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Tappan Part. Anne,

Valuable Religious Publications,


47 Washington st., Boston, f. 182, Broadway, New York.

SCOTT'S FAMILY BIBLE, with Notes, Practical Observations, Marginal References, and Critical Remarks. In 6 volumes royal octavo, in Boards, Sheep, Calf and Russia bindings. The New Testament, in 2 vols. can be liad separately.

BUTTERWORTH'S CONCORDANCE to the Holy Scriptures, being the most comprehensive and concise of any before published. A new edition, with considerable improvements. By Adam Clark, LL. D.

LESSONS ON THE OLD TESTAMENT; being a part of a Biblical Outline: containing a General View of Scripture History, Doctrines and Duties, including also a Sketch of the History that connects the Old and New Testament: for the use of individuals, Families and Schools, especially Sabbath Schools. By Joseph Emerson, Author of the Evangelical Primer. Price $2 a dozen.

THE DOCTRINE OF DIVINE EFFICIENCY, defended against certain Modern Speculations. By Edward D. Griffin, D.D. President of Williams College.

THE THEOLOGICAL CLASS BOOK; containing a System of Divinity in the form of Question and Answer, accompanied with Scripture Proofs, designed for the benefit of Theological Classes, and the higher classes in Sabbath Schools. By Rev. William CogswELL, Secretary of the American Education Society. Stereotype Edition.

SELECTIONS FROM THE CONVERSATIONS AND UNPUBLISHED WRITINGS of the Rev. EDWARD Payson, D. D., late of Portland. With a neat Likeness and Vignette Title Page. Comprised in a neal miniature volume. Price 37 1-2 cts.

'These thoughts have much of the point and force of the writings of Bishop Beveridge and of Thomas Adam. The author had an extraordinary faculty of saying things so that they will be remeinbered and felt. Clear conceptions, fervid imagination, and burning emotions enabled him to utler truth in the most pointed and sententious manner. - American Quarterly Register.

Payson is one of the best models of a Christian minister that has appeared in the present age. This miniature volume is so well enriched with a collection of his most devout thonghts, that no one of virtuous susceptibility can rise from its perusal without an impression of the desirableness of pure religion.-Boston Christian Watchmún.

ITA very neat miniature volume, filled with striking, impressive, and precious sayings of a richly gified and holy man. It is worthy to be in the hands of every Christian, and to be resoried 10 frequently for food for the soul in all its progress towards and in the Christian life. .... It is refreshing to meei with a gem like this.---Boston Recorder.

DR. WORCESTER'S EDITION OF WATTS' PSALMS, HYMNS AND SPIRITUAL SONGS, with Four Hundred and Seventy Four SELECT HYMNS from other Authors, and Thirty OCCASIONAL PIECES. This edition was enlarged, and the Index of Subjects and Scriptures, and Table of First Lines, greatly improved, by SAMUEL M. WORCESTER, A. M., Professor of Rhetoric in Amherst College, Mass. It is stereotyped in the 32mo., Pocket size,–18mo.,„Common size,—and 12mo., Large size. This size is on large type and particularly desirable for the Pulpit and aged people. The several editions can be had in various bind. ings. Price in common binding, Pocket and Common sizes, $8,00 a dozen-Large Pulpit size, $10,00 a dozen.

A MEMOIR OF MARY JANE GRAHAM, late of Stoke Fleming, England. By the Rev. Charles Bridges, M. A., author of the Christian Ministry, &c., with Introductory Notices, by Rev. Dr. Wisner, and Rev. John S. Stone, of Boston, and an engraved Likeness. 1 vol. 12mo.

This Memoir is not of that common place and tiresome sort, which are occupied, as too many are, with a dry detail of facts and events, the mere external history of a moving, busy, unthinking automaton, giving us little insight into the mind of its subject, as if its subject had had no mind. The writers of biography ought to be profound, original thinkers, capable of tracing the remote causes in the formation of character, and bringing out to view the process of its formation and developement. The book before us is valuable, as exhibiting, in a good degree, this species of talent in analyzing character, and showing what were its constituent principles, and how it is formed. There is, moreover, in the character itself, which the book exhibits, an unusual degree of excellence. The spirit of piety which it breathes, is of the sweetesi, purest kind; eminently dignified and intellectual. We cordially commend it to our readers, and especially to the young females of our country, as being well adapted to excite to efforts towards a higher standard of intellectual and spiritual improvement.Christian Spectator.

DOWN THE HILL; or the History of Samuel Woden. By Old Harlo. With Engravings.

Among the numerous new publications, one of the best we have seen is this little book. It is written in a pure but simple style, well adapted to the comprehension of children and is full of incidents of a characier calculated to interest the youthful mind. In addition to these recommendations, the moral is excellent, and cannot be misunderstood, for it is seen on the surface of the work. In fact, the history of Samnel Woden is the history of a drunkard--and comprises the most remarkable incidents in his life, from the time when he was a good-bearted school-boy, a stranger to vice, until he came to a miserable but untimely end. The gradual steps from purity and innocence to crime and wretchedness, are described with the pen of a master, The work is embellished with some well executed engravings, and is got up in a beautiful style.-Mercantile Journal.


THE CHILD AT HOME, by Rev. J. S. Abbott, author of "The Mother at Home," embellished with illustrative engravings.

THE MOTHER AT HOME; or the Principles of Maternal Duty familiarly illustrated. By the author of the Child at Home."

THE LIFE OF REV. JOSEPH EMERSON, Pastor of the Third Congregational Church in Beverly, Mass., and subsequently Principal of a Female Seminary. By Rev. Ralph Emerson, Prof. of Ecclesiastical History in Theol. Seminary, Andover.

Mr. Emerson is undoubtedly to be numbered among the most useful men who have lived in our country, particularly on account of his efforts in the cause of female education. He communicaled an ardor, a high wrought enthusiasm, into the bosoms of thousands. Just such a man was needed to arouse the community to a much neglected but most important subject. His claims to the gratitude of future generations will rest, principally, we think, on this fact. Our readers will peruse the memoir with great satisfaction. The editor has manifested good judgment, and remarkable honesty and candor, in detailing the characier of his brother. We are certain that a faithful portraiture is given. There are many collateral facts and circumstances respecting the state of society in New England, for the last thirty years, which give additional value to the volume.American Quarterly Observer.

CALMET'S DICTIONARY OF THE HOLY BIBLE, as published by the late Mr. Charles Taylor, with the Fragments in. corporated. Revised, with large additions, by Edward Robinson, D.‘D., Professor Extraordinary in the Theological Seminary, Andover. Illustrated with Maps and Engravings on wood. Complete in one volume, imperial octavo.

We think that we may safely pronounce this the best work of the kind, within the same compass in the English language, and we think the sound Biblical scholar will more highly prize this volume, than the Quarto edition in 5 vols. which at one time sold for $15.- New-York Observer.

"I am exceedingly pleased with your edition of Calmet. What a mass of precious Biblical instruction does it contain!--and how very cheap! Surely it should be in the hands of all teachers, whether of Sabbaih Schools or others; and in every family.-May you supply the land with many ten thousands.”—Extract of a letter from the late Rev. Joseph Em erson, Principal of the Female Seminary, Wether sfield, Ct.

ROBINSON'S BIBLE DICTIONARY. A Dictionary for the use of Schools and Young Persons. By Edward Robinson, D.D., Professor Extraordinary, of Sacred Literature in the Theological Seminary, Andover. Illustrated with Engravings on Wood, and Maps of Canaan, Judea, Asia Minor, and the Peninsula of Mount Sinai, Idumea, &c.

To the Bible Class Teacher and Scholar, who feels unable to pur. chase Calmet, to the Sabbath School Teacher, and to the lover of the Bible, let me say, Buy the above volume--you will get the value of yonr money with interest.-Cincinnati Journal.

MEMOIRS OF MRS. SUSAN HUNTINGTON, of Boston, Mass.; compiled from her Diary and Letters, with the Sermon, occasioned by her death. By Benjamin B. Wisner, D. D., pastor of the Old South Church, Boston. Fourth edition, with an Introductory Essay, and an Original Poem, by James Montgomery, Esq., author of Christian Psalmist, World Before the Flood, &c. With a Portrait.

PRESIDENT DWIGHT'S DECISIONS OF QUESTIONS discussed by the Senior Class in Yale College, in 1813 and 1814. From the Stenographic Notes, by Theodore Dwight, Jun.

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