Investigation of Mexican Affairs: Hearing ... Pursuant to S. Res. 106

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Página 665 - The Government of the United States is contending for something much greater than mere rights of property or privileges of commerce. It is contending for nothing less high and sacred than the rights of humanity, which every Government honors itself in respecting and which no Government is justified in resigning on behalf of those under its care and authority.
Página 445 - Only Mexicans by birth or naturalization and Mexican companies have the right to acquire ownership in lands, waters and their appurtenances, or to obtain concessions to develop mines, waters, or mineral fuels in the Republic of Mexico. The nation may grant the same right to foreigners, provided they agree before the Department of Foreign Affairs to be considered Mexi cans in respect to such property, and accordingly not to invoke the protection of their governments in respect to the same, under penalty,...
Página 609 - Washington, DC The subcommittee met pursuant to the call of the chairman at 10.30 o'clock am, Senator Thomas Sterling presiding.
Página 333 - Director of the National Association for the Protection of American Rights in Mexico...
Página 345 - ... to the United States and to seize, without punishment or without effective attempt at punishment, the property of Americans, while the lives of citizens of the United States who ventured to remain in Mexican territory or to return there to protect their interests have been taken, and in some cases barbarously taken, and the murderers have neither been apprehended nor brought to justice.
Página 447 - The local laws shall govern the extent of the family patrimony, and determine what property shall constitute the same on the basis of its inalienability ; it shall not be subject to attachment nor to any charge whatever.
Página 780 - That the President is justified in the employment of the armed forces of the United States to enforce his demand for unequivocal amends for certain affronts and indignities committed against the United States; be it further Resolved, That the United States disclaims any hostility to the Mexican people or any purpose to make war upon Mexico.
Página 517 - The religious institutions known as churches, irrespective of creed, shall in no case have legal capacity to acquire, hold, or administer real property or loans made on such real property ; all such real property or loans as may be at present held by the said religious institutions, either on their own behalf or through third parties, shall vest in the nation, and anyone shall have the right to denounce property so held.
Página 446 - ... per cent. The increased value which the property in question may have acquired through improvements made subsequent to the date of the fixing of the fiscal value shall be the only matter subject to expert opinion and. to judicial determination. The same procedure shall be observed in respect to objects whose value is not recorded in the revenue offices.
Página 345 - ... American garrisons have been attacked at night, American soldiers killed and their equipment and horses stolen; American ranches have been raided, property stolen and destroyed, and American trains wrecked and plundered. The attacks on Brownsville, Red House Ferry, Progreso Post Office, and Las Peladas, all occurring during September last, are typical.

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