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Resolutions of the House-Continued.

By Mr. Stanton : to print 5,000 extra copies of Smithsonian Report..
By Mr. Isaac I. Stevens : calling for correspondence between Generals

Scott and Harney as to island of San Juan.
relative to semi-weekly mail, (St. Paul to

relative to a naval depot and yard at some

point on Puget Sound...
relative to running and marking 46th pa-

rallel of latitude, &c....
relative to the clerical force in the land

office at Olympia
calling for Lieutenant Mullan's report on the

Fort Benton wagon road.
concerning salary of the surveyor general of

Washington Territory..
By Mr. Thaddeus Stevens : relative to polygamy in the Territories,

and changing laws of Utah relating

relative to compensation of extra pages

employed prior to organization...
By Mr. Stevenson : relative to federal courts at Covington and Padu-

cah, Kentucky...
relative to the impressment of an American citizen

in Cuba...
By Mr. William Stewart : relative to compensation of book-folders..
By Mr. Stokes : calling for information concerning the Paraguay ex.

calling for information as to how many custom-houses

can be dispensed with...
By Mr. Stout: relative to printing a certain number of Stevens's final

report on the Pacific railroad exploration....
relative to tri-weekly mail, (Jacksonville to Portland).
calling for General Harney's correspondence relative

to department of Oregon..
By Mr. Stratton : in favor of sitting member in Kentucky contested

election-Chrisman vs, Anderson....
for paying compensation and mileage to J. S. Chris-

man, contestant in Kentucky election case.....
By Mr. Tappan : making June 15, 1860, an objection day...
By Mr. Thayer : establishing Jefferson and Nevada land districts ....
By Mr. Theaker : calling for statement of distances by the usual mail

routes from post offices of members to Washington...
By Mr. Train : calling for report and documents of art commissioners.

calling for process for the arrest of certain witnesses..
By Mr. Vallandigham: calling for information as to letter of Emperor

of the French as to commerce and free trade.
of inquiry into causes of delay in issuing patents

for lands located under the several acts....
calling for certain correspondence between the

United States and Switzerland relative to
discrimination against citizens of Hebrew

relative to legislation against cruelty in Ameri-

can merchant naval service....
calling for correspondence, &c., in case of M.

Zeiter, a native of France and naturalized
citizen of the United States, forced to per-

form military service in the French army..
By Mr. Vance : relative to duplication of lost land warrants, and the

extension of time for locating the same...
By Mr Walton: relative to preventing importation of spurious or


324, 435













adulterated teas, &c ....
By Mr. C C. Washburn : for a select committee as to alleged frauds

on the Menomonee Indians..

496, 497








Resolutions of the House-Continued.
By Mr. Ellihu B. Washburne: relative tu duty on lead.....

relative to removal of benches and re-

placing desks in hall......
giving clerks to certain committees...
calling for all correspondence relative

to General Harney's administration

of the department of Oregon......
By Mr. I. Washburn, jr.: establishing rules of last House until other-

wise ordered......
appointing committee of five to revise rules.
relative to abolishing certain of the land

authorizing John M. Barclay, assistant clerk,

to prepare rules, manual, &c....
to discharge the Committee of the whole

from Senate bill 191,(land titles in Maine)
By Mr. Wells : inviting clergy of Washington to open sessions with

relative to purchase of negroes in violation of slave

trade laws...
By Mr. Whiteley: relative to steam revenue service in Delaware river

and bay-
relative to duty on bank notes, bonds, bills of ex-

change, &c....
By Mr. Winslow : postponing further voting for Speaker until 2d Mon-

day in January, 1860...
expelling F. W. Walker from reporter's gallery of

for warrant to summon certain witnesses before

select committee..

for consideration of bills of Court of Claims...
By Mr. Woodson : calling for correspondence of officers and the depart-

went relative to Utah affairs..







972, 984



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5 Joint resolution authorizing the proper 311 311, 617

accounting officers of the treasury to
revise and adjust the accounts of John
Randolph Clay, United States minister

to Peru.
6 Joint resolution to revive “ An act re- 316 316

ducing the duty on imports and for
other purposes," approved July 30,

7 Joint resolution giving the assent of 317 317, 347,

Congress to certain acts passed by the 605, 606
legislatures of the States of Louisiana
and Arkansas in relation to the Red

River raft, &c.
8 Joint resolution making an appropriation 332 332. 332 347 348... 376

for inaugurating the equestrian statue

of Washington.
9 Joint resolution relative to the acquisi- 315 315

tion of Cuba.
10 Joint resolution making an appropriation 451

to meet the expenses of such volunteer
force as the President shall deem it
expedient to call into the military ser.
vice on the southern frontier of the

United States.
11 Joint resolution providing for the man- 455 455.. 455

ner of expending the balance of appro-
priation for repairing the works and
piers in order to preserve and secure

the light-house at Chicago.
12 Joint resolution authorizing each house 490 491, 492.- Laid on the table

of Congress to employ its own printer

to execute its own work.
13 Joint resolution for the relief of Lieuten- 499 499

ant Commanding Hartstene, officers,

and men.
14 Joint resolution explanatory of the act 514 514, 788

entitled “ An act to continue half pay
to certain widows and orphans,” passed

February 3, 1853.
15 Joint resolution for the relief of Thomas 516 516. 516 823 827,849... 849

C. Ware.
16 Joint resolution declaring the construc- 521 521

tion of the act entitled an act mak-
ing further provisions for the satisfac-
tion of Virginia land warrants, ap.

proved August 31, 1852.
17 Joint resolution for the relief of William 539539,873... 873 1043 1045... -- 1123

H. Degroot.
18 Joint resolution giving a construction to 543 543

the second section of the act of Feb-
ruary 3, 1853, to continue half pay
to certain widows and orphans.



19 Joint resolution for the expending the 565 565

balance of appropriation for repairing
the light-house at Oswego, and build-

ings connected therewith.
20 Joint resolution for the relief of the sure- 573573

ties of Charles W. Cutter.
21 Joint resolution for the relief of the con- 595 595.. 595 602 602...... 612

tractors of the Post Office Department.
22 Joint resolution in relation to the public 595 595, 664, 968 1122 1123 1213

958, 960,

1963 to 968
23 Joint resolution authorizing the refund-589624

ing of certain money expended by
William H. Hooper, while acting as

secretary of Utah Territory.
24 Joint resolution for bronze copies of Uni- 591

ted States medals.
25 Joint resolution proposing to give back 591591

pay to retired or dropped officers who
have been restored to their positions

in the navy and to a higher grade.
26 Joint resolution constituting Macon, 593593. 593 658)673...-.-.686

Georgia, a port of entry for the time
being, for purposes therein specified,

and for other purposes.
27 Joint resolution relative to the alleged 617 617

seizure and condemnation of the Amer-
ican bark "Adriatic" by the French

28 Joint resolution for the relief of Hall 628|628, 791

29 Joint resolution directory to the Secre. 642 642,883... 883

tary of War respecting certain surveys

in Tennessee and Kentucky.
30 Joint resolution for the compensation of 653653

Rev. R. R Richards.
31 Joint resolution providing for the appoint- 632 632

ment of commissioners to inquire as to
the jurisdiction of the authorities of
Greytown over Punta Arenas, as to
the conduct of said authorities, the

value of property destroyed, &c.
32 Joint resolution for the relief of Henry 713 713, 1002.- 1002 1043 1045...--- 1058

33 Joint resolution giving construction to 719719

the second section of the act of Febru-
ary 3, 1853, to continue half pay to

certain widows and orphans.
34 Joint resolution for the relief of John T. 722 722. 722 1043 1045... 1058

Robertson, of Virginia.

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