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Thcw, James H 88

H. K. 735.

Thevsohu, Ilenry 35

Tuimous, Charles 153

H. R. 1161.

Thomas, Ezra M 56

H. R. 157.

Thomas, George 56

H. K. 160.
Thomas, R. M 154

II. It. Ile3.
Thomas, James A 195

H. K. 1307.
Thomas, Josephine DaC 350

II. R. 1553.

Thomas, John 215

Thomas, L.J 232

Thomas. William I* 255

Thompson, James P 70

II. R. 407.
Thompson. JatuesW 76

H. R. 530.
Thompson, William 134

H. R. 934.
Thompson, William H '. .' 136,177

H. R. 860.

Thompson, Rutha C 27

Thompson, Francis B 30

Thompson, John A 148

Thompson, John 234

Thome, Philip 108

H. R. 814.
Thome, William P 282

II. R. 1744.
Thrasher, Robert K 56

H. R. 158.
Thurston, Malinda, ct at 183,200

II. R. 1459.

Tibbetrs. L. W 130

Tilman, Jonathan K 71,147

H. K. 439.
Tiualey, A. M 140

H. R. 1044.
ToU, John G 151

H. K. 1127.

Todd. John T 35

Tolson, Mary II 57

n. R. 174.
Tolson, Henry 57

H. R. 175.

Tompkins, Caleb 40

Turgorona, Peter 270

Torre. Thomas 200

11. R. 1400.
Totten, Julia H 250

II. R. 1552.
Totten, Elizabeth 251

H. It. 1564.
Touns, George M. D 142

H. R. 1085.

Towle, Albert 109

U.K. 832,833.
Toiler, D.F 61,04

II. Res. 4, 9.

Txeadwell. James I? 54.68,280

i H. R. 124,308.
Triery, John 151

H. R. 1125.
Troisgras, E 275

11. R. 1720.

Trook, John A 182

Truett, William 69

H. R. 387.
Truitt. David 74

II. It. 487.
Trupnall, George 60,124

H. R. 333.
Tucker, John B 75

H. R. 506.

Tticker, John T 184,192,222

II. R. 1322, 1518.
Tulloss, John E 68

H. R. 367.
Turner, George P 222

II. R. 1520.

Turner. Joanna W 129

Turner, Thomas J 272

H. Res. 55.


Turner, John 249

Turner, William S.. and Annie 279

Twidwell. George W 69

H. R. 385.

Twiford, Mary E 193

H. K. 1324.


United Stales, to consolidate the bonded debt of the 53

H. R. 196.

to reform the civil service of the fij

H. R. 303.

fixing exemptions on judgments in favor of the 70

H. R. 405.

to provide for the election of certain officers of the 72

II. R. 443.

to amend the Revised Statutes, relative to notes 84

H. R. 6«5.
for the recomputation of accounts between the, and the States, for moneys ex-
pended in the war of 1812 135

n. R. 940.

relative to costs of suit wherein the, is a party 190

H. R. 1281.

for tho relief of certain citizens of the 191

H. R. 1302.

relative to the debt of the 195

H. R. 1381.

relative to the debts due by or to the 211

H. R. 1492.

to provide for the appearance of the, in certain suita . 300

H. R. 1452.

to pay debts contracted by the, in certain States 252

H. R. 1583.

to promote the shipping interest* of the 271

H. R. 1661.

Vnited States eovrts, to amend the Revised Statutes relative to 49,80,86,87,136,152

H. R. 3. 596, 700, 716, 962, 1134.

relative to the clerks of the 52

H. R. 76.

to securo service of processes in 55

H R. 129.
to give circuit supervisory jurisdiction over district, in certain criminal

cases 57

H. R. 179.

to create an additional judicial district in Georgia 61

H. R. 248.

to secure administration of justice in the, in Alabama 61

H. K. 250.

to repeal Revised Statutes relntivo to jurors in the 61,62,81

H. R. 258, 259, 276, 617.

fixing fees of clerks of 67

II. R. 350.

to compensate State and county officers for services rendered in 70

H. R. 410.

to establish, at Chattanooga, Tennessee 70

H. R, 411.

terms of the, at Fort Wayne. Indiana 71

H. R. 431.

to establish the southern district of Indiana 71

H. R. 441.

terms of the, at Kansas City, Missouri 7?

H. R. 563.

conferringjurisdiction on. in certoincases 79

H. R 566.

regulating the practice in 79,211

H. R. 570, 1494.

terms of, in the western district of Missouri 80

H. K. 598.

to establish the district of Oklahoma SI

H. R. 614.

relative to the jurisdiction of 84,195.1*

H. R. 663, 1380, 1399.

to simplify the pleading in civil actions in ..... ST

H. R. 715.

relativo to, in Mississippi 111,185

H. R. 870, 906.

relative to witnessosin IS

H. R. 912.

relative to taking testimony in criminal cases in 138

II. R. 99e.

to secure rights of seizure under process of 1W

H. R. 1040.

terms of, at Jackson, Tennessee 140

II. R. 1048.

relativo to, in Illinois 141

H. R. 1065.


United States courts, relative to, in Utah Territory 142

H. It. 1071.

terms of at, Carthage, Missouri 142

H. R. 1080.

to extend jurisdiction of, over Indian icservations 155

H. R. 1193.

fixing salaries of judges of 194

H. R. 1360.

relative to the employment of assistant attorneys in the 195

H. R. 1377.

relative to liens of judgments in the 197

H. R, 1400.

terms of the, at Jacksonville. Florida 199

II. R. 1436.

to enlarge jurisdiction of judges of, in vacation 199

H. R. 1437.

to reorganize the 199

n. R. 1440.

relative to judgments in 200,251

H. R. 1449, 1568.

relative to, in Texas 252

H. R. 1582.

United States notes, for the funding and redemption of 244,269

II. R. 1542, 1640.

Unstamped documents, to provide for the stamping of 54,191

H. R. 114, 1299.

Usury, to repeal the Revised Statutes relative to 59

II. R. 208.

Utah Territory, Delegate from, appears, viz: George Q. Cannon 13

to restore certain lands in, to market 90

H. R. 775.

to enable the people of, to form a State government 90

II. R. 776.

relative to the approval of bills in 90

H. R, 777.
for the payment of certain improvements on lands in Fort Cameron reservation

in 90

H. R. 778.

granting right of way to the U tali Western Railroad 90

II. E. 779.

[individual Bills, Petitions, Etc.]

Udell. Nathan 86

H. R. 698.
Ueber, Ludwlg 72

H. R. 454.
Underbill, Charles B 55

H. R. 137.

United States, National Board of Trade, for an appropriation for light-houses 172

National Board of Trade, relative to the navigation laws 175

National Board of Trade, for the establishment of an international monetary con-
vention 182

mechanics and laborers in the employment of the, for an equalization of salaries. 182

physicians of the, for printing the subject catalogue 183

messengers of the Supreme Court of the, for additional compensation 220

Upton, GeorgeB 28,49

H. R. 23.
Utah Territory, citizens of, for aid in the construction of a water-ditch for irrigating purposes. 129

Vanro, Robert B., of Asheville, eighth district of North Carolina:

Answered roll-call 6

Sworn in 12

Member of Committee on Coinage, 'Weights, and Measures 95

Patents 95

Resolutions of the House introduced by

That the Secretary of the Interior be requested to furnish this House with information
as to whether any legislation is necessary in order to provide for the preservation of
models or parts of models saved from the late fire at the Patent Office 119

That the Clerk of the House be, and he hereby is, directed to pay S. E. Gittings and W.
W. Springfield, each, the sum of $43.48, for services rendered as messengers, from the
16th to the 3lst of October, inclnsive, and to Wilmut Leach the sum of $83.48 for serv-
ices as messenger during the month of October 255

That the Clerk of the House of Representatives be, and he is hereby, instructed to pay J.
M. Hines the sum of $90.67, for services as messenger of the House of Representatives

from January 10, 1877, to March 4, 1877, and from October 15 to November 1, 1877 290

Hilhf of the House introduced by

To repeal section 3480 of Revised Statutes, No. 226; amending pension laws, 227; Eastern
band of Cherokees. 228; to amend bank-tax, 229; J. C. Cleudenuing, 952; R. L. McCon-
naughev, 953; A. B. and J. J. Welch, 954; A. Cooper, 955; Judson Female College, 956;
J.O. Robertson, 957; French Broad River, 958: J. Brown, 1211; J. B. Plemmons, 1327;
fast mail to southern cities, 1604; branch mint at Charlotte, North Carolina, 1605; J. D.
Street, 1606: F. B. Corland, 1607; M. L. Brittain, 1608: J. C. Camp, 1609; J. Ward, 1610;
R. C. W. Hughey, 1611; Patents, 1612; H. P. Buckner, 1657; W. M. Moore, 1659.

Vance, Robert 16.—Continued.
Petition* presented by

For post-route 30, 47,132,163,210.26S

J. andN. Roberts 30.37

W. Donaldson et al 131

K. L. McConuaughey 132

N. How-en et al 17-2

J. O. Robertson 194

M.Tatbam 20*

J. S. Waldrop, et al 204

A. Fuller 215

M. Marshal 215

C.W. Hughes 215

J. C. Camp 249

W.N.Morrison fc - 258

Van VorhcR, IVclnon ■■., of Athens, fifteenth distinct of Ohio:

Answered roll-call

Sworn in 12

Member of Committee on Indian Affaira — 94

Enrolled Bills .. 96

MIL* (if the House introduced by

Pottawatomie Indians, No. 316; to pav Pottawatoinies, 317: A. and E. Whitehair, 890; C.
Sheets, 891: 0. B Nott 892; class of 1870, United States Naval Academy, 893; II. M.
Davis, 894; P. M.Ward, 895: W. D. L. Stanley, 896; E. Hall. 1112; A. B. Battellc, 1113;
Rand Gas-Eight Company of District of Columbia, 1368; J. M. Grace, 1627.
Petition* prevented bo

P. M.Ward et al 107

C. Sheets 107

H.M.Davis 107

E.Hall - 132

Vectler, \\ illinm D., of Brooklyn, second district of New York:

Answered roll-call 4

Sworn in 12

Member of Committee on War Claims 93

Expenditures in the Treasury Department 95

Petitions presented by

Letter-carriers 34

Vttxezuela, relative to the Venezuelan Mixed Commission 141

H. R. 1059.
Vermont, members from the State of, appear, viz: Charles H. Joyce, Dudley C. Denison, George

W. Hendee 4

To improve Vergcnnes Bay and Otter Creek in 110

H. R. 815.

Vessels, to relieve, from compulsory pilotage 50,134

H. R. 24, 929.

to create lien on, in favor of certain parties .. 62,137

H. R. 266, 988.

to define who are officers of 75

II. R. 502.

granting American registry to steam ferrv-boat J. W. Spicer 82

H. R. 638.

relative to steamers Philo Parsons and Island Queen 82

H. R, 639.

to revise the laws relative to security of lite on board 83

H. R. 641.

to give an American registry to the steamer Isabelle 91

H. R. 785.

to change the name of schooner Captain Charles Robbing 133

H. R. 910.

relative to the claim of the schooner Bergen 134

H. Res. 24.

for the relief of contractors for the construction of war 189

H. R. 1264.

to change the name of the ship Samuel G. Reed 189

H. H 1265.

granting an American registry to the bark Montebello 189

H. R. 1266.

granting American registry to the Canadian ferrv-boat Geneva 201

H. R. 1475.

to change name of schoonor Captain Charles Robbing 213

S. 289.

to change name of ship Samuel G. Reed 224

S. 315.

relative to, not propelled by steam or sail 285

H. R. 1757.
Vice-President of the United States, to appoint a committee to consider the law relative to the

election of President and 31

Virginia, members from the State of, appear, vi/.: B. B. Douglas, Johu Goode, jr., Gilbert C.
Walker, Joseph Jorgensen, George C. Cabell, John R. Tucker, John T. Harris,

Eppa Hon ton. Auburn L. Pridemore 6

to improve the harbor of Norfolk, Portsmouth River, in 57

H. R. 185.

to improve BJaekwatcr River, in 57

H. R. 187,

to reimburse the college of William and Mary, in 5S

H. R. 189.

to improve Pagan Creek, in 5?

H. R. 190.


Virginia, to improve Hampton River, in 58

II. R. 191.
to provide a public building in Danville, in 110

II. R. 865.
to survey Staunton River, in Ill

II. R. 868.
to survey New River, in Ill

H. R. 869.
for the relief of the Protestant Episcopal Seminary, in 135

H. R. 943.
to provide public buildings at Lynchburg, in 156

II. R. 1204.
for the relief of certain citizens of Lvnchbnrg 254

II. It. 1629.


Valier, Charles 156

II. R. 1-210.

Vallandiugham, John O 199

H. R. 1441.

Vance, Aleck Ofi

H. R. 322.

Vance, Susan I' 26, 37,73

H. R. 468.

Van Cott, John, ct al 91

H. R. 780.

Van Dorvcer, W. P 193

H. R. 1343.

Van Name. Jerome 106

Vansiint, Eva, ft al cs

H. R. 724.

Vcazie, Mary Jane 152,164

II. R. 1141.

Vaunhan, Catharine 117

Verbike, 'William K 99,112

II. R. 899.

Vermont, citizens of, for the adoption of Bickford's plan of international coinago 118

Vinnedge. Alexander M 32

Virginia, citizens of, for increase of salaries of letter-carriers 30.45

workmen et al., of. employed by the government, for restoration of wages 30, 44

memorial of the councils of Norfolk, for an appropriation for the improvement of the

Dismal Swamp Canal 44

Chamber of Commerce of Richmond, for the adoption of Bickford's plan of interna-
tional coinage 118

citizens of, for a change in the currency laws 131

wnrkingmen of, for the enforcement of* the eight-hour law 281

Mexican Veteran Association ot Norfoi k and Portsmouth 282

Vivion. J. H 97

Vogle, Udilia 178

II. R. 1231.


Wuddell, Alfred iU., of 'Wilmington, third district of North Carolina:

Answered roll-call 8

Sworn in »-.. 12

Member of Committee on Post-Omce and Post-Roads 93

Mil* of the Howie introduced by

Western district of North Carolina. No. 225; accounts with railway companies, 951; mer-
chant marine service, 1219; cadets of Military Academy, 1328; light-house on Capo
Fear River, 1329; J. Plunkett, 1330; G. H. Giddiugs,1496; post-routes in several States,
1637; E. De Leon, 1655; P. J. Condon, 1656.
Petitions presented by

R. Dillon 107

W. F.Atkinson 119

G. H. Geddings 132

J. R. Royal ti al 232

Wail, John T., of Norwich, third district of Connecticut;

Answered roll-call 4

Sworn in 12

Leaves of absence granted 128, 266

Member of Committee on Elections 93

Expenditures iu the Department of Justice 96 of the TTouse introduced by—

Retired Rear-Admiral of United States Navy, No. 35; A. .T. Kane, 36; W. Carrnthers,
821; Norwich ami N'ew York Transportation Company. 8-22; postage on third-class
matter, 1273 and 1274; S. II. Canfleld, 1275; Stonington Harbor, 1276; Colchester Monu-
ment Association, 1277; Ledyard Monument Association, 1278; A. D. Cook & Co, 1179.
Petitions presented by—

For cheap telegraphy 30

D. W. Hakes . 34

W. R. Bennett ef al ■ 100

A. D. Cook &Co 204

For post mute 225

Walker, Oilbcrt C, of Richmond, third district of Virginia.

Answered roll-call 61

Sworn in 12

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