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in France, 281; American Journal of, Fouché, Memoirs of, reviewed, 288.
noticed, 394 ; state of, in the Philip- Fracastoro, Girolomo, life and writings
pine Islands, 395; of the Caffres, how of, 461 ; Sonnet of, to a Lady, ib.
conducted, 398 ; Hints for improve- France, state of education in, 281; num-
ment of, noticed, 433; natural division ber of protestants in, 469.
of the science of, 221.

Franklin, Dr, and Napoleon, Dialogue
Egypt, manufactures in, 275.

between, 339.
Elections, Freedom of in France, 37.
Ellis, Rev. William, 407 ; author of the

account of the Tour around Hawaii,407. Gallaudet, Mr, his experience as a teacher,
Emancipation of the Slaves of the United 179 ; his plan of a seminary for the
States impracticable, 453.

education of instructers of youth, 171.
Emmett, Mr, his observations on the Games, the public, influence of, on the
solar spots, 77.

Fine Arts in Greece, 46.
Encke's Comet, 117.

Garcia, Signor, his character as a writer
Enfield's Natural Philosophy, 75.

and performer of music, 420 ; Signo-
England, opposition of, to France, 1 ; rina, her musical talents, 420 ; how

growth of, for the last fifty years, 194. rewarded in England, 421 ; Junior,
Engravings, new method of colouring, notice of, 421.
invented at Vienna, 276.

Genlis, Madame de, second volume of
Essay on the Doctrine of Contracts, 441; her Memoirs, reviewed, 251; her visits

on Planetary Motion, noticed, 196; to England, 254 ; her comparison of
upon Poetic Simplicity, 456.

the French and English nations, 256.
Ethics, see Burton.

Gil Blas, authorship of, 468.
Etiquette, singular points of, in Morocco, Glasgow, a residence in, 183,

Göthe, a new edition of his Werter, 438;
Everett's New Ideas on Population, 196. value of his works, 154.
Exchange on England, 375.

Gould, Judge, his oration before the Phi
Expedition, History of Bonaparte's to Beta Kappa Society at New Haven,

Russia in 1812, reviewed, 1 ; the im- reviewed, 258.

mediate cause of his overthrow, 5. Gourgand, General, his book noticed, 432,
Experiment in instructing the poor, 76. Government of Children, how to be con-
Expiation, The, a novel, announced, 397. ducted, 433.

Græca Majora, see Majora.

Greece, seat of the Fine Arts, 43; Modern
Fashions of the Siamese, 470.

Literature of, 36.
Feijoo, Father, 467.

Greek Artists, 83.
Fellow, signification of the term in the Greenwood, Mr, extract from his sermon

charter of Harvard College, 134 ; before the Female Asylum, 119.
meaning of the term in the English
colleges, 94.

Fine Arts, essay upon, 302; Mr Ray's Hadduck, Professor, Oration of, noticed,

Address before a society of, 356; suc- 314.
cessfully cultivated in the Moorish Hamilton, Mrs Elizabeth, works of, on
kingdoms of Spain, 81; Rome derived education, noticed, 159.
from Greece, 47 ; cultivation of, in a

Harvard College, reform in, 129; corpo-
political point of view, 85, 86.

ration of, how composed, 12;
Fish, fattening of, in fresh water, 117. Memorial.
Flora of Brazil, 438.


Havana, boarding houses in, 296; man-
Florence, public buildings of, ornamented ners in, 297.

by Greek artists in the thirteenth cen- Hawaii, inhabitants upon, 407.
tury, 83.

Hearts of Steel, noticed, 468.
Foreign Scenes, by Mr Howison, 295. Heights, Groton, monument to be erected
Foresters, The, reviewed, 95.

on, 192.

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Henry, Professor, the translator of Nie Johnson, Mr, Observations of, on the Im-
buhr's Roman History, 75.

provements of Seminaries of Learning,
Hints to Parents, noticed, 279.

171 ; plan for that purpose, 218 ; his
History of the United States, noticed ; observations entitled to respect, 220.

272; of Boston, noticed, 319. Jones, John Paul, his Life and Character,
Historical, see Sketch.

by Mr Sherburne, reviewed, 51, English
Hopkins, Mr, observations of, on elec- opinion of him, 52 ; his account of the
tricity, &c., noticed, 357.

capture of the Drake, 52; of the
Howe, Judge, charge of, to the Grand Serapis, 55; his acquaintance with

Jury of Hampshire county, noticed, 70. Lord Selkirk, 57 ; once a midshipman
Howison, Mr, his Foreign Scenes and in the British navy, ib.

Travelling Recreations, reviewed, 295; Journal of a Tour around Hawaii, 401 ;
his opinions of the piracies in the West of Education, noticed, 394; of a Tour
Indies, 301.

in the interior of South Carolina, 104 ;
Husband Hunting, noticed, 152.

The Franklin, notice of, 471.
Hutchinson, his opinion of the importance Joyce's Scientific Dialogues, noticed, 74.

of Harvard College in its early history,


Kairua, number of inhabitants of, 408.

Keating, Mr, his narrative of Major
Imports, duties on, 423.

Long's Expedition, 35.
Improvement, internal, 377.

King Caucus, noticed, 157.
Indigo, manufacture of, 398.

Kirauea, a volcano on Hawaii, 410.
Industry, productive, defined, 145. Klopstock's Messiah, 237.
Interest, rate of, should not be regulated Kremlin, the, occupied by Napoleon, 8.

by law, 144 ; moral effects of a law for
that purpose, ib.

Internal, sée Improvement.

Labour, productive and unproductive, dis-
Instructers, number of, in New England, tinction between, 145.

174 ; require direct preparation, 179; Lafayette, Memoirs of, by Professor
their duty upon the inductive method Ticknor, 237; itinerary of his journey
of instruction, 249.

in this country, 275.
Instruction, mutual, 285.

Landais, Captain, infamous conduct of,
Insurance, law of, founded upon civil 54 ; letter to, by Dr Franklin, ib.
law, 446.

Language of the Polynesian islands, 405,
Islands in the Pacific Ocean, Malte-Brun's grammars of the, 406; of the Philip-

classification of, 402; different theories pine Islands, 395.
to account for the dispersion of the Languages of Africa, 396; diversities of,
Malay race, 403 ; Philippine, natives of how to be accounted for, 437.
the, 437; Society, English missionaries Latitude of the Capitol at Washington,
upon the, 405 ; improvements in the 438.
condition of, 406 ; Sandwich, Ameri- Law, language of the, in Spain, 237.
can missionaries upon, 405.

Law Tracts, 438.
Italy, Fine Arts in, 47.

Lawrence, Mr, address of, before the

American Academy of Fine Arts, 41.

Laws of Cumberland College, noticed, 471.
Jardine, Professor, character of, as a Leisure Hours at Sea, by a Midshipman,

teacher, 183 ; mode of conducting his noticed, 355.
recitations, 184; his opinion of the Legendre, M., project of, for a Literary
utility of lectures, 243; his views have Asylum, 35.
peculiar force when applied to mathe- Lenses, crystalline, of animals, employed
matics, 244,

as microscopes, 37.
Jefferson, Notes of, on Virginia, 196. Letter, from a friend of Paul Jones, 58.
Jenner, Dr, statue to the memory of, 397. Letters on Early Rising, noticed, 39.



Leverett, President, 169.

Metcalf, Mr, his Digest of Mass. Re-
Libraries, Public, in France, 395.

ports, 201 ; see Digest.
Lincoln, Governor, message of, 316. Miller, Dr, address of, noticed, 193.
Lindsley, Dr, recommends a seminary Milton, John, his views of Christian doc-

for the education of teachers, 171. trines, 321, et seq. ; of the rites of
Literary men, in the active professions, the Christian religion, 325; of the

260; remarks on the disorders of, re- institution of marriage, 326.
viewed, 60.

Missionaries, English, upon the Society
Literature, the Singulese, 396; of Mod- Islands, success of, 406; American

ern Greece, 36; Royal Society of, upon the Sandwich Islands, success

of, 407.
List, Quarterly, of New Publications, 35; Missions, utility of, 401.

difficulty in making it accurate, ib. Monastery, The Lay, 25.
Long, Major, Expedition of, to St Peter's Money, metallic, uses of, 65.
River, &c., 35.

Moore, Thomas, his Memoirs of the
Longitude of the Capitol at Washington, Life of Sheridan, 361; finds fault with

Tomline's Life of Pitt, 362; endeav.
Longevity, Russian, 274.

ours to exalt Sheridan at the expense

of Burke, 363.

Morocco, points of etiquette in, 318.
Magazine, the Canadian, noticed, 157. Moscow, burned by order of Rostop-
Mail, the Washington, 276.

schin, 8; Tecknological institution at,
Majora, Græca, new edition, 48; num-

ber of errors corrected, 50.

Moultrie, Fort, defence of in 1776, 32.
Malte-Brun, 78.

Mountains, Himalayah, height of the,
Manilla, Chinese, at, 437 ; exports 118.
from, 438.

Music, the introduction of the opera,
Manufacture, and mechanic arts, 146; 414 ; definition of, 418.

of indigo, 398.
Manufactures in Egypt, 275; British,

398; in relation to the general inter- Napoleon, interview of, with Caulincourt,
est of society, 306.

4; sepulchre of, 77; and Franklin,
Manuscript of the Iliad, 37.

dialogue between, 339.
Manuscripts, Oriental, discovered, 275. Netherlands, mendicity in, 470.
Mathematics, the study of, 245.

New comet, discovered at Florence, 398.
Matilda, a Tale of the Day, noticed, 392. New Jersey, Philosophical society, ob-
Mécanique Céleste, 15.

jects of, 194.
Mechanic arts, 308; and manufacture, New, see Publications.

New York, population of the state of,
Memoirs of Sheridan, 361 ; of Madame 438.

de Genlis, 251 ; of Fouché, authen. Niebuhr's Roman history, 75.
ticity of questioned, 288.

Notes on Virginia, 196.
Memorial of the Resident officers of Nova Scotia, province of, 36.

Harvard College, 12; defence of by Novels, Scott's, translated into the Rus-
Messrs Norton and Everett, 17; re- sian and Polish languages, 154 ;
solutions adopted by the Overseers, American, reprinted in London, 237.
17; claim set up by, 88 ; argument Novelists, German, 76.
against the, drawn from the guaranty
of the constitution, answered, 212.

Mendicity, in the Netherlands, 470. Observations, on Electricity, noticed, 357;
Message of Gov. Lincoln noticed, 316 ; Mr Johnson's, reviewed, 171,
of Goy. Clinton, ib.

Odessa, trade of, 398.
Metaphysics, not to be explained by the Ohio, the valuation and population of, 397.
Scriptures, 20.

Oliver, Dr, Address of, noticed, 234.

Opera, the Italian, noticed, 414 ; dignity laneous, selected from the United

of the entertainment vindicated, 416; States Literary Gazette, 368; chaste
in Paris, 419.

character of. ib. ; abound too much in
Orangeburg, S. C., situation of, 106. descriptive poetry, 969.
Oration, Prof Hadduck's, noticed, 314; Poetic Simplicity, essay upon, 456 ; er-

Mr Wiliard's, 71 ; Mr Beman's, no-, roneous opinions of, ib.
ticed, 150 ; Judge Gould's, at New Poetry, American, characteristics of,

Haven, reviewed, 258 ; its subject, 259. 368; subjects of, in New England,
Orations, peculiar to this country, 259 ; 457 ; Italian, Lyrical, 460; Original,
delivered by eminent men, ib.

A Maiden's song over the grave of
Oriental bazaar, description of, 299. her Lover, 69; A Simple Story,
Original, see Poetry.

111; A Vision, 228; Autumn, 29;
Orphans, The, notice of, 78.

Euthanasia, 354; Grecian Liberty,
Ostrich hunting, 397.

309; Inspiration, 427; Inscription,

28 ; Italy, a Conference, 188 ;

Mount Washington, 68; Mozart's
Painters, the Greek, excel in design, 44 Requiem, 70; Musings, 148 ; Ode
Painting, why preserved in the Catholic to Greece, 191 ; On an Oak, 464 ;

churches rather than statuary, 82 ; Painting, a personification, 267; Re-
new work on the history of, 470.

formed Tom Bell, 385; Rest, 389;
Palmetto Society, address before, notic. Remorse, 462 ; Sonnet, 68; Son-
ed, 32.

net, 148; Sonnet, 149 ; Sonnet to
Panama, congress of, 439.

Daniel Webster, 230 ; Stanzas, 463 ;
Paris, a seaport, 195.

Sunrise from Mount Washington,
Parry, Capt., return of from his voyage 270 ; Sonnet, 428; Sonnet, 463 ;

of discovery, 237; success of the ex. Song, 428 ; The Sailing of the Bran-
pedition, 238.

dywine, 30; The Last Song of the
Parthenon, preserved because dedicated Greek Patriot, 146 ; Time and
as a church, 81.

Beauty, 231 ; The Fair Italian, 349;
Peace Society, the prospects of the, 397. The Shaker and the Shoes, 352;
Percival, his Poems republished in Lon- The Crusader's Farewell, 388; The
don, 196.

Bubble and Balloon, 429; The Per-
Periodicals, increase of in Russia, 154 ; petual Youth of Nature Soliloquy,
in the United States, 469.

109; Vanity of Earthly Things,
Phenomenon, optical, 116.

Pilot, The, dramatized in England, 275. Political Economy, English works on,
Philippine Islands, education in, 395 ; not adapted to this country, 22 ;
language of, ib.

principles of, 22, 63, 143, 262, 306,
Pinkney, Edward C. his Poems reviewed, 344, 375, 423.

328 ; his character as a poet, ib. Popkin, Dr John S., his edition of
Pins made by steam, 398.

Græca Majora, 48 ; his critical
Pitt, Tomline's life of, censured by knowledge of the Greek language, 51.
Moore, 362.

Population of Ohio, 397.
Plan of emancipating the slaves of the Press, Royal, in France, 154 ; conse-

United States, 450 ; total impractica- quences of English freedom of the,

bility of, demonstrated, ib. et seq. 289.
Planters in South Carolina, 107. Price, definition of, 64.
Plea, Bacon's, for Africa, 30.

Pride, National, uses of, 41; excess of
Poem, Percival's Ø. B. K., 275.

among the Greeks, 42; the Romans,
Poems, addressed to the friends of Bra- ib.

zil, 77; Miscellaneous, by a Midship- Principles, that should govern the par-
man, 355 ; Percivals, republished in ties to a contract, 449.
England, 196; Pinkney's, general Production, defined, 145; objects of,
obscurity of the style of, 328; Miscel- 146.

Productive Industry, in relation to the St Valentine's day, notice of by Hur-
general welfare, 262,

dis, 26.
Pronunciation, remarks on, 378, Saldvaha Senhor, Poems of, addressed to
Pronouncing, see Dictionary.

the friends of Brazil, 77.
Protestants in France, number of, 469. Sandwich Islands, climate of 407.
Province of Nova Scotia, state of, 36. Sardinian edict, 398.
Publications, list of new, 38, 78, 118, School, at Tobolsk established by Swed-

155, 196, 238, 277, 319, 358, 399, ish officers, 288 ; at Chitenango,
439, 471; number of new published 153 ; Polytechnic abolished, 284.
in three months, 276 ; in two weeks, School books, construction of peculiarly

important, 241.
Pyramid of Cheops, 398.

Schools, the free, not suited to the pre-

sent condition of the people, 172;

much eulogized by public speakers,
Rail Roads, treatise on, noticed, 159; ib. ; Grammar, design of, 73; not
cost of, estimated, ib.

adequate to give instruction prepara .
Ray, Mr, address of, commended, 356. tory to the studies of the University,
Reader, classical French, noticed, 277. 249; public, in Europe, 358 ; of
Rebels, The, reviewed, 291 ; analysis of painting, in Italy, 83 ; in Greece, 152 ;

the story, ib. ; extract from the, 293. course of study recommended for sec-
Recollections, of Madame Campan, 78. ondary, in France, 286.
Reeve, Judge, Law of Descents by, 112. Segur, General, his history of Bona-
Reform, of Harvard College, principal parte's expedition to Russia reviewed,

points of, stated, 216 ; division of 1; attacked by Gen. Gourgaud, 432.
classes according to merit, 217; Seminary, for the education of instruc-
means of Harvard College not ade- ters of youth, 179; see Education.
quate to carry the system into efffect, Sepulchre, of Napoleon, 77.
ib. ; see Memorial.

Serapis, British Frigate capture of, 53.
Remarks, upon the growth of England, Sermons, influence of upon the public
194 ; on pronunciation, 378.

mind, 259.
Renouard, M., his essay upon the de- Sewall, Thomas, his Lecture noticed, 157.

fects of schools in France, 281. Sheridan, Richard Brinsley, Memoirs of,
Reports, Mass. hint in regard to the reviewed, 361; not to be compared

publication of, 203 ; see Digest. with Burke as a statesman, 363 ; his
Review, Edinburgh, for April, 1825, rupture with Burke, 362 ; manner in

noticed, 32 ; Quarterly, to be edited which he prepared himself for parlia-
by Mr Lockhart, 438.

mentary display, ib.
Rewards and punishments, comparative Sherburne, John Henry, his Life and

influence of, on the young, 433. Character of John Paul Jones, 56.
Roads, in the interior of S. C., 106. Shells, varieties in form of, 237.
Rome, Fine Arts in, 47.

Sims, Mr, his essay on planetary mo-
Roscoe, Mr Thomas, his edition of the tion noticed, 196.

German novelists, 76 ; his history of Sketch, Historical, of the Formation of
painting in Italy, 470.

the Confederacy, 372 ; drawn up with
Rostopschin, orders of, to set fire to ability, 278.
Moscow, 8.

Slaves, number of in the United States,
Ruins of Pompeii, discoveries among, 450 ; objections against removing

them to St Domingo, 451 ; objections
Running a Muck, custom of, 357.

to removing them into Colombia and
Russian longevity, instance of, 274. Mexico, 452 ; expense of removing
Russians, policy of the, when invaded them considered, 453 ; should be ed-
by Bonaparte, 2.

ucated before they are sent to the

colonies, 456 ; how treated in Caro-

lina, 108.
St Sebastians, attack upon, described, 334. Snelling, Col. Josiah, his remarks on


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