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strike glad hands with those who have gone Now, Messrs. Editors, I would like to thank before, and enjoy the light and life of that the members of Division No. 60 for the beautieverlasting city, where God shall wipe away ful gift received at my house on the afternoon all tears.

of the 21st inst. The "boys" entered my home Resobred, That Division 99 extend to the offi- and without a word of explanation, placed cers of the I. C. R. R. Co. their sincere thanks snugly in one corner a beautiful secretary and for courtesies extended to his friends in trans- book case, most acceptable, not only for its porting his body to his home for burial.

usefulness, but from the source from which it Resolved, That our charter be draped in

in oame. A gift that will always be remembered mourning for thirty days as a token of respect with gratitude. for our deceased Brother, and that a copy of

Fraternally, J. Z. COLBURN. these resolutions be forwarded to his family, under seal of the Division, also a copy to the ENGINEERS' JOURNAL, and to the Water Valley

paper for publication.

Into Dirision-

Committee. 96-Frank Mathews, from Div. 27.

Thos. Geerland and B. B. McFall, from

Div. 116.
CINCINNATI, O., Dec. 16, 1885.

144-George Wodhow, from Div. 178. At a regular meeting of Cincinnati Division 154-W. P. Blanchard, from Diy. 245. No. 95, the following resolutions were unani- 202—Con C. Lowery, from Div. 159.

49–M. C. Russell, from Div. 37. mously adopted :

28-M. C. Gillmour, from Div. 197. WHEREAS, It has pleased the divine will of 278–J. H, Christman, from Div. 187. our Heavenly Creator to remove from our midst 193—John D. Leahey, from Div. 186. our respected brother engineer, F. M. Watts, 242-George D. Pratt, from Div. 177. who was killed by his engine leaving the track 302-Charles Winget, from Div. 245. and turning over on him, near the town of Lex- 305-Joseph Wesley, Jas. Doyle, S. Swartz, ington, Ky., on the K. C. R. R., on the 15th day

and Geo. Herkimer, from Div. 137. of September, 1885; therefore, be it

J. Fuller, from Div. 169. Resolved, That we, his brother engineers,

J. Snover, from Div. 276. deeply deplore the calamity that has overtaken 255-Richard Dougherty, from Div. 148. and cut down our Brother in the full vigor of 255-Richard Gallagher, from Div. 34. manhood, and spread desolation in his home. 290—Wm. Swain, from Div. 98.

Resolved, That we extend to his bereaved 12-T. M. Leonard, from Div. 31. widow and relatives our heartfelt sympathy in 177-S. Plumar, froin Diy. 23. the sorrow they are called upon to bear, assur- 150-J. H. May, from Div. 69, ing them that his name will be ever cherished

Greenman Gere, from Div. 20. in kind remembrance by the members of Divi- 207-C. H. Crozier, from Div. 78. sion No. 95.

E. S. Andrus, from Div. 4. Resolved, That, as a further token of respect,

H. T. Jessee, from Div. 239. we will cause our ball to be draped in mourn

W. B. Foster and John T. Reddick, ing for the space of thirty days.

from Div. 210. Resolved, That Division No. 95 extend their 305—Wm. Maynard, Joel Bound, A. M. Codsincere. thanks to the members of Division No.

dington, C. F. Snover, L. G. Town35, also to the conductors of the K. C. R. R.,

send, S. S. Carpenter, L. G. Simfor their able assistance at the funeral of our

onds, P. J. Coddington, B. R. Tandcceased Brother

ner, R. B. Ross, J. W. Tanner, L. D. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be

Miller, D. B. Herkimer, F. J. Gralpresented to his widow, and also a copy be sent

ton, Jerry Doyle, C. A. Wilmot, C. to the ENGINEERS' JOURNAL for publication.

F. McCormick and J. T. Callow,

from Div. 137.

38—Wm. N. Shepard, from Div. 219.

49—M. C. Burrell, from Div. 37. 288-Wm. M. Olds and W. H. Brown, from

Div. 169.

144-John Brown, from Diy. 20. PRESENTATION.

153—E. A. Blivin, from Div. 108. Rock ISLAND, ILL., Dec. 30, 1885.

13-C, W. Snow, from Div. 66.

251- John Holmes and L. E. Trainer. MESSRS. EDITORS: Thinking a few lines from 69–H. Hofacker, from Div. 144. Division No. 60 would be acceptable, I will

V. Qumbey, from Div. 80. make the attempt.

Wm. Brennon, from Div. 42. We are still living; business with us is very 280-Joel B. Marsh, Grover J. Matson, Isaac good, consequently the boys are feeling in ex

N. Myers, from Div. 12. cellent spirits. On the evening of the 4th inst.

C. Smith, from Div. 7. about sixty or serenty persons, consisting 131-W. S. Baines, J. F. Hughes, John chiefly of engineers and their families, invaded

O'Leary, J. V. Durgin, É. C. Corey, the home of Brother James Mirfield, our genial

G. C. Ferguson and Jacob Hanson, foreman, and presented him and his excellent

from Div. 117. wife with a beautiful china set and silver ser

C. E. Whitney, from Div. 82. vice, consisting of one hundred and sixteen

John Gallagher, from Div. 117. pieces, a carving knife and fork and two gold

269-George H. Donaldson, from Div. 105. napkin rings, in honor of the 18th wedding an

201-A. H. Stewart, from Div. 91. Diversary

177-Samuel Plummer, from Div. 23. After the presentation a bountiful supply of

302-D. B. Annan, from Div. 122. edibles was disposed of. The evening passed

James H. Lumsden, from Div. 100. only too quickly, wth music and singing, until 111-C. B. Olds, from Diy, 8. the time came for the good-nights to be said.

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26-T. M. Coffey, from Div. 54. 109-John Bosler, A. P. Swem, A. F. Part

and Paul Shaller, from Div. 45, 10-H, H. Hall, from Div. 16. 123-L. P. Ray, from Div. 19. 274-4. C. Vroman, from Div. 81.

D. B. Wright, from Div. 92. 181-F. G. Moroder, J. T. Brown and J. H.

Kings, from Div. 117. 178.M. Melville, from Div, 23. 282T. Barber, from Div. 70. 123-James Ballentine, from Div. 201. 34-Edward Gordon, from Div. 11. 293--Charles Sill, from Div. 148. 236-James E. Mulligan, from Div. 37. 80—John Long, from Div. 185. 11-Charles Burrows, from Div. 7. 251-J. F. DeLong, from Div. 62. 280--J.J. Conklin, from Div. 12.

45-E. Cavanagh, E. Christian, Enos W.

Chubberly, Edward Carr, John D.
Bender, John Borman, John Bosler,

and John A, Willits, to join Div. 109. 210-Frank Goalsby, W. W. Bentinnau, Geo.

W. Pullard, and J. W. Smith, to join

Div, 256. 34-W.R. Davis and J.J. Gallagher, to join

Div. 255.
E. E. Lopeman, to join Div. 167.

R. C. Grist, to join Div. 50.
65—Daniel B. Moorey, to join Div. 12.
3-H. E. Lance, to join elsewhere.

F. Frishkorn, to join elsewhere. 257-Charles Stead, to join elsewhere.

69—W. P. Wier, to join Div. 150. 195-Michael Gorman, to join Div. 362.

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Into Division-

148-E. E. Lopeman and J. H. Dugan.
28-F. M. Chevallie.
22-John Huston.
10-P. Carter.
58W. H. Miller,
239-Samuel Toms, Matt L. Franklin, John

D. Maxey, W. S. Lusby and M. J.

293—W. Eakin and Henry Hukill.
60-J. K. Fezler.
11--A. M. Cole, H. Bolinger, Ed Gerden, G.

B. Frazer.
96-Martin Myers.
45-John Basler.
15S. H. Ballou and W, P. Coburn.
97-Frederick Weller.
19-J. H. Brown.
163-S. E. Goss,
48. N. Fish and W.0. Thompson.

SUSPENDED. From Division105.-C. B. Lord, for six months, for violat

ing his obligation.

From Division-

20--Greeman Grere, to join Div. 150.
92-J. K. Hoover, to join Div. 194.
31-T. M. Leonard, to join Div. 12.
178-George Wadham, to join elsewhere.
155-J. A. Cowen, to join elsewhere.
123-Walter Saunders, to join Div. 201.
60—R. S. Hall, to join Div. 285.
45-D. Garman, to join Div. 74.

Alonzo Robb, to join Div. 109.
97-F. Weller, to join elsewhere.
269—Samuel Booth, to join Div. 299.

Fred Linberg, to join Div. 299.

Wm. C. Gorgas, to join Div. 171.
164-C. J. Smeller, to join elsewhere.
98Wm. Swain, to join Div.290.
8-G. P. Olds, to join elsewhere.
30mWm. Mixon, to join Div. 171.
A Hoboken and A. Vostin, to join Div.

11-E. Gerden, to join Div. 34.
96_Walter Rupert, to join Div. 302.
154-John Downey, to join elsewhere.

1-J. F. Coffie, to join Div. 80.
140-Dave Watkins, to join Div. 193.
198—John Carney, to join Div. 246.
15--Thomas Caldron, to join Div. 254.
49--Michael Griffin, to join Diy. 289.
211-Wm. S. Charf, to join Div. 303.
186-J. D. Leahey, to join Div. 193.
172-John H. Martin, to join Div, 288.
150_Joel May, final.
105-S. T. Germain, to join Div. 46.
187–Harry Smith, to join Div. 86.
171-George D. Pratt, to join Div. 242.

Fred McClain, to join Div. 178.
56-B. F. Ball and Č. E. Futhey, to join

Div. 92.
J. F. Kirchgraber, to join Div. 86.

Wm. Dorland, to join Div. 112.
140-J. H. Willson, to join Div. 212.
205-George C. Mack, to join Div. 61.
45-E. W. Killey, Joseph Killey, James

McClain, M. Montgomery, W. S. MC-
Clain, A. F. Burt, Lewis C. Pope,
Thomas J. Quinton, Thos. C. Smith,
Albert Swem, Paul F. Shaller, B.
Stulls, Robert Slackhouse, George
Knowles, E.C. Johnson, Thomas B.
Jones, J. W. Hartman, Albert S.
Herbert, A. Hoffman, W. H. Holton,

and Frank Farrel, to join Div. 109. 230-A. Strother? to join Div. 198.

57-James W. Graham, to join Div. 63.
144-W. C. Rowe, to join Div. 150.
148-J. H. Dugan, to join Div. 55.
20—Martin Murphy, to join Div. 303.

EXPULSIONS. From Division

38-B. W. Taylor, for non-payment of dues. 122-Jas. Crowe, for non-payment ofidues. 83–Fred W. Laker, for non-payment of

dues. 258C. E. Leeman, for unbecoming con

239-C. F. Parker, C. C. Zachary, Andrew J.

Chambers, John McCampbell and
James Richards, for non-payment

of dues.
31–Joseph O'Leary, for non-payment of

dues. 156-R. H. Buckholder, for non-payment of

dues. Frank Carr and R. H. Allen, for non

payment of dues. 96-C. E, Richardson, for being drunk on

duty. 49-Jos, M. Thompson, for incompetency

and unbecoming conduct. S. E. Thomas and Thomas Murry, for

non-payment of dues. 28-Frank Pierce, for drunkenness. 164-Frank H. Sbattuck, for unbecoming

conduct a cheat and dead beat. 66-P. M. Plumb and J. S. Anderson, for

non-payment of dues. 187—-W. H. Metcalf, Chester Main and Jas.

McCloskey, for non-payment of dues.;

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19NORTH LA CROSSE, WIS., meets first and third

Sundays, at Brewer's Hall, Mill st., 2.30 p, m...

JOHN R. HODGES, C. E. and Jonrnal Agt... Addresses are same as location of Division unless

Box 85 Portage, Wis.

WM. HART, F. A. E........Box 50, NO. Lacrosse, Wis. otherwise noted. JAS. MCLINDON, Sec. of Ins ...

724 Rose Bt.

CHAS. WHITING, Cor. Sec... ....Box 168 Wells, Minn. 1-DETROIT, MICH., meets first and third Sundays,

at 2 p. m., at room 23, Merrill Block, cor. Jefter: 14-UTICA, N. Y., meets first Monday and third son and Woodward avenues.

Sunday of each month, at 3:30 p. m., in Bradish J MCMINN. C. E. and Sec. of Ins...335 Fort st. East.


..104 Broad st.
J. W. ATHERTON, F. A. E...... Congress street, East.
J. SEAGROVE, Cor. Sec.. ...388 Fort st. East. M. J. CARROLL, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins..84 Main st.,
J. MUNRO, Journal Agent..

448 Mullet st.

Utica, N. Y.
M. RICKARD, Cor. Sec....

2 Taylor ave. 2-JACKSON, MICH., meets alternate Sundays, at CRAS. B. CARROLL, Journal Agent .....100 Broad st.

2:30 p. m., commencing May 24, at 235 E. Main st. F. E, DILLA, C. E.

.1010 E. Main st. 15–BUFFALO, N. Y., meets every Monday evening GEO. ROBY, F. A, E.

at 412 So. Division st., corner Hickory. JAB. WINNBY, Sec of Ins. 117 East av. M. LEAHY, C.E...

.301 South Division st. FRANK SHEPPARD, Journal Agent at Jackson.

JOHN H. HORNER, F. A. E. & Sec. of Ins.453 Swan st. GEO. PIERCE, Journal Agent at Bay City.

WM. ALDRICH, Journal Agent......183 Jefferson st, 3-COLLINWOOD 0., meets at Engineers' Hall, al- | 16-GALION, O., meets every Monday evening, in ternate Tuesday evenings.

Engineers' Hall, 29 East Main st.
C. C. HASKINS, C. E. and Sec. of Ins ... Box 85 | W.1. COOK, C. E....,

A. W. LOGAN, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins., Journal M. A. COOK and A. B. CHAPMAN Jour. Agts....

Agent ..

.Box 754 4-CORN CITY, AT TOLEDO, O., meets first, second

and third Tuesdays, at 8 p. m., and last Sunday 17-STANBERRY, MO., meets every Sunday at 9:30 at 2p, m., in Chamberlin Block, Broadway, en- a. m., in Odd Fellows' Hall, cor. 12th & Park sts. trance on Segur av, commencing Nov.7.

J. W. HALL, C. E... DANIEL WATSON, C. E..Box 18, Air Line Junction, O.


Box 226 J. H, MACK, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins...East Toledo. | E. S. DOTY, Sec. of Ins.. E. E.BACON and N. A. ANGELL, Jour. Agts.. Box 488, Elkhart, Ind.

18-ROCHESTER, N, Y., meets every Monday éve.,

in Carter Block, cor. Church and State.sts. 5-ORANGE GROVE, AT LOS ANGELES, CAL.,


.28 Draper st. meets second and fourth Mondays in Engineers' A. B. NORCROSS, F. A. E..

65 East Main st. Hall.

CHAS. THOMAS, Cor. Sec..

..40 Gorham gti JOAN T. KEARNEY, C.E..

...Box 1131

LEVI LEWIS, Sec. of Ins.... 164 7th st., Buffalo, N.Y. C. A, VOGELSANG, F. A. E

.Box 1131 W.S. PIKE. Journal Agent..... ..,69 North av. R. R. BRADLEY, Sec. of Ins.. San Pedro, Cal. R. W. KELLY, Journal Agent.

19-BLOOMINGTON, ILL., meets every 2d and 4th

Saturday in the month, in Engineers' Hall, 910 6-MONTANA, AT BOONE, IOWA, meets every West Chestnut st. Saturday evening at Engineers' Hall, Story st. P. POTTER, C. E..

Stahl's Hotel. E. MCCORMACK, C. E..

Box 106 P.J. DAGENHART, FA. E.......608 W.Jefferson st. J.H. GRAHAM, F. A. E

Box 376 W. B. HUSKEY, Journal Agent O. L. BLACK, Sec. of Ins..

F. G. ONGLEY, Sec. of Ins........510 E. Chestnut st C, DEERING, Journal Agent.

20_LOGAN, AT LOGANSPORT, IND., meets altern. 7-LAFAYETTE, IND,, meets every Sunday, at 2:30

ate Sundays, at 10 8. m., cor. 12th and Spear st. p. m., in Engineers' Hall, cor. Fourth and Ferry.


L. Box 909 E. CANDEE, C.E....

.... 226 Salem st.

L. Box 571 ED. LONG, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins......156 North st.

8. W. CURTISB, Sec. of Ins

Box 77 R. B. HICKOX. Journal Agent.... .84 Romig st.

C.F. BEAM, Cor. Sec. and Jour Agt.......L. Box 571 8- MEXICO, AT SLATER, MO., meets at Odd Fellows' Hall, irst and third Sundays.

21-MEMPHIS, TENN., meets first and third Sun. A. MAWBY, C. E.

.Box 111. days of each month, at 2 p. m., 298 Second st. D. P. ALDRICH, F. A. E.. .Box 117 | A.M. NANCE C. E

...L. & N, shops. J. B. TIGHE, Sec. of Ins .Box 87 F. MCCLAIN, F. A. E

.M. & C. Shops J. W. GOLLIDAY, Journal Agent.

J. H. BUCKALEW, Sec. of Ins.

22--CAMDEN, N. J., meets 2d and 4th Sundays at 9-WASECA, MINN., meets second and fourth Sun, days of each month, over Hardin & Co.'s Bank 1:30 p. m., Engineer's Hall, 139 Federal st.

Jos. BRUDON, C. E.... at 2 p. m.

.436 Mickle st. ROBERT G. JOHNSTON, C. E. Winona, Minn, Box 1578

L. H. ARCHER, F. A. E.

.4 Hudson st, C. F. DENSEL, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins....... Box 163, R. GAUNTT, Sec. of Ins

...323 Mickle st. Tracy, Minn.

T. W, OMITH, Cor, Sec, & Jour Agt..524 Benson st. H. A REED, Journal Agent

23-SPRINGFIELD, ILL., meets 1st and 3d Satur 10_CHICAGO, ILL., meets alternate Saturdays,

days at 7:30 p. m., in Masonic Block, Monroe st.

bet. 6th and ith. commencing Dec, 6, 1884, at Masonic Hall 144 ond 146 22d street.

F. P. CLARK, C. E. ....

.1111 South 7th st. WM. T. PERRY, C. Eand Jour. Agt.. 1228Indiana av,

G. F. W. SCHEVENS, F. A. E, and Sec. of Insurance

1129 E. Jefferson st. M. H, KEMPTON, F. A. E......2406 Cottage Grove av,

1536 Wabash ave.

JOAN RYAN, Journal Agent Ş. S. EDGERLE, Sec. of Ing.,

716 South 9th st J, GLOVER, Cor. Sec ...... 1307 South State st. A. J. SCHEVERP, Cor. Sec........1203 East Monroe st 11-INDIANAPOLIS, IND., meets every Sunday at 24- CENTRALIA, ILL., meets every Sunday at 10a. 2 o'clock, p. m., in Knight's of Honor Hall, cor.

m., in Hofheimz Block, West Broadway. Market and Delaware, over No. 5.


Box 33

M. B. WILLARD, F. A.E. JOAN MORAN, C. E... 152 Bates st.

.Box 266

JAS. MCFAIL, Sec. of Ins SAMUEL C. SEATON, F. A. E....76 E. Washington st. FRED KLINE, Sec. of Ins..... ....530 E. Georgia st. 25–TERRE HAUTE, IND., meets 1st Monday at 7:30 12-FORT WAYNE IND., meets every Sunday p.m. and 2d and 4th Sundays at 2:30 p. m., over at 2 p. m.. at their-new hall, 140 Calhoun st.

Drug-store, corner of Main and 7th sts. WM. B. McPHAIL. C. E. and Sec. of Ins....38 5th st. JOAN L. CROSBY, C. E

.. 131 North 13th st. .175 W.Superior st.


. 1020 Chestnut st. M. F. SHAY, Journal Agent

W. E. MILLER, Treas. and Sec. of Ins..464 N. 7th st.

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BON av.

....Box 96 ...Box 29

26-RICHMOND, VA., meets 18t and 8d Sundays, at 39-SEYMOUR, IND., meets Monday following 1st

2 p. m., in Druid's Hall, cor. Main and 17th sts. and 3d Sunday, at p. m., Odd Fellows' Hall. T. B. CHALKLEY, C. E...... .329 North 18th st. J. G. PRICE, C. E..

..Boi 220 E. S. LANGSTAFF, F.A E. 625 North 17th st. WM. Cox, F. A. E....

Box 235 O. D. SEAY, Journal Agent... 112 20th st. JOAN T. DANVER, Sec. of Ins.

Box 235 :27-RACINE, AT FREEPORT, ILL, meets 18t and 3d 40-PORTLAND, MAINE, meets2d and 4th Sundays Sundays in each month in Carcher's Block, cor.

at 12:30 p. m. Van Buren and Stephenson sts.

R G. HILBORN, C. E. and Sec. of Ins..37 Howard st. H. C. A. MILLER, C. E..

GEO. C. COBB, F. A, E....... ...49 St. Lawrence st. J.J. HENSING, F. A, E...

.Box 1170 CHAS. B. PEARSON, Journal Agent.. H. C. HAGEDORN, Sec. of Ing.

Box 1594 J. A. FLACK, Journal Agent..

41-ELMIRA, N. Y., meets 1st and 3d Sundays, at

p.m., at Odd Fellows' Hall, Water st. 28-TUCSON, ARIZONA TER., meets 1st and 3d SAMUEL D. SCHOLEY, C. E...

Sayre, Pa. Sundays of each month, in Odd Fellows' Hall, G. H. MORGAN, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins....524 Jeffercor. Church st. and Maiden Lane, at 10 a. m. C. E,

WM.O'NIELL, Cor. Sec

657 Magee st. G. A. ALDRÍCH, F. A. E., Treas. & Sec. of Ins. Bx 88 R. G. MELLUB, Journal Agent

42 CARONDELET, AT ST. LOUIS, MO., meets 1st

and 3d Sundays. at Lafayette and s. 8th sts. 29-GRAND CANON, AT SOUTH PUEBLO, COL., D. MCPHERSON, C. E. and Journal Agent...6726 Min

meets every Sunday, at 3 p. m., at Engineers' Hall. B. DIGGORY, C. E.....

L. Box 94 JOHN D.FISHER, F. A.E.........6738 Minnesota ave. J. W. TAMPLIN, F. A. E....

...Is. Bor 94

South St. Louis, Mo. J.D. KITNER, Sec. of Ins.

W.J. WETTON, Sec. of Ins ......6305 Virginia ave. THEODORE BRIEN, Journal Agent..

South St. Louis, 30, and third Sufidays of each month, over 'Phillips- 43.- MEADVILLE, PA.,

meets in K. of P. Hall, Craw. burg National Bank.

ford's Block, every Monday, at 3 p. m. D. R. STREET, C. E...

H. D. BROWN, C. E...

Easton, Pa. JACOB RUSTAY, F. A. E

.L, Box 21


J. A. WILLIAMS, Sec. of Ins.,Bx 207, Salamanca, N.Y.

......652 Main st. J. WILDONER, Jour. Agt...

44-WYOMING, AT RAWLINS, WY. TER., meets 31-CLEVELAND, O., meets at Heller's Hall, Onta- every Thursday at 7:30 p.m., in Odd Fellows' Hall. rio street, alternate Sundays, at 1 p. m.

J. F. HITTLE, C. E and Sec. of Ins..

.Box 191 JAMES H. DUROSS, C. E.... 347 Hamilton st. D. E. SULLIVAN, F. A. E...

.Box 222 JAMES E. KELLEY, F. A. E.

... 73 Carroll st P. SMITH. Journal Agent. A. SAWYER, Sec. of Ins...

.411 Lake st 32-AURORA, ILL., meets every alternate Sunday,

45-WEST PHILADELPHIA, PA., meets every at commencing Feb. 1, 1885, over 8 and 10 Broadway | Geo. M. JOHNSON, C. E.

ternate Sunday, at 2 p. m., at 601 N. 40th st.

.1927 Fairmount ave. L. H. ISBELL, C. E...

..Box 528

624 No. 37th st. WM. WILSON, F.A.E.

..Box 338 A.E. COON, Sec. of Ins..

DELOS8 EVERETT, Cor. Sec........3629 Haverford st.

.Box 1036 B. F. KENNEDY, Sec. of Ins. and Journal Agent.... GEO. BERTHOLD, Journal Agent

38GFairmount ave. 83-BATTLE CREEK, MICH., meets 1st and 3d 46-ALBANY, N. Y., meets every Wednesday eveu Sunday at 2 p. m., in Whitcomb's Block, Jeffer

ing, at Odd Fellows' Hall, 23 Green st. Son St.


63 Clinton st. JOB. HENRY, C.E. Box 916 EDWARD LYONS, F. A. E

.760 Broadway M. LAQUAY, F. A.E..

...Box 1149
JAS. JONES, Sec. of Ins

22 Hunter av. GEO. E. REED, Cor. Sec...

A M. CARROLL, Journal Agent 177 Colonie st. R. D. NILES, Sec. of Ins

Box 1760 J. W. BOUGHTON, Cor. Sec......170 North Hawk st. GEO.F. BURRALL Journal Agent.

47-HORNELLSVILLE, N. Y. meets alternate Wed 34-LITTLE MIAMI, AT COLUMBUS, O., meets 1st

nesday evenings, corner Main and Church sts, and 3d Sunday eve.. at 7p. m., in Miller's Blk.

Box 95 CHAS. G. KNIGHT, C.E.

......611 South Front st.

Box 8 W. E. FISHER, F. A. E..

..103 Vine st. JOHN CASSEL, Sec. of Ins... 152 West 1st ave.

JOAN DONOVAN, Sec. of Ins. and Jour. Agt. Box 105 35–LEXINGTON, AT LUDLOW, KY., meets 2d and 48-ST. LOUIS, MO., meets 1st and sd Sundays in

4th Sundays at 1:30 p. m. each month, in I. 0. 0. F. each month, at No. 2847 Chateau ave. Ball.

WM. R. HULLAND, C. E....

2728 No. 11th st. JOHN LESTER, C. E...

R.M. NAUGHTON, F.A.E. & Jour. Agt., 706 So 18thst. P.H. SCHREIBER, F. A. E....

Box 17 GEO. J. TYRRELL, Sec. of Ins... 1704 Chestnutst. R. A, BLACK, Cor. Sec

.Covington, Ky. E. J. DROHAN, Sec. of Ins and Jour. Agent.. Box 55 49-ST. CLAIR, AT EAST ST. LOUIS, ILL. meets

1st and 3d Sundays in each month. 36--NEWARK, O., meets every Sunday at 8 p. m., W. E. BISSETT, C. E... in Knights of Labor Hall, south side Park.


M. M. STEPHENS, Sec, and Treas. Ins... E. St. Louls. JOHN GORBY, F. A. E...

Box 226 N. CRISWELL, Sec. of Ins. and Jour. Agt...... Box 98 50—CONNELLSVILLE, PA., meets alternate San. E. LONGSHORE, Cor. Sec.....

days, at 2 p. m., at Conn Hall, cor. of Pittsburgh

and Peach. 37–MATTOON, ILL., meets every Sunday at 3 p. m. WM. NICHOLSON, C. E., B. &0. shops, 23d ward, in Hinckle's Block, W. Broadway.

Glenwood, Pittsburgh, Pa.
CALEB KIRBY, C. E.......Box 219 East St. Louis, Ill. B. C. TAYLOR, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins.....
W. S. WHITE, F. A. E, and Sec. of Ins...... .Box 932G. W. MCCARTNEY,Journal Agent...,

BOX 53
F. H, SHUNK and W. BOSLEY, Journal Agents... 51-PHILADELPHIA, PA., meets 1st and 3d Sunday

in each month, at 2 p. m., at Gen. Robt. Pat88-STAUNTON, AT CLIFTON FORGE, VA., meets terson's Hall, Broad st. near Ellsworth.

1st and 3d Mondays at 2 p. m., in Masonic Hall. Jos. N. MIDDLETON, C. E,.... 1926 Ellsworth st. J, H. MERRITT, C. E..

Box 24W. C. ROBERTS, F. A. E. 100 S. Annst. Baltimore, Md. L. M. HOWERTON, F. A. E

Box 24 L. D. TUFTS, Sec. o Ins. P. W. & B. R. R., Wilming. R. I. SWEETWOOD, Jour. Agent..Clifton Forge, Va.

ton, Del C.B.SMALES, Sec. of Ins... L, Box 79 Staunton, Va. C G. Fox, Jour Agt. 204 Preston st. Baltimore, Md


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52-MONUMENTAL; AT BALTIMORE, MD., meets 65-CHILLICOTHE, O., meets 2d and 4th Sundays

every 1st and 3d Sunday, at 2 p. m., at Lehman's at 10 a.m., cor. 2d and Sugar ste. Hall, Garden st., near Richmond market.


..Box 947 B. F. HUNT, C. E., York Road, near St. Ann's Church GEO. W. WALTERS, F. A.E.

Box 947, R. B. CHURCH, F. A. E.. 68 Dolphin st. G. W. CUTTER, Sec. of Ins...

Box 684 GEO. W. FRY, Sec, and Tr. of Ins., ...392 Federal st.

.392 Federal 80. LEWIS GKTTLE, Journal Agent.. 53-JERSEY CITY, N. J., meats first Sunday, at 2:30

p. m., and 3d Thursday at 7:30 p. m. each month, 66_CREAM CITY, AT MILWAUKEE, WIS., meets over Savings Bank, oor. Plymouth and Wash

in Engineers' Hall, 155 Reed st., 1st and 3d SunIngton sts.

days at 2 p. m. W. FRITCHMAN, C. E,

84 Wayne st.

...718 Cass st.
B. M. LUPTON, F. A. E....
....202 Bd st. C. MOCOLLUM, F. A. E..

467 Mineral st.. S.GARABRANT, Sec.ofins.,53Trichnor st., Newark, N, E. A. WRIGHT, Cor. Sec. & Seo. of Ins. 272 Greenbush

L. W. RODGERS, Journal Agent... 979 Scott st. 54-PORT JERVIS, N. Y., meets every Friday at 7:30 p. m., at Union ball, Ball st.

67_DUNKIRK, N. Y., meets in Knights of Honor JAS, D. FRANTZ, C, E.

,Box 1532 S. L. HOITT, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins......L. Box 973

.L. Box 978 W. S. ABELL, C. E...
Hall, Heyl Bik., 1st and 3d Sundays; at 2:30 R. M.

.L, Box 47


Box 21
TER, meets 1st and Sd Mondays in Engineers' C. H. SHERMAN, Séc. of Ins

Hall, at 8 p. m.
H. G. Doon, C. E...

68—LONDON, ONT., meets 18t and 3d Wednesday E. A. PEOK, F. A. E.

Box 608 evenings, in K. of P. Hall, Carling's Block, RichW. P. MURPHY, Sec of Ins..

..Box 606 mond st., at 7:30 p. m. M, SHOLL, Journal Agent...

S. MASON, C. E...

202 Clarence st. H. E. CROUCH, F. A.E..

.498 York st. 56-KEOKUK, IOWA, meets 18t and sd Sundays, at Tios. PURDOM, Sec. of Ins. 33 Cartwright st. Engineers' Hall, 8th and Main sts.

I. W, KERNS, Journal Agent

242 Clarence stw Ed. C. WELLS, CE

507 N. 5th st. THOS. COLLIER, F. A. E,

.829 Franklin st. P.O'BRIEN, Sec. of Ins. and Jour. Agt., 1226 Reid st.


NESOTA, meets every Saturday at 2 p. m. 57-PROVIDENCE R. I,, meets 1st Thursday at 7:30 G. W. CONKLIN, C. E....

Box 77 p. m., and 3d Sunday at 2 p. m., of each month, H. GOWENLOCK, F. A. E

.Box 16. at Engineers' Hall, 27 Exchange Place.

C.E. DICKINSON, Sec. of Ins

Fergus Falle C. R. LAWTON, C. E., Cor. Sec. and Journal Agent, I. W. CLARK, Journal Agent,..... Barnsville, Minn.

rear of 58 Francis st. E.D. SHEPARD, F. A. E........30 West Exchange st. O. W. GATES, Sec. of Ins............5 Washburne st. 70-_-TORONTO, ONT., meets alternate Saturdays at:

7p. m., commencing Nov. 6, 1880, at Occident Hall 58-OTSEGO, AT ONEONTA, N. Y., meets 1st and cor. Bathurst and Queen st. 3d Sundays, at 2 p. m., at Engineers' Hall, 116 GEO. MILLS, C. E. and Jour. Agt., 320 Queen st, East. Main st.

JAS. CHRISTIE, F. A. E...... P. C. BOUOK, C.E..

.Box 863 W. P. MARKS, Sec. of

Ins., Richardson House, cor:.. C. E. CURRIER, F. A.E....

Box 350

King and Brook st. J. D. PRIMMER, Sec. of Ins..

Box 351 E. J. ALBERT, Journal Agent

71-PENN TREATY, AT PHILADELPHIA, PA:) 59-GREENBUSH, N, Y., meets 1st Sunday after 1st

meets every alternate Sunday, at 2:00 p, m., at Wednesday, at 2p.m., and 3d Thursday evening

Straubmuller's Hall, York st., commencing Sepof each month, at Engineers' Hall, B. & A. R. R.

tember 6, 1385. Shops.


2022 Darien sto JAMES HEPINSTALL, C. E..

D. H. FOWLER, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ing., 2163 York. C. A. STUART, F. A.E. 232 East st., E. Albany, N.Y.

st. east of Trentonave. J.M. HODGE, Sec. of Ins..9 N. 18t st., Pittsfield, Mass. C.S. FENTON, Journal Agent.

72-AMBOY, ILL., meets 2d and 4th Sundays, at 5 60-ROCK ISLAND, ILL., meets lst and 3d Sundays p. m.

at 2 p. m., in Engineers Rooms, Star Block, op- Wm. STINE, C. E... posite Harper House.


Box 3456

Box 666 W. L. MAINE, Sec. of Ins
J. Z. COLBURN, F. A. E. and Jour. Agent.....Box 75
P. H. WELLS, Sec. of Ins.,417 E. 6th st., Davenport, 73-MADISON, WIS., meets 1st Sunday, at 2 p. mo.

and 3d Saturday, at 7p. m., at 82 Pinkney st. E. FAIRMON, Journal Agent..


.512 Wilson sto 61-BOSTON, MASS.. meets 2d Sunday at 10 a. m., JOHN LEWIS, F. A. E...

.810 University st. and 4th Saturday at 8 p. m., each month, at Engi. A. HAWKINS, Sec. of Ins.

.935 JOLDBOD st. neers' Hall, 47 Hanover st.

D. W. CONNELL, Cor. Sec.... 407 Washington ave.. C.S. BOSSELL, C. E...

118 G. st. G.R. DORITY, F. A. E..53 Washington st., B.H.Dist. E. E. POTTER, Cor. Sec..8 G st., South Boston, Mass. 74- HARRISBURG, PA., meets 1st and 3d Sundays.

of each month, at new Hall, corner 3d and Broads T. BRYANT, Sec. of Ins...... Box 27, Salem, Mass,

Bts., at 3:30 p. m. 2-GALESBURG, ILL., meets at Engineers' Hall, 0.P. KELLER, C. E..

.1232 Penn ave.. Main st., every Sunday, at 2 p. m.

J.J.STROR, F. A. E.....

Eagle House. W.F. HOWARD, C. E.... 125 E. Berien st, E. B. MITCHELL, Sec. of Ins...

. 1205 7th st.. L. E. HINCKLEY, F. A. E... ........309 W. Brooksst. J.J, KENNEDY Journal Agent. ..1920 Ridge st. H. BONE, Sec of Ins....

...639 E. South st. GEO. A. CLARK, Journal Agent....913 Southwest st.

75-READING, PA., meets 1st and 3d Sunday after63-SPRINGFIELD, MASS., meets 18t and sa Sun

noons, at 2 o'clock, at 729 Penn st. days at 12 m., in B. & A. R. R. Building.


3 Penn ste W.J. STEARNS, C. E

349 Chestnut st. WM, R. LEWIS, F. A. E. & Sec. of Ing.720 Walnutst. E.D. MERRILL, F.A.E. & J. Agt Bx 3], Merrick, Mass CHARLES F. ROOT, Sec. of Ins 96 Bancroft st.

76-WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, meets 1st Monday at din 64-WORCESTER, MASS., meets 1st and 3d Sundays

p. m.,

and 3d Wednesday at 8 p. m., in Engineer's in each month, at 2 p. m., at Pythian Hall, No. 405

Hall, Main st. Main st.


. 112 Logan st.. J. C. BEAN, C. E.......cor. Portland and Myrtle sts W.J. WATSON, F. A, B..

....29 Ro88 st.. WM. & YOUNG, F. A. E..... ..56 Southbridgest. L. O. LEMIEUX, Sec. of Ins.... Brandon, Man. P. L. COOPER, Sec. of Ins.

...8 Davis 8t D. MOORE, Journal Agent.

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