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Peter Hagner, Auditor, $3,000 per annum.
The duties of the office of the Third Auditor extend to the auditing
of all accounts for the Quartermaster's Department, both as to money
and property, and the same as to the accounts for subsistence of the army;
also of accounts for fortifications ; for the Military Academy; for roads,
surveys, and other internal improvements; for revolutionary, invalid, and
half pay pensionspensions to widows and orphans; of outstanding
claims, arising before and during the late war; and of all unsettled
accounts of the War. Department, from the commencement of the Go-
vernment to the 1st of July, 1815. There are employed in this office-
One chief clerk, assisting the Auditor in the general superintendence.
| Two clerks as book-keepers of the principal books. Three clerks as
examiners of accounts in the Quartermaster's Department, fortifications,
military academy, and internal improvements. Two clerks as examiners
of subsistence accounts. Three clerks as examiners of pension accounts.
Two clerks as examiners of soldier's claims, and pensions to widows and
orphans. One clerk as examiner of paymasters accounts, and other
unsettled accounts of the late war. One clerk engaged in recording
reports and requisitions. One clerk engaged in recording letters and
copying documents. Three temporary exanining clerks.

J. THOMPSON, chief clerk.$1700 00 Samuel S. Rind...... $1150 00
Charles Virson...
1400 00 Gideon Pearce.

1150 00
John Abbutl...
1400 00J. B. Kırkpalrick...

........1150 00 Richard Burges...... .1400 00Benjamin M. Miller......1000 00 Robert Reed ....... ..1400 00 John Harry...

..1000 00 Henry Whelcroft.... ..1400 00 Leren Jones................1000 00 Bennet Clemenls...........1150 00 Anthony Hyde............... 1000 00 Henry C. Mallhews........ 1150 00 Silas H. Hill..........

........... 800 00 Thomas Gunlon...... ......1150 00 Dan. B. Daridson......... 800 00 Samuel B Goddard.. ..1150 00 Thomas Dove, messenger.. 700 00 Henry Randall....... ..1150 00\Richard Dore, as't messeng’r 350 00


James C. Pickett, Auditor, $3,000 per annum
The l'ourth Auditor receives all accounts accruing in the Navy De.
partment or relative to il.. He examines the accounts, certifies the
balances, and transmits the accounts, with the vouchers and certificates,
to the Second Comptroller, for his decision upon them.

THOMAS H. Gulis, chief clerk, has the general superintendence of the

business of the office, and conducts the correspondence. $1700 00 Joseph Mechlin, book-keeper......

1400 00 William Hunter, examines and states the navy and privateer

pension accounts, and registers the requisitions drawn by the Secretary of the Navy..

......... 1400 00

Robert Gelly..........

$1150 00 George M. Head...... Examine and state acoounts of 1150 00 Henry Forrest......

Pursers, &c. &c.

1000 00 Samuel Kendall, jun..

1000 00 George Gillis, examines and states accounts of paymaster and quartermaster of marine corps.........

1150 00 R. Bennell, states current accounts of the office, and keeps a re

cord of the reports of accounts, and certificates on navyagents. 1150 00 Robert McGill.... 2 Examine and state accounts of pavy agents ( 1150 00 John B. Sullivan, S and contractors in the United States. 1000 00 Alexander H. Mechlin, examines and states pursers accounts

of receipts and expenditures of provisions; keeps a record of the deliveries of slop-clothing and other stores to pursers from

the navy stores, and states the accounts of live oak agents. 1000 00 H. , Williams, registers the letters received, and the leiters

written to na vy agents, pursers and recruiting officers, and the reports and letters to the Secretary of the Navy and Second Comptroller of the Treasury...

1000 00 Alex U. Kyle, registers the other correspondence of the office...1000 00 Samuel Grubb, masseuger...

700 00 FIFTH AUDITOR'S OFFICE. Stephen Pleasonton, Auditor, $3,000 per annum. The Fifth Auditor receives all accounts accruing in, or relative to, the Department of State, the General Post Office, and those arising out of Indian trade ; examines them, certifies the balances, and transmits the accounts with the vouchers and certificates, to the First Comptroller for his decision upon them. To the Fifth Auditor has also been assigned the duties beretofore performed by the Conrmissiouer of the Revenue, in su. perintending the building and repairing light houses and light vessels, beacons, buoys, and piers ; supplying the light houses with oil, and the adjustment of the expenditures of the light house establishment.

CLERKS IN THE FIFTII AUDITOR'S OFFICE. Thomas Mustin, chief clerk, has charge of the diplomatic, consular,

and other accounts, appertaining and jelating to the Department of State..........


•$ 1700 00 John H. Houston, engaged in the settlement of diplomatic and other accounts......

1400 00 Joseph Thau, engaged on light bouse business, corresponding

with keepers and superintendents, receiving and examining
ibeir accouuts, &c.......

1400 00 James D. King, settles diplomatic and other accounts........ 1150 00 Arthur Campbell, setiles diplomatic and other accounts...... 1150 00 Ebeneser J. Hume, copying and recording the correspondence

in relalion to light houses, contracts for building light houses,

floating lights, and for supplying the same with oil....... 1150 00 Henry W. Bell....

1150 00 James Gooch...... Engaged in the settlement of Post 1150 00 Hopkins Lighiner,

Office accounts.

1000 00 William Adams...

1000 00 Edward Holland, messenger

700 00

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TREASURER's office. John Campbell, Treasurer, $3,000 per annum. The Treasurer receives and keeps the moneys of the United States, and disburses the same upon warrants drawn by the Secretary of the Treasury, countersigned by the proper Comptroller and Auditor, and recorded by the Register.

CLERKS IN TRE TREASURER'S OFFICE, PETER G. WASHINGTON, chief clerk.............. $1700 00 H. Jackson, attends to the payment of warrants at Washington. 1400 00 George W. Dashiell, attends to remittances................... 1100 00 Samuel Forrest, attends to the Treasurer's quarterly accounts.. 1000 00 Andrew Smith, issues receipts for moneys paid into the Trea

sury on account of patents, drafts for transfers of money, records public letters, &C........................

800 001 James Moore, messenger......

700 00

REGISTER'S OFFICE. Thomas L. Smith, Register, $3,000 per annum. The Register of the Treasury keeps all accounts of the receipts and expenditures of the public money, and of all debts due to, or from, the United States; he keeps the district tonnage accounts of the United States ; he receives from the Comptroller the accounts which have been finally adjusted, and with their vouchers and certificates, preserves them; he records all warrants for the receipt or payır.ent of moneys at the Treasury, certifies the same thereon, and transmits to the Secretary of the Treasury copies of the certificates of balances of accounts adjusted. By an act of the 10th February, 1820, it is also made the duty of the Register of the Treasury, to prepare statistical accounts of tbe commerce and navigation of the United States, to be laid before Congress annually.

CLERKS IN THE REGISTER'S OFFICE. MICHAEL NOURSE, chief clerk; his special duty is to keep the books

containing the general accounts of the debt of ine United Siales, and the accounts of individuals, creditors in the books of the Treasury ; he prepares all reports and statements that may be required in relation to the public debt, including the annual statements and report of the Commissioners of the Sinking Fund; he also keeps the leger appertaining lo the revenue arising from the sale of the public lands, &c., containing the arcounts of the several receivers, the entries in which are made ou the quarterly settlements at the Treasury; and makes a shore entry of all accounts adnutted and cerified by the First Comptroller; and pays the contingent accounts of the legisier's office. His other duties are of a more general character, a pperlaining 10 the calls from the Departments and Congress, and to correspondence.... ...$1700 00 ames McClery, superintends the branches of commerce and navigation, of revenue and drawback, and discharges various

other duties in relation to these branches....... ......... 1400 00 John D. Barclay, keeps the principal books of receipts and

expenditures, in whicb are included all the personal accounts in relation to the Treasury and State Departments ; all the general heads of appropriations made by Congress ; all the warrants issued on, or in favor of the Treasury; makes out the estimates for Congress, on which are founded the acts of appropriations for the support of Government, and of the military and naval establishments, which he also makes out; makes out and superintends the formation of various statements in relation to the receipts and expenditures of the United States......

...... •$1400 00 James Laurie, keeps the import leger, exhibiting the revenue

arising on imports, and containing the accounts of the several collectors of the customs, the entries in which are made on the quarterly settlements by the accounting officers of the Treasury

1400 00 John B. Blake, keeps the legers of appropriations and expendi

tures for the War and Navy Departments ; prepares quarterly lists of payments under their respective heads, together with the tabular views of appropriations, payments, repayments, and balances ; makes out a balance sheet, which is an exhibit in aggregate of the quarterly operations under each and everù head of appropriation for the services of said Departments, together with the balances unapplied at the close of each quarter; and occasionally assists in preparing answers to calls for miscellaneous information......

1400 00 Francis Lowndes, keeps the tonnage accounts of the United

States, and corresponds with the several collectors thereon ; prepares the annual statement for Congress of the district tonnage of the United States, shewing the several descriptions

of tonnage belonging to each district at the close of the year. 1150 00 William James, keeps the returns of the American and foreign

page ; prepares the general statements of tonnage entering and departing, which accompany the report on commerce and navigation ; assists in preparing the general statement of duties on merchandise, tonnage, &c., for public accounts ; and attends to other duties of a general nature, connected

with the accounts of the collectors of the customs........... 1150 00 B. F. Rillenhouse, receives and enters in the journal the ac.

counts of moneys expended in the civil, miscellaneous, and diplomatic departments ; balances the leger of receipts and expenditures annually ; keeps the leger of appropriations and expenditures of the civil, miscellaneous, and diplomatic departments-prepares and superintends the printing of the public accounts relative to the War and Navy Departments.... 1150 00 William Mackey, keeps the books of internal revenue, and makes out transcripts for suit..............

........1000 00 J. M. Wood, keeps the records of marine papers issued in

all the ports of the United States ; enters the copies of regis.
ters and enrolments issued, and the originals when surrender-
ed ; files the latter, and arranges copies of said registers and

1000 00

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Joseph Mounts, has charge of the fire-proof records of the

Treasury Department; surnishing information from them, embracing the files of the accounts filed at the Treasury by the First and Fifth Auditors, and certified by the First Comp. troller; keeps registers of them; and bas charge of the books of the old government...

...$1000 00 Isaac K. Hanson, keeps the books of imports in American and

foreign vessels from foreign countries, of the articles of the growth, produce, or manufacture of foreign countries ; also the footings of the collectors abstracts, and makes out the annual statement for Congress, of importations in American and foreign vessels........

........ 1000 00 Juhn Nourse, keeps the impost book---merchandise and ton

nage, and duties thereon-all the receipts and expenditures of each collection district-also, takes off the drawbacks, by which the net revenue on merchandise, &c., is ascertained........

............. 1000 00 Joseph Brewer, keeps the books of foreign merchandise exported

in American and foreign vessels-the closing accounts of direct tax-copies revenue accounts for suit-and performs various other services of a miscellaneous nature....

1000.00 William Cox, records and registers the warrants upon the re

quisitions of the Secretaries of War and Navy............ 1000 00 James D. Woodside, copying clerk, and prepares statements of

a miscellaneous character-records drafts drawn on banks. by the Treasurer of the United States, and the receipts given by him for patent fees.....

1000 00 Robert Lawrence, assists in that branch of business which re

lates to the ionnage of the United States--transmits certificates and lists of crew's to the several collectors and has charge of the congressional documents...........

1000 00 Edgar Pallerson, keeps the books of domestic produce exported

in American and foreign vessels, and prepares the annual statements thereof for Congress.......

........ 1000 00 John A. McBlair, prepares for the Register's signature, copies

of reporis of the 1st and 5th Auditors on which warrants are to be issue i by the Secretary of the Treasury for civil, miscellanenus, diplomatic, and revolutionary claims—makes out for the 1st and 5th Auditors offices certificates of money's adyan. ced to, and of balances due from individuals, upon which are founded the charges in the settlemeuts of their accounts; and records and registers warrants drawn in favor of, and on the Treasurer of the United States....

800 CO P. W. Gallaudel, prepares various statements and keeps, the

records in relation to the unclaimed dividends, and she marine hospital fund-keeps the account of the contingent fund, and of payments made by order of the library cornmittee of Congress-records the Treasurer's drafts op banks and receipts for patents.........

800 001 James Watson, messenger

700 00 Thomas H, Quincy, assistant messenger....

350 00

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