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Mr. Simons introduced

Senate Bill No. 35, An act to amend sections 601 and 608 of chapter 80, of the General Statutes.

Read first time.
Mr. MoFarland introduced

Senate Bill No. 36, An act to authorize railroad corporations to purchase the bonds and stock of other companies, and to endorse and guarantee the same, and foreclose mortgages.

Road first time.
Mr. McFarland introduced

Senate Bill No. 37, An act to amend an act regulating interest on money.

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Mr. McFarland introduced

Senate Bill No. 38, An act to legalize tho organization of the Junction City and Fort Kearney Railroad Company.

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Mr. McFarland introduced

Senate Bill No. 39, An act to amend an act entitled an act relating to the sale of property without appraisement, approved March 1, 1872.

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The President then announced the following as Committee on Cities of the Second Class :

Messrs. Ely, Grimes, Walker, Crichton and McWirt.

Mr. St. John, from the Committee on Appropriations, asked for further time on Senate Bill No. 13.

Which was granted.

Mr. Matheny, from the Committee on Corporations, asked further time.

Which was granted.

Mr. Martindale, from the Committee on Agriculture, asked for further time.

Which was granted.
On motion,
The Senate adjourned.




TOPEKA, January 24, 1873, 10 o'clock, A. M.
The Senate met pursuant to adjournment.
President in the chair.
Roll called.

The following gentlemen were present and answered to their names :

Messrs. Blair, Brandley, Barker, Crichton, Edwards, Ely, Grimes, Johnson, Judd, Martin, Martindale, Matheny, McFarland, McWirt, Moonlight, Morrill, Murdock, O'Neil, Palmer, Price, Rogers, Schmidt, Simons, Simpson, St. John, Topping, Walker, J. C. Wilson, V. P. Wilson, Winter and York.

Quorum present.
Prayer by the Chaplain, Rev. F. S. McCabe.
The Journal of yesterday was read and approved.

Rev. F. S. McCabe, Chaplain elect of the Senate, then came forward and subscribed the following oath:

You do solemly swear to support the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of Kansas, and faithfully discharge the duties of Chaplain of the Senate of the State of Kansas, to the best of your ability, so help you God.

F. S. McCABE. Subscribed and sworn to before me this twenty-fourth day of January, A. D. 1873.

E. S. STOVER. Lieutenant Governor and President of Senate.


The following communication from the Treasurer was received and read:



TOPEKA, January 23, 1873. Ion E. S. Stover, President of the Senate.

Sir: In compliance with a resolution of the Senate of the twentieth instant, I have the honor to report that the Legislature of Kansas by an act entitled "An act to provide for the assumption and settlement of the claims growing out of the Price raid in 1864, and Indian expedition under General Curtis in July and August of the same year," approved February 26, 1867, assumed such claims as had been allowed by the board of commissioners which had before been appointed, and ordered Union Military Scrip issued for the same, made payable on demand by the Treasurer out of any money in the treasury received from the government, liquidating in whole or in part the expenses incurred by the State on account of the Price raid and the Indian expedition under General Curtis. Said commission allowed for services, transportation, supplies and miscellaneous claims, S431,165.85, and for damages, $159,141.34. Under the provisions of an act of Congress approved February 3, 1871, three commissioners were appointed by the Secretary of War to audit these claims, aud after examining in detail all the vouchers on file in the Auditor's office, reported in favor of allowing $337,054.38, which was appropriated by act of Congress of June 8, 1872.

After the appropriation had been made by Congress, all the vouchers upon which these claims were based, were sent to the third Auditor's office at Washington, where they were further reduced to the sum of $336,817.37, which was duly paid to this office by the Governor.

The Union Military Scrip being by act of the Legislature payable on demand at the office of the Treasurer of the State of Kansas, out of any money appropriated by Congress for liquidating in whole or in part said claims, I at once commenced payment of the face of the serip and issuing certificates for the amount of interest then due.

When the funds were exhausted there still remained due of all scrip, except that issued for damages, the sum of $94,348.48, a part of which is still in this office not called for. All of which is respectfully submitted,


Treasurer of State. Mr. Murdock moved that the report of the Treasurer be referred to the Committee on Military Affairs, with authority to report by bill or otherwise.

Which motion prevailed, and
The resolution was so referred.


The following message was then received from the Gov




TOPEKA, January 24, 1873. To the Senate :

In response to your resolution requesting me to lay before the Legislature the report of the committee appointed by the last Legislature to provide an act for the assessment and collection of taxes, I have the honor to state that the report was transmitted to the House of Representatives on the seventeenth instant.




The following message from the House of Representatives was received and read :

Mr. President: I am directed by the House to inform the Senate that the House of Representatives refuses to recede from its amendment to

Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 10, Relating to pewspapers,

And respectfully asks that a Committee of Conference be appointed thereon.

Committee on part of the House :
Messrs. Baker, Nugent and McDonald.
The House has concurred in

Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 12, Memorializing Congress to donate military reservation,


Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 11, Appointing Joint Committee to investigate officers of State,

Without amendment.
And has passed

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