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is, granted to Robert Eastman, a citizen of the United States, his heirs, administrators, and assigns, for the term of seven years from the fifteenth day of March, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-four, the full and exclusive right and liberty of making, constructing, using, and vending to others to be used, an invention called a “Circular Saw Clap-board Machine," a description of which is given in a schedule annexed to letters patent granted to the said Robert Eastman and Josiah Jaquith, for the same, on the sixteenth day of March, one thousand eight hundred and twenty.

Approved, March 3d, 1835,

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Commissioners of the Sinking Fund, under the Acl of 8th July, 1792.
Martin Van Buren, Vice President of the United States.

-, Chief Justice of the Supreme Courl.
John Forsyth, Secretary of State.
Levi Woodbury, Secretary of the Treasury.
Benjamin F. Butler, Allorney General.

Asbury Dickens, $250 00 per annum.

Board of Commi-sioners under the Conrention with France, concluded

July 4, 1831.
George W. Campbell, of Tennessee,

$3000 000 John K. Kane, of Pennsylvania, Commissioners.... 3000 00 Romulus M. Saunders, of N. Car.

3000 00 John E. Frost, of District of Columbia, Secretary....... ..2000 00 John H. Wheeler, of North Carolina, Clerk.....

1500 00 Note:--For the act constituting this Board, see Vol. XI, p. 82. In compliance with the following act of Congress, this Commission terminated on the 1st of January, 1836 : An Act further to extend the time allowed for the execution of the duties of the Commission for carrying into effect the Conrention with France.

Be il enacted by the Senate and House of Representalires of the Uniled States of America in Congress assembled, That the commission created by an act entitled “An act to carry into effect the convention between the United States and his Majesty the King of the French, concluded at Paris on the fourth day of July, eighteen huudred and thirty-one,” approveil July thirtieth, eighteen hundred and thirty two, shall be and is hereby, continued until the first day of January, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, for the execution of the duties prescribel by said act.

Approred, March 3d, 1835.

Commissioners for running Boundary Line with Mexico.
William McRee, of North Carolina.....

82500 00
Johu Donelson, of Tennessee, Surveyor....

2000 00 Samuel J, Bayard, of Ohio, Clerk....

1200 00 Note.-For Treaty of Limits with Mexico, and act of Congress to provide for carrying the treaty into effect, see Vol. XI, p. 84.

TREASURY DEPARTMENT. LEVI WOODBURY, of New Hampshire, Secretary, $6,000

per annum, The office of Secretary of the Treasury was created by act of 2d September, 1789. He superintends all the fiscal concerns of the Goveroment, and, upon his own responsibility, recommends to Congress measures for improving the condition of the revenue. He holds his office at the will of the President; is, by usage, a member of the cabinet ; and ex-officio, one of the Commissioners of the Sinking Fund. By an act of Congress, of the 15th May, 1820, the Treasury Department has been invested with extraordinary powers for the recovery of public moneys not accounted for, or withheld by officers receiving them, prior to such moneys being paid into the Treasury, Warrants of distress, ju the nature of executions upon judgments, are authorized upon certificates of balances from the First Comptroller, against principals and sureties in default; and the judges of the United States are, by the same law, clothed with exten

sive chancery jurisdiction, with a view of ameliorating any undue severity to individuals, which may possibly occur under the warrant in question.

By the act of 29th May, 1830, the office of Solicitor of the Treasury was created.

A portion of the duties of this office had been previously, under the act of 15th May, 1820, performed by the Fifth Auditor, as agent or the Treasury.

All accounts of the Goverminent are finally settled at the Treasury Department; for which purpose it is divided into the office of the Secretary (who superintends the whole, but who is not, therefore, absolute, with respect to the power of adjusting claims or paying money,) into two Comptrollers, five Auditors, a Register, a Treasurer, and a Solicitor. The Auditors of the public accounts are empowered to administer oaths or afirmations to witnesses in any case in which they may deem it necessary for the due examination of the accounts with which they are charged.

CLERKS IN THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT. McCLINTOCK YOUNG, chief clerk, superintends the business of the

office generally ; receives the directious of the Secretary on matters to be acted upon ; refers to the officers of the Department all matters requiring their examination ; distributes the business of the clerks, and submits to the Secretary the business prepared by them; directs remittances to foreign bankers, audits and directs the payment of the accounts for ihe contingencies of the Secretary's office and the S. E. executive buildings ; assists in preparing reports to be made to Congress by the Secretary ; reports weekly to the Secretary the state of the business of the office ; transmits to the collectors passports and sea letters ; examines all warrants before they are signed by the Secretary, and receives directions from him where they are to be paid ; prepares instructions to the Treasurer, for transfers of money from one baok to another; and attends to miscellaneous business referred to him by the Secretary... ...............

$2000 00 James L. Anthony, prepares the warrants for payment into the

Treasury ; issues and registers the warrants for paysnents, under the appropriations for civil, diplomatic, and miscella

neous expenditures ; and keeps accounts of all such appropri. alions ; and also keeps an account of the bonds taken and liquidated at each custom house.....

............$1600 00 Samuel M. McKean, attends to the business with banks ; pre

pares statements of money paid into the Treasury, on which are to be issued the Treasury covering warrants; to matters relating to internal improvement; and attends to such subjects as are submitted by the Solicitor of the Treasury and district attorneys, not immediately connected with the branches of business assigned to others, and all claims un. der like circumstances; and acts as translator of foreign languages.........

1600 00 Thomas Dungan, issues and registers the warrants for pay.

ments under the appropriations for the naval service; keeps the appropriation accounts of the navý i prepares the warranis for the transfer of stocks from one toan office to that of

another ; and keeps an account of the accruing duties....... 1400 00 John McGinnis, jun., attends to the correspondence connected

with the General and other Land Offices, and to all business arising under the laws relating to the public lands; to all business connected with the building, repair, and supply of the revenue cutters, and their employment; to the examination of charges and complaints for official misconduct against registers and receivers of public money, and the officers of the revenue cutters, and to the correspondence appertaining thereto. He also attends to the business arising under the acts for the relief of sick and disabled seamen employed in the merchant service, and the building and repair of public hospitals designed for their benefit......

.........1400 00 Gilbert Rodman, examines questions arising under the revenue

laws, and attends to the correspondence appertaining to such questions; keeps an account of moneys received and expended by collectors of the customs; has charge of applications for the appointment of subordinate officers of the customs and for the employment of revenue boals ; examines appeals from a ppraisements under the eighteenth section of the act of March 1, 1823, and application to complete draw. back entries, under the act of March 3, 1815. He attends, also, to the payment of fishing bounties, and to all charges and complaints against officers of the customs, and in the correspondence connected there with, and to that arising under miscellaneous subjects assigned to him.....

1400 00 Richard Ela, issues and registers the warrants for payments

under the appropriation for the military service, and keeps accounts of all such appropriations ; also of all custoin house bonds in suit, and debentures issued aur paid ; attends to the remittances to, and correspondence with, the bankers of the United States abroad, and to commissioners of loans ; audits and pays the accounis for expenditures consequent on the burning of the S. E. executive building; acts as agent in paying the salaries and contingent expenses of the Secretary's

office, contingent expenses of S. E. executive building, salaries of superintendent and watchmen, and general disbursing agent of the Treasury Department......

•$1400 00 William T. Read, examines applications for the relief of insol

vent debtors of the United States, under the acts of the 2d March, 1831, and 14th July, 1832, and prepares the cases when reported by the commissioners of insolvency for the Secretary's decision, and, generally, attends to all matters a'rising under those acts.....

............. 1400 00 Cyrus S. Jacobs, has charge of letters of application and re

commendation for office, complaints and resignation ; issues commissions, warrants, and letters of appointment; attends to matters concerning the light-house establishment, and examinés charges or complaints for official misconduct against persons connected with that establishment; has charge of the correspondence and business connected with the mint establishment ; assists in miscellaneous correspondence, and in copying and recording...............

........ 1150 00 Thomas G Bradford, issues and registers the revolutionary

bounty land scrip, under the acts of the 30th May, 1830, 13th July, 1832, and 2d March, 1333 ; altends to all business connected with that branch of the public service ; has charge of the correspondence and business arising from the treaties with the Chickesa w nation of Indians, and assists in recording..............

...... 1150 00 J. Jay Langdon, examines applications for entries under the

10th section of the act of the 1st of March, 1823; attends to the procuring copies of docunienis lost at the burning of the Treasury building, and audits the accounts for copying the same ; answers applications for return of duties, and refers them to the proper accounting officer. Attends 10 miscellaneous correspondence ; to remission of fives, penalties, and forfeitures; lo application for release from imprisonment ; and has the general charge of the letter files and records......... 1000 00 .Alexander Nesbill, attends to the copying and recording requir

ed for the business under the above acts for the relief of cerlain insolvent debtors of the United States.........

1000 001 Charles Petil, messenger......

700 00 Thomas C. Wells, messenger.

500 00

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John P. Pepper, superintendent of the Treasury buildings, and

the grounds appertaining thereto ; has charge of the grounds attached to the old S. E. executive building, and attends to the purchases for the department...........

500 00


William C. Goddard........
Edward Ourand......
William Hilbus.....
James W. Shields........

400 00 400 00 400 00 400 00

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Joseph Anderson, Comptroller, 83,500 per annum.
The First Comptroller examines all accounts settled by the First and
Fifth Auditor, and certifies the balances arising thereon to the Register;
countersigns all warrants drawn by the Secretary of the Treasury, iff
warranted by law ; reports to the Secretary the official forms to be used
in the different offices for collecting the public revenue ; and the manner
and form of keeping and stating the accounts of the several persous em-
ployed therein. He superintends the preservation of the public accounts
subject to his revision, and provides for the regular payment of all moueys
which may be collected.

John LAUB, chief clerk; his duties are to draft answers (subject to

the revision of the Comptroller) to all questions propounded by the
officers of the customs, merchants and others, under the revenue laws,
and treaties of commerce and navigation with foreign powers; to pre-
pare general instrunients and forms in relation to the duties to be pero
formed by those officers, and the manner in which they are to keep anet:
render their accounis; and assists in the correspondence of the office
of a miscellaneous nature. He also prepares, under the direction of
the Secretary and Comptroller of the Treasury, such forms of other
accounts and documents as are deemned essential to a systematic
execution of the public business; and performs, generally, such

other ofticial duties as are confided to him by the Comptroller.$ 1700 00 William Williamson, makes out from the laws of each session

of Congress, deiailed stateinents of appropriations for the civil, diplomatie, and miscellaneous expenditures of Go. vernment, in the form of warrants, and records the same ; re. gisters all warrants issued for payments in pursuance of said appropriations ; makes out and records warrants for carrying unexpended balances to the surplus fuud ; keeps the leger con. taining an account for each specific appropriation ; writes and copies all letters on subjects connected with the state of the appropriations; exainines all powers of allorney and all documents relative to the transfer of stocks, and payments of principal and dividends thereof, ubrich may be presented for the inspection and decision of the Comptroller ; attends to, and keeps a record of, the transfer of stocks on the books of the Treasury ; registers warranis issued for transferring stocks on the books of loan offices ; keeps a journal and leger, exhibit. ing quarterly the balances of the different kinds of stocks on the books of the Treasury and of the loan offices; writes and copies all letters on subjects in any way connected with the 'funded debt of the Unitcu Stales; and keeps a record of bonds of indemnification for the renewel of lost certificates of stocks........

1400 00 Lund Washinglon, examines the accounts of the collectors of

the customs south and west of the river Potomac-the accounts of the Treasurer of the United States the accounts of the Treasurer of the mint the accounts of public niinisters,

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