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postponed motil the coming winter, and assurances were given by them that they would then be prepared to remove. A majority avow their readiness to comply with their engagements, and will, no doubt, quietly go as soon as arrangements for their departure shall have been completed; but some of theni exhibit a refractory spirit, and evince a dis. position to remain. · As they now hold no land in Florida, and would become a lawless banditti suffered to remain, their pretensions cannot be submitted to. They will probably, when the time for operations arrives, quietly follow their countrymen. Should they not, measures will be adopted to insure this course, equally dictated by a just regard to their own welfare, as well as to that of our citizens in the vicinity of their residence.

Governor Stokes, General Arbuckle, and Major Armstrong, were appointed Commissioners to make a treaty with the roving tribes of ludians who inhabit the great Western Prairie, with a view of establishing permaiient pacific relations between these predatory tribes and the United States, and also between the same tribes and the other Indians of that region. The lamented death of Major Armstrong deprived the Government of the services of that valuable officer; but the other Conimissioners succeeded in effecting a pacification, which I hope will lead to a friendly intercourse among all the tribes in that quarter.

Under the authority of an act of the last session of Congress, an arrangement has been made by Colonel Brookes with the Caddo Indians, for the cession of their claims to land in the State of Louisiana and T'erritory of Arkansas. This will be submitted to you at the proper time for the consideration of the Senate. I have the honor to be, with great respect, your obedient servant,


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Extract from the Report of the Major General of the Army, Decem-

ber, 1835.
The reports which have been received represent the army in a respec-
table condition as respects their police and general discipline, and as
inproved in tacties as their dispersed condition will allow.

The supplies are regularly received, and of good quality:

The dragouns, divirled into three squadrons, have made tours during the past season through almost the whole of the country west of the Mississippi, below the forty-fourth degree of north latitude, and there is no doubt that their presence has had the effect of keeping the Iudians quiet, and of preventing those depredations and hostilities which, before the raising or this regiment, had so frequently occurred on the frontiers. This corps has been found well adapted to the service on which it has been employed, and it is in an improving condition. The arms are found to fulfil the expectations entertained of them, and, with the adoption of some modifications of the equipments, recommended by Colonel Dodge and the other field officers, the dragoons inay be regarded as a very efficient corps, and a valuable acquisition to the military establlishment.

150 Position and Distribution of the Troops....1835. Eastern Department, under the command of Brevet Major General IF'infield Scott.






and No. of
companies. I gate.

} Major Green

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- 4th

ath Art{



S Portage, Fox, and Fort Winnebago

4 5th Inf.

215 2 Ouisconsin rivers, Sault St. Marie, M. T.

20 Fort Brady

Bt. Major Cobbs


2d Michilimacinac, M. T. Captain Clitz

2 Fort Macinac

113 Fort Howard Green Bay, M. T.

Bt. Br. Gen. Brooke 5th " 4 218 Head of Lake Michigan, Il. Bt. Major Wilcox 5th

2 Fort Dearboini


2 Fort Gratiot

2d Outlet of L. Huron, M. T. Bt. Major Hoffman

104 Fort Niagara New York, N. Y.

Garrison withdrawn Madison Barracks Sackett's Harbor, N. Y. - Lt. Col. Cummings


13 Hancock Barracks Holton, Maine

Bt. Major Dearborn 2d

4 213 Fort Sullivan Eastport, Maine Major Churchill

1 3d Art.

57 Fort Preble Portland, Maine Bt. Major McClintoch 3d

66 Fort Constitution Portsmouth, N. Hamp. Bt. Major Ansart 3d

1 54 Fort Independence Boston, Massachusetts Garrison withdrawn Fort Wolcott Newport, Rhode Island - Bt. Major Lomax - 3d

54 Fort Trumbull New London, Connecticut Bt. Lt. Col. Fanning

1 56 Military Academy West Point, New York - Bt. W. Col. De Russey detach.

54 Fort Columbus

1 61 Fort Hamilton New York Harbor, N. Y. Lt. Col. Brooks - 4th Art. 3 167 Fort Lafayette

1 52 Fort McHenry Baltimore, Maryland Bt. Br. Gen. Fenwick 4th

1 68 Fort Severn - Annapolis, Maryland Bt. Col. Walbach • 1st

60 Fort Washington Left bank of Potomac, Md. Major Gates


55 Washington Arsn'ı Greenleaf's P't Wash D.C. Bt. Major Mason 1st

1 56 Fort Monroe Old Point Comfort, Va. Bt. Br. Gen. Armistead 13&4'

226 Fort Johnston Near Smithville, N. C. Bt. Major Saunders ist

1 62 Fort Macon - Near Beaufort, N. C. Bt. Major Kirby


1 53 Fort Moultrie

Bt. Br. Gen. Eustis

1 1st

51 Charleston Harbor, S. C. Castle Pinckney

1 58 Augusta Arsenal - Augusta, Georgia

Culonel Lindsay


1 51 Oglethorpe Barr’ks Savannah, Georgia Captain Merchant 2d

1 45 Fort Marion - St. Augustine, Florida Captain Drane 2d

1 62

45 2,549 Western Department, under the command of Brevet Major General Edmund P. Gaines. Posts,



and No. of Aggre

companies. gate. Fort Snelling Upper Mississippi Major Bliss

1st Inf. 3

173 Fort Crawford Prarie du Chien, M. T.

Colonel Taylor


5 288 Fort Armstrong Rock Is and, Illinois Lt. Col Davenport


2 99 Fort Leavenworth R. Bk. Mo. near L. Platte Colonel Dodge Dragoons 4 307 Jefferson Barracks Near St. Louis, Missouri Bt. Br. Gen. Atkinson 6th Inf. 10 510 Fort Gibson Arkansas Territory, A.T. Bt. Br. GI. Arbuckle Draguons 3 108

9 475 Fort Coffee - Arkansas Territory, A.T. Captain Stuart

- 7th "

1 56 Fort Des Moines Right bank of Miss. M. T. Lieut. Col. Kearney

183 Fort Jesup

Dragoons 3
Near Natchitoches, La. - Colonel Many

3d Inf. 6

313 Fort Towson On the Kiamichi, Á. T. Lieut. Col. Vose - 3

4 199 Baton Rogue Baton Rouge, La.

Bl. Lieut. Col. Foster 4th

4 135 New Orleans New Orleans, La. Lieut. Col. Twiggs


2 113 Fort Wood . Chef Menteur, La. - Bt. Captain Lowd 2d Art.

1 57 Fort Pike Petite Coquille, La. Bt. Major. Mountfort 2d

1 61 Fort Jackson Near New Orleans - Garrison withdrawn Fort Morgan Mobile Point, Alabama - Captain Belton .. 2d

1 Fort Pickens

49 On St. Rosa Island, Flor. Captain Gardiner


1 Fort Mitchell

53 Near Creek Agency, Ala. Bt. Major McIntosh 4th Inf. 1 38 Alachua, Florida

BL Br. Gen. Clinch

1,2,3 art

6 348 Fort Brooke

4th Inf. 3 Tampa Bay, Florida Bt. Major Zantzinger 2d, 3d Art 2 Key West

108 Key West, Florida

At. Major Dade - 4th Inf. 3 56 Furt Caus Near Calhoun, Tennessee Lieut. Howe


1 48 73) 3,777

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Fort King

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General Staff:-1 Major General, 2 Brigadiers General, 1 Adjutant General, 2 Inspectors General, 1 Quartermaster General, 4 Quartermasters, 1 Commissary General of Subsistence, 2 Commissaries.Total 14,

Medical Department.—1 Surgeon General, 12 Surgeons, 55 Assistant Surgeons.—Total 63.

Pay Deparıment.—1 Paymaster General, 14 Paymasters.—Total 15.

Purchasing Department - Commissary General of Purchases, 2 Military Storekeepers.—Total 3.

Corps of Engineers.—1 Colonel, 1 Lieutenant Colonel, 2 Majors, 6 Captains, 6 First Lieutenants, 6 Second Lieutenants.—Total 22.

Topographical Engineers.-6 Majors, 4 Captains.—Total 10.

Ordnance Department.—1 Colonel, 1 Lieutenant Colone), 2 Majors, 10 Captains, 44 Sergeants, 250 enlisted men.--Total 308.

Regiment of Dragoons.—1 Colonel, 1 Lieutenant Colonel, 1 Major, 10 Captains, 11 First Lieutenants, 10 Second Lieutenants, 715 noncommissioned officers, &c., and privates.-Total 749.

Four Regiments of Artillery.- Each 1 Colonel, 1 Lieutenant Colonel, 1 Major, 9 Captains, 18 First Lieutenants, 18 Second Lieutenants, 497 non-commissioned officers, &c., and privates.—Total each regiment, 545. Aggregate of Artillery, 2, 180.

Seren Regiments of Infantry. Each 1 Colonel, 1 Lieutenant Colonel, 1 Major, 10 Captains, 10 First Lieutenants, 10 Second Lieutenants, 514 non-commissioned officers, &c., and privates.- Total each regiment, 547. Aggregate of Susantry, 3,829. Grand Aggregate, Army of the United States, 7,198.

RECRUITING, Stalement showing the whole number of Recruils enlisted in the Army,

from the 1st of January to the 30th of September, 1835. EASTERN DEPARTMENT.—Lieul. Col. J. B. Crane, 2d Artillery, Superintendent. At Boston, Mass. 8 ; New York, N. Y. 126; Albany, N. Y. 61 ; Utica, N. Y. 58 ; Syracuse, N. Y. 46, Rochester, N. Y. 63; New Brunswick, N. J. 1; Philadelphia, Pa. 133; Lancaster, Pa. 48; Harrisburg, Pa. 12; Carlisle, Pa. 195 ; Baltimore, Md. 113 ; Frederick. town, Md. 79; Winchester, Va. 13;—956.

WESTERN DEPARTMENT.-Major A R. Thompson, 2d Infantry, Superintendent. At Pittsburg, Pa. 35; Wheeling, Va. 24; Newport, Ky. 15; Louisville, Ky. 33; Cincinnati, Ohio, 68 ; Zanesville, Ohio, 24 ; Nashville, Tenn. 10 ;-209.

REGIMENTS - lu the Dragoons, 6. lu the 1st Artillery, 17; 28 Artillery, 17 ; 3d Artillery, 25 ; 4th drtillery, 79 ;-138. In the 1st Infantry, 10 ; 2d Infantry, 48 ; 3d Infantry, 16 ; 4th Infantry, 81 ; 5th Infantry,

14; 6th Infantry, 42; 7th Infantry, 14;-225. in the Detachment at West Point............ 11.

Band at West Point......

Detachment of Orderlies at Washington. 3. At Ordnance Depôts.....

38. Total number enlisted from the 1st of January to the 30th of SeptemIber, 1835, one thousand five hundred and ninety.

OPERATIONS UNDER THE QUARTERMASTER'S DEPARTMENT, During the year ending November 6, 1835.

BARRACKS, &c. Of the works under the direction of the department, the barracks at New Orleans have been in rapid progress, and, it is believed, will be completed in the course of the winter without a further appropriation.

The hospital at Greeu bay has been finished, and the barracks, it is believed, will be completed in the course of the winter.

The works at Savannah and Fort Severn have been in rapid progress during the season, and extensive repairs have, during the same period, been made at Baton Rouge.

A company of artillery has been stationed at Washington for the prolection of the arsenal; if they are to remain, (and a prudent regard to the public interests would forbid their removal,) barracks will be required for their accommodation. The penitentiary is so situated as to command the approach by land to the arsenal; and in the event of the convicts succeeding in obtaining the mastery over their keepers, they might seize the arsenal, and, by holding the 'penitentiary at the same time, prevent any succor from reaching it from the city. Either the convicts should be removed, or the arsenal should no longer be occupied as a place for the deposite of arms and munitions : the better course, perhaps, under existing circuinstances, would be to convert the penitentiary into barracks, and erect a building for the convicts in a more suitable positiun.

ROADS. Operations were commenced on the road authorized from Green Bay to Prairie du Chien, in Michigan, early in the season : the western section of the road under the superintendence of Colonel Z. Taylor had been finished on the 1st of August. At the date of the last reports the troops were employed on the eastern section, but it is feared they will not be able to complete it during the present year

The route of a road has been surveyed and marked from Saginaw to Mackinac, a distance of one hundred and eighty-eight miles. Whether this communication be considered in relation to the transportation of the mail, the military defence of the frontier, or in its effect upon the sale of the public lands, it is one of the most important works upon which the Government is engaged.

The road from Strong's, near the Saint Francis river, to Batesville, in Arkansas, has been located and surveyed, and will be opened, it is believed, as far as the appropriation will admit, in the course of the winter.

That part of the road from Memphis to Little Rock, under the direction of this department, is in progress.

The road from Fort Smith to Jackson, in Lawrence county, in Arkan. sas, has been located and surveyed, and the officer in charge of it has a party at work on it; it will probably be finished this fall, as far as the appropriation will admit.

The road from Helena to the mouth of Cache river has been located and surveyed; and the officer in charge of it has a party engaged in opening it.

Orders have been given to commence operations on the route of a road directed by an act of the last Congress to be opened from the southern boundary of the State of Missouri, by Jackson, Little Rock, and Washing:01), to the tows of Fulton, on the north bank of Red river.

On the road from Saint Augustine to Tallahassee, in Florida, operalions were commenced on the 20th of July, and at the last report the work was in rapid progress.

On the road from Pensacola to Tallahassee, operations were como menced on the 1st of July, and the work will probably be completed, by means of the appropriation made at the last session of Congress, from the latter place to the Choctawhatchee, where it connects with the steamboat line on Santa Rosa Sound.

The work on the road from the head of Pensacola bay, by Pittman's ferry, to Webbville, in Florida, was commenced on the 7th of April last. A further appropriation of iwo thousand dollars will be required to complete it, and to repair the road from Pensacola to the head of the hay.

IMPROVEMENT OF Rivers. The work for the improvement of the Escambia river was recommenced on the 25th of July, and, at the last report from the’officer superintending it, the river had been cleared forty-one miles; the present appropriation will carry the improvements about twenty-one miles farther. An appropriation of five thousand five hundred dollars will be required to continue the work vext season.

The improvement of the Chipola river had not been commenced on the 26th of September, the date of the last report, in consequence of the water having, up 10 that time, been too high to admit of a satisfactory

examination of the channel. As much as possible will be accomplished the present season, but an additional appropriation of four thousand dollars will be required to complete the work. The distance to be improved is about one hundred and twenty-fire iniles.

The officer charged with the linprovement of the Ocklawaha had maile arrangements, at the last report, to commence the work on that river, which will be carried on with the utmost -vigor until completed.

DELAWARE BREAKWATER. The course of observations commenced in November last has been continued during the present season; and though portions of the harbor are gradually filling with mud and sand, no doubt renains of the great importance of the work as a commercial barbor.

The labors were resumed on the eastern end of the breakwater in July, and the operations have been limited to raising that part of the work so as to enable navigators to avoid running their vessels on it at high waler. Eleven thousand four hundred and four tons of stone have been deposited. It is proposed that the examination of the work by a board of engineers, for the purpose of determining whether any change in the form of the harbor be expedient, be deferred until March or April, in order to afford us the advantage of observing the effect of the storms and currents upon the exterior of the works, as well as upon the shoalɛ forming within, during the ensuing winter.

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