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TREASURY DEPARTMENT, December 8, 1835. In obedience to the directions of the “ Act supplementary to the act to establish the Treasury Department," the Secretary of the Treasury res. pectfully subnits to Congress the following report :

1.-OF THE PUBLIC REVENUE AND EXPENDITURES. The balance in the Treasury on the 1st of January, 1833, was $2,011,777 55 The actual receipts into the Treasury during the year 1833, from all sources, were

33,948,426 25 Making the whole amount in the Treasury in that year - 35,960,203 80 The actual expenditures during the same year, including the public debt, were

· 24,257,298 49 Hence the balance in the Treasury on the 1st of January, 1834, had increased to

11,702,905 31 In addition to this balance, the receipts from all sources, during the year 1334, were

21,791,935 55 Viz ;-From Customs

$16,214,957 15 Lands

4,857,600 69 Dividends on bank sio. k, &c. 234,349 50 Sales of bank stock

352,300 00 Incidental items

132,728 21 These, with the above balance, made an aggregate of - 33,494,840 86 The expenditures during 1834, on all objects, were - 24,601,982 44 Viz:-Civil list, foreign intercourse, and miscellaneous subjects 4,404,728 95 Military service, including fortifications, ordnance, Indian af

fairs, pensions, arming militia, and internal improvement 10,064,427 88 Naval service, including gradual improvement

3,956,260 42 Public debt

6,176,565 19 This being an excess of expenditures over the receipts or

$2,810,046 89, a bal ice was left in the Treasury on the 1st of January, 1835, amounting to oniy

8,892,858 42 For the details of the receipts and expenditures in 1834, reference is made to the annual account thereof, which is this day submitted to Congress, in a

separate conimunication, acconipanied, as will be seen, by similar details of the receipts and expenditures for the first three quarters of the year 1835, and of the whole estimates for 1836.

The receipts into the Treasury, ascertained and estimated during 1835, are ccnsputed to be $28,430,881 01. Of these, the actual receipts during the three first quarters, are ascertained to have been

$23,480,881 07 Viz:-From Customs

$13,614,489 26 Lands

- 9,166,590 89 Dividends on bank stock

506,480 82 Sales of bank stock

62,800 00 Incidental items

130,520 10

$23,480,881 07 Those during the fourth quarter, it is expected, will be $4,950,000.

Thus with the balance on the 1st of January, 1835, they form an aggregate of $37,323,739 49.

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The expenses of the whole year are ascertained and estimated to be

$18,176,141 07 of these, the expenditures during the first three quarters, are ascertained to have been

13,376,141 07

Viz:-Civil list, foreign intercourse, and miscellaneous 2,827,196 16

Military service, including fortifications, &c. 7,555,819 41
Naval service, including &c.

2,929,219 39 Duties refunded

4,756 04 Public debt

59,150 07

$13,376,141 07 The expenditures for the fourth quarter, it is expected will be

4,800,000 00 Thus leaving on the 1st of January, 1836, subject,

however, to the deduction hereafter mentioned, an estimated balance of money on hand equal to

19,147,598 42 This includes what has heretofore been reported as una.

vailable funds, now reduced to about $1,100,000, making the computed available balance, on the 1st of January, 1836

18,047,598 00

On that are already imposed by Congress, the following charges, by current and permanent appropriations, which have not yet been expended.

First, of former appropriations, except those towards the sinking fund, it is supposed that there will remain unexpended at the close of the present year, the sum of $8,126,794.

Of that amount, it is computed that only $7,306,765 will be required to accomplish the objects iniended by them, leaving $344,707 to be applied in aid of the appropriations for the ensuing year, without reappropriations, (as will be seen in the estimates,) and the balance of $475,322 which has not been required, either ar all, or seasonably, for the objects contemplated in its appropriation, will, therefore, be carried to the surplus fund. Secondly, on what is properly embraced in the appropriations towards the sioking fund, there is an outstauding charge of about $253,556, for unclaimed interest, and dividends on the funded debt, and of $37,233 for unfunded debt.

These, though chargeable on the Treasury, under existing acts of Con. grese, and subject at any moment to be demanded, are not all likely to le called for immediately, if ever.

Computing, however, all the existing charges of every kind on the Treasury, at the end of the present year, to be about $7,595,574, the balance of available funds then un liand, would, it is estimated, be suffcient to meet the whole at once, and leave, to be hereafter applied by Congress to new and other purposes, the sum of about g 10,450,024,

The next subject deserving consideration, is the action of this Depart. ment, since the last report, in relation to the final extinguishment of the

II.-PUBLIC DEBT. Before the close of the year 1834, ample funds were deposited with the United States Bank, as Commissioner of Loans, to discharge all the public funded debt, which was then outstanding.

of the funds so deposited heretofore, and still unclaimed

by the public debtors, there remains in the possession of the Bank the sum of

$143,570 63 Since the 1st of January, 1835, there has been paid from

the Treasury, of interest and dividends outstanding

and before unclaimed on the sunded debt, the sum of 60,000 00 There still remains of the sanie debt, due and unclaimed

but ready to be paid whenever demanded, an amount equal to about

253,556 00 Similarly situated is a small unfunded debt of $37,513 05, which may bereafter be claimed, and on which has been paid during the past year only :

$220 00 It consists of claims registered prior to 1798, for services

and supplies during the revolutionary war, equal to 27,437 96 Treasury notes issued during the war of 1812

5,755 00 And Mississippi stock

4,320 09


FOR THE YEAR 1836. The receipts into the Treasury froin all sources during the year 1836, are estimated at

- $19,750,000 00 | Viz :Customs

15,250,000 00 Public Lands

4,000,000 00 Bank dividends and miscellaneous receip's

500,000 00 To wbich add the balance of available funds in the Treasury on the first of January, 1936, estimated at $13,047,598, and they make together the suni of

37,797,598 00 The estimates of expenditures, submitted for all specified

objects, both ordinary and extraordinary, for the service of 1836, and including the contingent for the usual excesses, aie

23,133,640 00 The expenditures during that year for specified ordinary pirposes, are estimated at only

16,756,815 00 l'hus the permanent aod view appropriations for those

purposes, required for the service of that year, are
estimater at

16,412, 103 00 Under fornier appropriations, there is included in the

estimates for 1836, a sum proposed to be used for the

service of 1836, without reappropriation, cqua) 10 344,707 00 Aud these iwo sums amount to the before-mentioned aggregate of

16,756,815 00 They are divided among the differeot branches of the

public service as follows, viz : new appropriations for

civil, foreign intercourse, and miscellaneous items 3,041,081 00 Military service, pensions, &c

8,602,319 001 Naval service and gradual improvement

4,768,708 00 Previous appropriations to be used for 1836, for civil, &c. $5,192, for military, &c. $339,515. By virtue of former acts of Congress, there will probably be wanted during 1836, for the payment of interest and divi

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dends unclaimed on the funded debt, and of unfunded debt itself, yet und paid, the sum of $50,000.

To these add such contingent excesses of new appropriations by Congress sor ordinary purposes, as are not included in the estimates, but which are likely to be deemed proper by that body, and the grounds or which were explained in the list annual report, $3,000,000. The estimates of expenditures in 1836, for extraordinary purposes, which are submitted in connection with the military and naval services, amount to $3,326,825.

Making, as estimated for the service of 1836, all the new appropria tions of every kind, specifically called for, to be $17,515,933: and all the expenditures of every kind, for the service of the same year, to be in the aggregate, $23,133,640.

On the supposition that the appropriations outstanding and unexpended at the ends of the years 1835 and 1836, will be similar in amount, this would leave an available balance in the Treasury at the close of the year

1836, or on the first of January, 1837, estimated at about $14,500,000, provided the receipts be as computed, and Congress make no larger appropriations for extraordinary or other purposes, at their present session, ihan those enumerated in the estimates subinitted. From this amouni,

after deducting about eight millions, to pay the outstanding appropriarious, to which the Treasury will then probably stand pledged, there

will be left, at the close of 1836, a nett balance of only from six to seven millions applicable to any other use, which Congress may now, or then, be pleased to designate, instead of about ten and a half millions, the nest balance estimated to be left applicable at the close of 1835. In other words, the expenditures will in the ensuing year, for only the ubjects specified in the estimates, probably exceed the receipts in that year, about four millions of dollars, and thus to that extent, reduce the balance now on hand. IV.-EXPLANATIONS OF THE ESTIMATES FOR 1836, WITH SOME SUG

GESTIONS ON THE PROBABLE CHANGES TILL 1842. The basis on which the above estimates rest, will now be exhibited and explained.

In the peculiar condition of the country at this time, without any debe to absorb our surplus receipts, and aniilst the great changes which have recently happened, and will probably continue in happen, in our whole revenue and expenditures, till after the cssential alterations made by cxisting laws shall cease in 1842, this Department feels bound to enter more inlo detail than usual concerning the grounds of its estimates, and to disclose more Sully every material consideration which has led it to-the results presented. Congress will thus be better enabled to judge of their accuracy and to correct any unintentional errors. For convenience in reference, a tabular statement is annexed, which presents separately for 1833, 1834, and 1835, so far as the last is ascertained, the general estimates in one column, the actual appropriations in another, aed the expenditures in a third. To these are added, in other columns, the whole revenue, with the exports and the imports for each of those years. For a similar reason, the Register has been requested to have the detailed estimates for 1836 prepared with a second column, showing against each the actual appropriation in 1835 towards a like object.

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