. 134-Maurice Moore, final.

A. B. Lester, to join Div. 251. 95-C. Sweetman, final. 71-Jacob G. Frear, to join Div. 45. 150-George E. Osgood, final.

John T. Clayton, George H. Robinette, Patrick Flannery and A. A. Thomas, to join Div. 284.

78-L. R. Clemerson, to join Div. 274.

J. W. Luttrell, final.

99-H. A. Easton and P. E. Brittingham, to join elsewhere.

J. A. Fetner, to join Div. 267. 9-Wm. McIntosh, final. 166-M. Holterman, George Snow, A. Polheymus, W. C. Warner, G. Carpenter, A. Smith, N. Johnson, C. S. Thomas, E. T. Varnes, Joseph Ribble. S. Coleman, G. H. Lutz, J. J. Duffy, E. Hanley, T. Coleman, J. Whittaker, J. Hobbs, C. Ashelman, W. Canning, G. Laris, G. A. Smith, W. B. Smith, G. Veal, A. Decker, C. Horn, J. Troch, D. Johnson, J. Smith, J. O'Hara, V. Butler, F. W. Oram, J. Shaffer, W. Seeley, W. Nape, S. Nape, G. Nape, R. Nape, W. G. Fisher, E. Parmeter, J. Jackson, Ed. Hand, J. Joyce, S. Steele, W. C. Stelter, F. Rinker, J. Edinger, W.H. Goodenhall and F. D. Cramer, to join Div. 276.

Charles Swallow, to join Div. 263. Fred Gorham and Samuel Kendall, to join elsewhere.

36-Simon Wise, to join Div. 34. 27-Wm. E. Hoyt, to join elsewhere. 143-Wm. Preston, to join elsewhere. 144-S. J. Prentiss, to join elsewhere. 101-W. N. Shepard, to join Div. 219.

C. I. Devine.

11-C. W. Cole, to join Div. 143.

W. C. Shurtleff, to join Div. 280. C. H. Elms, to join elsewhere. 149-Wm. Walsh, to join elsewhere. 102-J. W. Holmes, to join elsewhere. 273-C. C Sliter, to join Div. 273. 251-Wm. T. Leavitt and Thomas Peoples, to join elsewhere. 187-James Garvin and J H. McNeill, to join Div. 234.

E. H. Martin, to join Div. 261. 28-Harry Palmer, James Watson, J. Cramer and E. Farquar, to join elsewhere

[blocks in formation]

88-J. E. Ferguson, to join Div. 159. 29-A. M. Carrothers, John Morrow, A. G. Stewart, E. W. Parks, S. W. Liggitt, J. C. Smith and George Williams, to join Div. 282.

129-W. H. Achey, to join elsewhere. 232-W. O. Taylor, to join elsewhere. 20-James M. Rodenberg, to join Div. 128-W. Herriman, to join Div. 81. 139-W. F. Winters, to join elsewhere. 250-Jerry W. Stine, final. 242-W. S. Criss, to join Div. 201. 222-J. G. Oram and Charles Paull, to join Div. 261.

167-H. Holler, to join Div. 12.

[blocks in formation]

58-M. Orsburnlighter, for violating his obligation.

52-Wm. H. Cross, for using traveling card while under suspension.

M. J. Royal, for unbecoming conduct. 139-A. O. Woodworth, for unbecoming


216-E. White, for drunkenness. 28-Cole McCullough, for fraud. 148-Samuel F. Scott, for non-payment of dues. 240-R. McFadden, for unbecoming conduct. 169-Henry Milligan, for defrauding his


168-L. Dutil, for non-payment of dues. 95-A. W. Kirkwood, for violating Art. V, Sec. 4, of By-Laws. 98-Wm. Dench, for drunkenness. 244-O. L. Baker, for being engaged in the sale of liquor. 233-Richard Lakeman, for unbecoming conduct and violating his obligation.

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1-DETROIT, MICH., meets first and third Sundays,
at 2 p. m., at room 28, Merrill Block, cor. Jeffer
son and Woodward avenues.
835 Fort st. East.
HARRY HAYS, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins., Box 129 Io-
nia, Mich.

J. SEAGROVE, Cor. Sec.......... ...388 Fort st. East.


13-NORTH LA CROSSE, WIS., meets first and third
Sundays, at 2 p. m., in Odd Fellows' Hall.
JOHN R. HODGES, C. E... Box 85 Portage, Wls.


Addresses are same as location of Division unless F. MCSORLEY, F. A. E. otherwise noted. JAB. MCLINDON, Sec. of Ins CHAS. WHITING, Cor. Sec.......Box 168 Wells, Minn. 14—UTICA, N. Y., meets first Monday and third Sunday of each month, at 3:30 p. m., in Bradish Block. JAS. Jacobs, C. E .104 Broad st. M. J. CARROLL, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins..84 Main st,, Utica, N. Y.


M. RICKARD, Cor. Sec...........
.2 Taylor ave.
CHAS. B. CARROLL, Journal Agent.....100 Broad st.

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.Box 131

9-WASECA, MINN., meets second and fourth Sundays of each month, over Hardin & Co.'s Bank,

at 2 p. m.

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Winona, Minn, C. F. DENSEL, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins.......Box 163, Tracy, Minn.

L. C. HACKEY, Journal Agent

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10-CHICAGO, ILL., meets alternate Saturdays,
commencing Dec. 6, 1884, at Masonic Hall 144 snd
146 22d street.
M. H. KEMPTON, F. A. E..........2406
R. W. ORMSBY, Sec of Ins.
H. L. SEAVER, Jour. Agt..
J. GLOVER, Cor. Sec

11-INDIANAPOLIS, IND., meets every Sunday at

2 o'clock, p. m., in Knight's of Honor Hall, cor.
Market and Delaware, over No. 5.

W. W. REVEL, C. E....
.39 S. Arsenal ave.
SAMUEL C. SEATON, F. A. E....76 E. Washington st.
Fred KlinE, Sec. of Ins... .590 E. Georgia st.
12-FORT WAYNE IND., meets every Saturday
evening, at their new hall, 140 Calhoun st.

J, W. ORR, F. A. E.
WH. В. MCPHAIL, Sec. of Ins..

.175 W. Superior st.
.28 Butler st.
...38 5th st.

.1228 Indiana av. Cottage Grove av. .1629 Dearborn st. .1228 Indiana ave. 1307 South State st.

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15-BUFFALO, N. Y., meets every Monday evening
at 412 So. Division st., corner Hickory.
.443 Swan st.
JOHN H. HORNER, F. A. E. & Sec. of Ins.453 Swan st.
WM. ALDRICH, Journal Agent......183 Jefferson st.

8-MEXICO, AT SLATER, MO., meets at Odd Fel- 21-MEMPHIS, TENN., meets first
lows' Hall, first and third Sundays.
J. P. TIGHE, C. E. and Sec. of Ins...
A. B. DAVIS, F. A. E..........

16-GALION, O., meets every Monday evening, in Engineers' Hall, 29 East Main st.

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PETER MENSER, C. E...................

A. W. LOGAN. F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins., Journal
..Box 754

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and third Sun-
days of each month, at 2 p. m., 298 Second st.
H. KISTNER, F. A. E........

L. & N, shops.
M. & C. shops.

J. H. BUCKALEW, Sec. of Ins.

.L. Box 521
Box 77
.L. Box 521

[blocks in formation]
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Box 1375

33-BATTLE CREEK, MICH., meets 1st and 3d Sunday at 2 p. m., at 2:00 p. m., in Whitcomb's Block, Jefferson st.

· ...

Jos. HENRY, C. E.
.Box 916
C. B. CONGER, F. A. E...Port Huron, Mich., Box 353
GEO. E. REED, Cor. Sec..
GEO. H. SHEPARD, Sec. of Ins
J. D. MALONEY Journal Agent....

Box 1760

62 Lincoln st.

103 Vine st. 152 West 1st ave.

Box 17
R. A. BLACK, Cor. Sec
.Covington, Ky.
E. J. DROHAN, Sec. of Ins and Jour. Agent.. Box 55

36-NEWARK, O., meets every Sunday at 3 p. m.,
in Knights of Labor Hall, south side Park.
JOHN GORBY, F. A. E.....

....Box 226

N. CRISWELL, Sec. of Ins. and Jour. Agt..............Box 98
H. LONGSHORE, Cor. Sec....

37-MATTOON, ILL., meets every Sunday at 3 p. m.

in Hinckle's Block, W. Broadway.



W. S. WHITE, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins..

W. HUNTSBURGER, Cor. Sec....
F. H. SHUNK and W. BOSLEY, Journal Agents......
1st and 3d Sundays at 2 p. m., in Masonic Hall.
J. H. BUTTERS, C. E ....Clifton Forge, Va,, Box 7
Jos. A. TABLER, F. A. E............
Box 89
R. I. SWEETWOOD, Jour. Agent..Clifton Forge, Va.
C. B. SMALES, Sec, of Ins..
..........L. Box 79 |


39-SEYMOUR, IND.. meets Monday following 1st
and 3d Sunday, at 7 p. m., Odd Fellows' Hall.
J. G. PRICE, C. E.
WM. Cox. F. A. E................
JOHN T. DANVER, Sec. of Ins..

.Box 993
.Box 932

[blocks in formation]
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Box 220 ..Box 235 ...Box 235

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.622 Central ave. 47—HORNELLSVILLE, N. Y. meets alternate Wednesday evenings, corner Main and Church sts, WM. R. MARTIN, C. E... 34-LITTLE MIAMI, AT COLUMBUS, O., meets 1st J. K. CHAPMAN, F. A. E..... and 3d Sundays at 7 p. m., in Miller's Block. B. D. GOODELL, C. E

.Box 956
.Box 80
JOHN DUNOVAN, Sec. of Ins. and Jour. Agt. Box 105

W. E. FISHER, F. A. E.......
JOHN CASSEL, Sec. of Ins..
35-LEXINGTON, AT LUDLOW, KY.. meets 2d and
4th Sundays at 1:30 p. m. each month, in I. O. O. F.

48-ST. LOUIS, MO., meets 1st and 3d Sundays in
each month, at No. 2847 Chateau ave.

.2335 Rutger st.
R.M. NAUGHTON, F.A.E. & Jour. Agt., 706 Tayon av.
GEO. J. TYRRELL, Sec. of Ins... ... 1704 Chestnut st

every Thursday at 7:30 p. m., in Odd Fellows' Hall.
J. F. HITTLE, C. E and Sec. of Ins..
...Box 191
D. E. SULLIVAN, F. A. E.....
.Box 222
P. SMITH. Journal Agent..


45-WEST PHILADELPHIA, PA., meets every at
ternate Sunday, at 2 p. m., at 601 N. 40th st.
E. W. KILLEY, F. A. E.
B. F. KENNEDY, Sec. of Ins. and Journal Agent..........
3826Fairmount ave.
G. KNOWLES, Cor. Sec...

.3722 Wallace st.

JAS. JONES, Sec. of Ins...
A. SPENCER, Journal Agent..
J. R. BLEWER, Cor. Sec..

46-ALBANY, N. Y., meets every Wednesday even
ing, at Odd Fellows' Hall, 23 Green st.
WM. BOLSTER, C. E.............
.91% Hudson av.
E. OSTRANDER, Jr., F. A. E.....Round House, West
Albany, N. Y.

.22 Hunter av.

710 No. 89th st.

.4024 Reno st.

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