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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1868, by

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In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the District of Columbia.

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This Hand Book is a reprint of the POLITICAL MANUALS OF 1866, or 1867, AND OF 1868, and, on the suggestion of others, has been put in this as the preferable form for use in the Presidential campaign, for which it is capecially designed.

Besides the political data naturally falling within its scope, it will be found to contain the celebrated Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions of 1798 and the National Platforms of 1852, 1856, 1860, and 1864, all which are b storical monuments of a past which it is instructive to study.

The collection of Votes and Documentary matter of every kind, bearing upon current politics, will be found large, and, I hope, complete-my purpose having been to gather and combine every essential fact involved in the discussion of pending issues.

The Tabular Statements at the close of the volume will be found suggeslive and of immediate value; and the whole, it is hoped, will meet the want

it is intended to supply.

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President Johnson, with Copies of the Vo-
toed Bills, and the Votes on them........... 64-84

PART I--1866.
I. Constitution of the United States-Mr. and General Grant's accompanying Report-
Seward's Certificate of the Ratification

Veto of the Freedmen's Bureau Bill, with

copy and votes-Veto of the Civil Rights Bill,

of the Anti-Slavery Amendment.................1-6

with copy and votes-Veto of the Colorado

Bill, with copy and votes-Message on the pro-

II. President Johnson's Orders and Procla-

posed Constitutional Amendment


............... ...7-18

Respecting Commercial Intercourse-Trial

VII. Majority and Minority Reports of the

and Punishment of the Assassins of Abraham Joint Committee on Reconstruction......84-101
Lincoln-Arrest of Jefferson Davis, Clement
C. Clay, and others—To re-establish the Au-
thority of the United States in Virginia

VIII. Votes on Proposed Constitutional
Equality of Rights with Maritime Nations Amendment..

The Blockade-Amnesty-Appointing Provis-
ional Governor for North Carolina, and other

On Constitutional Amendment as finally
Insurrectionary States Freedmen-Suppress-

adopted-The Accompanying Bills-The
ion of Rebellion in Tennessee-Paroled Pris-

Amendment_on Representation and Direct

oners–Martial Law withdrawn from Kentucky

Taxes-On Representation-On Immunities

-Annulling the Suspension of the Habeas

of CitizensOn Tennessee-On Rebel Debt.

Corpus-Declaring tho Rebellion Ended-Ap.
pointments to Office-Trials by Military Courts
-Against the Fenian Invasion of Canada.

IX. Members of the Cabinet of President

Johnson, and of the 39th Congress, and of

III. Action of the Conventions and Legis-

Claimants of Seats therein....................

... 107-109

latures of the Lately Insurrectionary


18-28 X. Votes in the House of Representatives on

Proclamations of Provisional Governorg-

Political Resolutions...... .......... 109-114

Elections of Conventions and Ordinances

On Public Debt-Punishment of Treason-
thereof-Enactments of Legislatures—Tele-

Representation of lately Insurrectionary States
grams of President Johnson and Secretary

-Elective Franchise in the States—Test-Oath
Seward respecting the Rebel Debt, Colored

-Test-Oath for Lawyers-Endorsement of the
Suffrage, Anti-Slavery Amendment, Admission President's Policy-Withdrawal of Military
to Congress of Senators and Representatives

Forces—Legal effect of Rebellion-Duty of
President Lincoln's Letter to Governor

Congress-Writ of Habeas Corpus-Thanks to
Hahn, March 13, 1864, on Colored Suffrage, and

the President-Reco nition of State Govern-
his Telegram of April 12, 1865, prohibiting the

ment of North Carolina-Trial of Jefferson
meeting of the Rebel Legislature of Virginia.

Davis—Neutrality-The Fenians.

IV. Legislation Respecting Freedmen.......29-44 XI. Votes on Political Bills... .114-117

In North Carolina–Mississippi-Georgia-Al-

Suffrage in District of Columbia-Extending

abama-South Carolina, and General Sickles'ş

the Homestead Act-Habeas Corpus-West Vir-
Order relative thereto-Florida-Virginia, and
General Terry's
Order suspending the Vagrant

ginia Bill-Elective Franchise in the Territo-

Act-Tennessee Texas Louisiana

V. President Johnson's Interviews and

XII. Political and Military Miscellane-


....... 117-124

.44-63 Union National Platform of 1864-Democratic
Remarks to citizens of Indiana_Nashville

National Platform of 1864-Call for National
speech, June 9, 1864—To Virginia Refugees-

Union Convention, 1866—Address of Demo-
Interview with George L. Stearns-Address to

cratic Members of Congress, 1866–Elections
Colored Soldiers, October 10, 1865-Interview

of 1866–Lee's Surrender to Grant-The Sher-
with Senator Dixon-With Colored Delegation

man-Johnston Agreement, and its Disapproval
respecting Suffrage, with Reply of-Remarks

-Grant's Orders—Pennsylvania and Maryland
to Committee of the Virginia Legislature-

Platforms of 1866-Convention of Southern

Speech of February 22, 1866–To the Colored


People of the District of Columbia.

VI. Annual, Special, and Veto Messages


XIII. Tabular Statements on Representa-

tion, Tariff, and the Public Debt......... 125-120

Census Tables, showing Population, Voting

Population, Present Apportionment, and effect

Annual Message, December 4, 1865—On the

of proposed changes-Table of Votes, by States

condition of the late Insurrectionary States,

and Sections, on the Tariffs of 1816, 1824, 1828,

1832, 1846, 1857, 1861, 1864, and the Bill of 1866.


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