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County of sera, allowances to..

Com **vers In charcery, relating to appoictest of.

Doms, damn, err., corporations to construct, code a nended.

Ankestent districts, code amecded as to number of

Licente tax (former rate) for the sale of domestic wines, etc.,


Citlu, towns, etc., incorporation of.

Alternate road law, concerning.

Circuit courts, terms of, pintb judicial circuit.

Circuit courts, terms of, eleventh judicial circuit.

Circuit Courts, terms of, thirteenth judicial circuit.

Circuit courts, terms of, tentb judicial circuit...

Industrial home for girls, relating to....

Reform school, relating to

Bluefield colored institute, relating to.

West Virginia colored institute, relating to..

Stató pormal whool at Marshall college, concerning.

West Virginia university, relating to

Hospitals for the insane, relating to....

Asylum for incurables, what persons admitted to.

Asylum for incurables, relating to

Brate board of health, relating to...

Miners' hospitals, act relating to...

State board of agriculture, relating to

Blate board of agriculture, concerning the duties of ...

Deaf and blind, schools for, authorizing the board to employ physician


Conventions, what are

License to practice law, act relating to.

Public burying ground, act relating to.

Indigent soldiers and sailors, providing for burial of.

Licensen, regulations respecting

Licenses, regulations respecting

Licennes, regulations respecting

Bonds for liquor license, act concerning.

County Huperintendents, duties of

Teachers, concerning salaries of.

Tencherm employing of by trustees.

Lovies for school purposes, relating to..

('olored children, concerning education of

Altachments, levying of

Judgments, etc., docketing of.

Relating to the poor .....

Free vecination for poor persons.

Appenls, relating to

Appenls from justices, concerning.

Appeals in contest proceedings for county and district offices.

Taking land without owners consent, relating to...

Condemnation of land, for railroad purposes, relating to.

Banks and banking institutions, concerning..

Savings banks, concerning ...

Title and trust companies, concerning.

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Authorizing Secretary of State to furnish Court reports to Judge of

6th Judicial Circuit

14 Relating to the Home Guard Soldiers of the Civil War.

15 Tax Assessment, etc., commission, to be appointed by the Governor

16 Relating to locks and dams on Little Kanawha river.

17 Amending joint rules of the two Houses ......

18 Directing the issuing of warrants for the per diem of members of the

legislature and employes the day preceding the day of final adjourn-


19 Proposing an amendment to section 12 of Article IV-registration of


20 Invoicing the furniture, fixtures, etc., in Capitol building.

21 Relating to the Virginia Debt question..


Requesting information concerning the general school tax..

23 Authorizing the payment of the members, officers, etc., of the House

and Senate, in advance of appropriations therefor..

24 Providing for a committee to confer with Secretary of the Navy rela-

tive to the cruiser "West Virginia"....


Providing for a joint committee to consider the re-districting of the



Concerning the delay in printing bills, etc..

27 Requesting the representatives in Congress from this State to favor

and influence the purchase by the United States of the Moore House

and Temple Farm, at Yorktown, Virginia.....

28 Providing for a joint committee to visit, examine, etc., the Insane Asy-

lum at Weston .....

29 Providing for a joint committee to visit the three Miners' Hospitals..

30 Providing for a committee to arrange for a gift on behalf of the State

to be placed on the cruiser “West Virginia".

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