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The expiatory sacrifice of the Lord Jesus, when "through the Eternal Spirit he offered himself without spot to God” is a subject whose investigation is destined to engross the interest and tax the talent of the church extensively before her millennium. This is the great centre of that remedial system which God is carrying forward over the moral ruins of our world. “Christ crucified" has been, and ever will be to the end of time the power of God and the wisdom of God to every one that believeth. Contemplating the atonement in that celestial prominence in which the oracles of God have placed it, it seems amazing that the mind of the church should so frequently be diverted from it to subjects merely speculative, or to themes of “doubtful disputation." It is matter of deep regret that the time and thought, the patience and labor, the intellectual acumen and strength which in ages past have been employed on trifles or worse than wasted, had not been concentrated on those wonders of the crucifixion which “angels desire to look into." It is not less a matter of painful surprise and regret that many of the modern in

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