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Mr. Levi Maish
Mr. George W. Patterson Mr. Milton Sayler

Mr. Amos Townsend
Van H. Mapping
William A. Phillips Alfred M. Scales

Richd. W. Townshend Benjamin F. Marsh Henry M. Pollard

Leonidas Sexton

Thomas Turner Benjamin F. Martin Thad. C. Pound

Charles M. Shelley

Robert B. Vance James A. McKenzie Hiram Price

Otho R. Singleton

Nelson H. Van Vorbes William McKinley, jr. Auburn L. Pridemore William F. Slemons Alfred M. Waddell John A. McMahon Joseph H. Rainey

William E. Smith

Frank Welch Roger Q. Mills

James H. Randolph William A. J. Sparks Michael D. White Hernando D. Money David Rea

William M. Springer Edwin Willets
James Monroe
John H. Reagan
Walter L. Steele

Charles G. Williams Charles H. Morgan Americus V. Rice

J. H. Stewart

Jere N. Williams William R. Morrison Haywood Y. Riddle John W. Stone

Richard Williams
H. L. Muldrow
William M. Robbins Joseph C. Stone

Albert S. Willis
Henry S. Neal
E. W. Robertson
Horace B. Strait

Thomas Wren
Addison Oliver
Milton S. Robinson J. M. Thornburgh

Hendrick B. Wright
Romualdo Pacheco Ezekiel S. Sampson J. W. Throckmorton Jesse J. Yeates
Horace F. Page
William F. Sapp
Thomas F. Tipton

Casey Young.
Those who voted in the negative are-
Mr. William J. Bacon Mr. Horace Davis

Mr. Abram S. Hewitt Mr. Llewellyn Powers Latimer W. Ballou Dudley C. Denison Charles H. Joyce

Thomas B. Reed Henry W. Blair Benjamin T. Eames J. E. Leonard

William W. Rice Mark S. Brewer

Walbridge A. Field Stephen D. Lindsey Gustave Schleicher James F. Briggs William P. Frye J. H. McGowan

Alex. H. Stephens Simeon B. Chittenden Randall L. Gibson

Leopold Morse

Thomas Swann
William Claflin
Aug. A. Hardenbergh Amasa Norcross

William Ward
Nathan Cole
E. Kirke Hart
Thomas B. Peddie

Fernando Wood. James W. Covert

George W. Hendee

Those not voting areMr. George A. Bagley Mr. Milton J. Durbam Mr. John H. Ketcham Mr. C. H. Sinnickson William H. Baker Jeremiah W, Dwight John W. Killinger

Robert Smalls
Nathaniel P. Banks Anthony Eickhoff William Kimmell

A. Herr Smith
Thomas M. Bayne
Russell Errett

George M. Landers Milton I. Southard
George M. Beebe
I. Newton Evans

Elbridge G. Lapham John H. Starin Charles B. Benedict James L. Evans

Daniel N. Lockwood William S. Stenger Horatio Bisbee, jr. Greenbury L. Fort George B. Loring

John M. Thompson Jos. C. S. Blackburn Chapman Freeman Stephen L. Masham Martin I. Townsend Archibald M. Bliss James A. Garfield

Auson G. McCook

John R. Tucker
Thomas A. Boyd
Lucien C. Gause
John I. Mitchell

Jacob Turney
Edward S. Bragg
Thomas M. Gunter Nicholas Muller

William D. Veeder
John M. Bright
Eugene Hale
Charles O'Neill

Job T. Wait Horatio C. Burchard John Hanna

Edward Overton, jr. Gilbert C. Walker Benjamin F. Butler Alfred C. Harmer

James Phelps

William Walsh John H. Camp

Benjamin W. Harris Clarkson N. Potter Levi Warner Jacob M. Campbell John T. Harris

John Howard Pugh Lewis F. Watson
Alvah A. Clark
Eli J. Henkle
Terrence J. Quinn

Harry White
Hiester Clymer
Daniel M. Henry
James B. Reilly

Thomas R. Cobb
Frank Hiscock

Charles B. Roberts Alpheus S. Williams Francis D. Collins

John N. Hungerford George D. Robinson Andrew Williams William W. Crapo Amaziah B. James Miles Ross

James Williams Robt. H. M. Davidson Frank Jones

Thomas Ryan

Benjamin A. Willis Beverly B. Douglas Joseph Jorgensen Wm. S. Sha llenberger Benjamin Wilson. So the rules were suspended, and the bill passed, viz:

A BILL (H. R. 1093) to authorize the free coinage of the standard silver dollar, and to

restore its legal-tender character. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representaíives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That there shall be coined, at the several mints of the United States, silver dollars of the weight of

our hundred and twelve and a half grains troy of standard silver, as provided in the act of January eighteenth, eighteen hundred and thirtyseven, on wbich shall be the devices and superscriptions provided by said act; which coins, together with all silver dollars heretofore coined by the United States of like weight and fineness, shall be a legal tender, at their nominal value, for all debts and dues, public and private, except where otherwise provided by contract; and any owner of silver bullion may deposit the same at any United States coinage-miut or assay-office, to be coined into such dollars, for his benefit, upou the same terms and conditions as gold bullion is deposited for coinage under existing laws.

SEC. 2. All acts and parts of acts inconsistent with the provisions of this act are hereby repealed.

Ordered, That the Clerk request the concurrence of the Senate in the said bill.

Mr. Ewing moved that the rules be suspended, so as to enable him to submit, and the House to agree to, the following resolution, viz:

Resolved, That the bill to repeal the third section of the resumption law be made the special order, not to interfere with any appropriation bills, for to-morrow at the expiration of the morning hour, and from day to day thereafter until the following Tuesday at 3 o'clock, when the previous question shall be ordered on it and on any amendments then pend. ing, all amendments mean while to be in order, provided the time shall be extended, if necessary, so as to allow five days after the morning hour for the consideration of said bill and amendments. And the question being put,

(Yeas ....................... 143 It was decided in the affirmative, Nays

.. 47 (Not votiug ...

100 (two-thirds voting in favor thereof.)

The yeas and pays being desired by one-fifth of the members present,

Those who voted in the affirmative areMr. D. Wyatt Aiken Mr. H. J. B. Cummings Mr. H. L. Humphrey Mr. Haywood Y. Riddle William Aldrich Augustus W.Cutler Anthony Ittner

William M. Robbins
J. D. C. Atkins
Joseph J. Davis

James Taylor Jones E. W. Robertson
John H. Baker
Nathaniel C. Deering John S. Jones

Ezekiel S. Sampson
Henry B. Banning
Geo. G. Dibrell
J. Warren Keifer

William F. Sapp Hiram P. Bell H. L. Dickey William D. Kelley

Milton Sayler George A. Bicknell Benjamin T. Eames John E. Konna

Alfred M. Scales Richard P. Bland John R. Eden William Kimmel

Leonidas Sexton James H. Blount J. B. Elam Robert M. Knapp

Charles M. Shelley Andrew R. Boone Charles C. Ellsworth J. Proctor Knott

Otho R. Singleton Gabriel Bouck John H. Evins William Lathrop

William F. Slemons Lorenzo Brentano Thomas Ewing Robert F. Ligon

William E. Smith Curtis H. Brogden

William H. Felton William Pitt Lynde William A. J. Sparks Thomas M. Browne Ebenezer B. Finley L. A. Mackey

William M. Springer Avlett H. Buckner William H. Forney Levi Maish

Walter L. Steele
Theodore W. Burdick Benjamin J. Franklin Benjamin F. Marsh Alex. H. Stephens
George C. Cabell
Benoni S. Fuller

Benjamin F. Martin Joseph C. Stone
Richard H. Cain
Mills Gardner

James A. McKenzie J. M. Thornburgh
John W. Caldwell
William W. Garth

William McKinley, jr. J. W. Throokmorton W. P. Caldwell D. C. Giddings

John A. McMahon Thomas F. Tipton William H. Calkins John M. Glover

Roger Q. Mills

Richd. W.Townshend Milton A. Candler

Andrew H. Hamilton Hernando D. Money John R. Tucker
Joseph G. Cannon
Henry R. Harris

Charles H. Morgan Thomas Turner
Job G. Carlisle

Carter H. Harrison William R. Morrison Robert B. Vance J. R. Chalmers Julian Hartridge Leopold Morse

Nelson H. Van Vorhes John B. Clarke William Hartzell H. L. Muldrow

Alfred M. Waddell John B. Clark, jr. Dudley C. Haskell Henry S. Neal

Frank Welch
Rusb Clark
Robert A. Hatcher Addison Oliver

Michael D. White
Omar D. Conger
Philip C. Hayes

William A. Pbillips Jere N. Williams
Philip Cook
Thomas J. Henderson Hiram Price

Albert S. Willis
James W. Covert Goldsmith W. Hewitt Auburn L. Pridemore Fernando Wood
Jacob D. Cox
Hilary A. Herbert

James H. Randolph Thomas Wren
Samuel S. Cox
Charles E. Hooker David Rea

Hendrick B. Wright Jordan E. Cravens John F. House

John H. Reagan

Jesse J. Yeates Thomas T. Crittenden Jay A. Hubbell

James B. Reilly

Casey Young.
D. B. Culberson
Eppa Hunton

Americus V. Rice
Those wbo voted in the negative are-
Yr, William J. Bacon Mr. Dudley C. Denison Mr. J. E. Leopard

Mr. Llewellyn Powers Latimer W. Ballou Mark H. Dunnell

Stephen D. Lindsey Joseph H. Rainey
Henry W. Blair
Walbridge A. Field John K. Luttrell

Thomas B. Reed
Mark S. Brewer
Charles Foster
J. H. McGowan

William W. Rice
James F. Briggs
William P. Frye
James Monroe

J. H. Stewart
Solomon Bundy
Randall L. Gibson Amasa Norcross

Horace B. Strait
Lucien B. Caswell Aug. A. Hardenbergh Romualdo Pacheco William Ward
William Claflin
E. Kirke Hart
Horace F. Page

Edwin Willets
Natban Cole
Geo. C. Hazelton

George W. Patterson Alpbeus S. Williams
Lorenzo Danford
George W. Hendee Thomas B. Peddie

Charles G. Williams C.B. Darrall Charles H. Joyce Henry M. Pollard

Richard Williams. Horace Davis

Edwin W. Keightley Thad. C. Pound Those not voting areMr. George A. Bagley Mr. Archibald M. Bliss Mr. Jacob M. Campbell Mr. Beverly B. Douglas William H. Baker Thomas A. Boyd

Simeon B. Chittenden Milton J. Durbam Nathaniel P. Banks Edward S. Bragg

Alvah A. Clark

Jeremiah W. Dwight Tbornas M. Bayne Samuel A. Bridges Hiester Clymer

Anthony Eickhoff George M. Beebe John M. Bright Thomas R. Cobb

E. John Ellis Charles B. Benedict Horatio C. Burchard Prancis D. Colling Russell Errett Horatio Bisbee, jr.

Benjamin F. Butler William W. Crapo I. Newton Evans Jos. C. S. Blackburn John H. Camp

Robt. H. M. Davidson James L. Evans

Mr. Greenbury L. Fort Mr. Amaziah B. James Mr. Clarkson N. Potter Mr. Thomas Swann
Chapman Freeman Frank Jones

John Howard Pugh John M. Thompson James A. Garfield Joseph Jorgensen

Terrence J. Quinn

Amos Townsend Lucien C. Gause John H. Ketcham

Charles B. Roberts Martin I. Townsend John Goode

John W. Killinger George D. Robinson Jacob Turney
Thomas M. Gunter George M. Landers Milton S. Robinson William D. Veeder
Eugene Hale
Elbridge G. Lapham Miles Ross

John T. Wait
John Hauna
Daniel N. Lockwood Thomas Ryan

Gilbert C. Walker
Alfred C. Harnier
George B. Loring

Gustave Schleicher William Walsh
Benjamin W. Harris Van H. Manning

Wm. S. Sballenberger Levi Warner
John T. Harris
Stephen L, Mayham C. H. Sinnickson

Lewis F. Watson
Eli J. Henkle
Anson G. McCook
Robert Smalls

Harry White
Daniel M. Henry
John I. Mitchell
A. Herr Smith

W. C. Whitthorne
Abram S. Hewitt
Nicholas Muller

Milton I. Southard Andrew Williams Frank Hiscock Charles O'Neill John II. Starin

James Williams Morton C. Hunter

Edward Overton, jr, William S. Stenger Benjamin A. Willis John N. Hungerford James Phelps

John W. Stone

Benjamin Wilson. So the rules were suspended, and the said resolution was submitted and agreed to.

Mr. Wood moved that the rules be suspended so as to enable him to report from the Committee of Ways and Means, and the House to consider and agree to, the following resolutions, viz:

Resolved, That the President be respectfully requested, if not incompatible with the public interests, to communicate to this House the cor. respondence with the Spanish Government, and the orders and directions of the Treasury Department to the collectors of customs, in relation to the recent imposition of a differential duty of fifty cents per ton on Spanish vessels entering American ports, with such information in reference thereto as he may deem necessary.

Resolved further, That the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, requested to furnish the House of Representatives, at the earliest practicable moment, copies of the contract made with a certain syndicate of American and foreign bankers for the negotiation of the 4 per cent. bonds of the United States, together with copies of all other papers relating thereto; and also with a statement as to the present condition of such negotiation, and whether it remains in force as originally made, without modification or change.

And the question being put,
It was decided in the affirmative, (two-thirds voting in favor thereof.)
So the rules were suspended.

The said resolutions were thereupon reported by Mr. Wood, from the said committee, and agreed to.

Mr. Calkins, by unanimous consent, submitted the following resolution:

Resolved, That inasmuch as this is the day of the funeral of the late Senator Morton, in token of respect to his memory this House do now adjourn.

Pending which, Mr. Hunton, by unanimous consent, introduced a bill (H. R. 1094) to remove the disabilities of Asa Wall imposed by the third section of the fourteenth article of the amendments to the Constitution of the United States; wbich was read twice, engrossed, read the third time, and passed, (two-thirds voting in favor thereof.)

Ordered, That the Clerk request the concurrence of the Senate in the said bill.

Mr. Glover, by unanimous consent, submitted a resolution for the relief of Theodore F. Wilson; which was referred to the Committee on Appropriations.

Mr. Phillips, by unanimous consent, introduced a bill (H. R. 1095) to create postal savings-banks; which was read twice, referred to the Committee on the Post-Office and Post-Roads, and ordered to be printed, and also printed in the Record.

Bs unanimous consent, leave was granted to withdraw from the files of the House papers as follows, viz:

To Mr. Blackburn, in the cases of Mrs. Rosa V. Jeffreys, William H. Gray, D. W. Price, and A. S. Bloom ;

To Mr. Henry R. Harris, in the case of John M. Word ; and
To Mr. Charles G. Williams, in the case of C. H. Bliss.
By opanimous consent, leave of absence was granted as follows, viz:
To Mr. Bisbee, for three days;
To Mr. Burdick, for two days;
To Mr. Cutler, until the 7th instant;
To Mr. Frank Jones, for one week ;
To Mr. Overton, until the 8th instant.

The Speaker announced the appointment of the following select committee, under the resolution submitted by Mr. Hardenbergh on the 1st instant, and adopted by the House, for the appointment of a committee of three members to examine into and report upon the propriety of a railing for the protection of the outer circle of seats, viz :

Mr. Hardenbergh, Mr. Turner, and Mr. Loring. Mr. Hooker, by unanimous consent, submitted a resolution in relation to the salary of the electrician of the House; which was read and referred to the Committee of Accounts.

The Speaker, having stated that he would be absent from the House to-morrow, announced the appointment of Mr. Sayler to be Speaker pro tempore during bis said absence.

And then,

The resolution submitted by Mr. Calkins was unanimously agreed to; and the House, at 2 o'clock and 45 minutes p. m., accordingly adjourned.


The following memorials, petitions, and other papers were laid on the Clerk's desk, under the rule, and referred as follows, viz:

By Mr. Brewer: A paper relating to the establishment of a postroute between Clarkston and Oxford, Oakland County, Michigan ;

By Mr. Corlett: A paper relating to the establishment of certain postroutes in Wyoming Territory; to the Committee on the Post-Office and Post-Roads.

By Mr. Samuel S. Cox: Remonstrance of merchants of New York, against the repeal of the bankrupt law, and a petition for amendments thereto; to the Committee on the Judiciary.

By Mr. Dunnell: The petition of J. H. Cooper and others, of Minnesota, for an amendment of the tree.culture act; to the Committee on the Public Lands.

By Mr. Ellis: Papers relating to the claim of J. W. Arthur & Com. pany, for compensation for property taken by the United States Army; to the Committee on War-Claims. By Mr. Fenn: The petition of Jane D. Cotton, for a pension;

By Mr. Fuller: The petition of Jonathan R. Tilman, for a pension; to the Committee on Invalid Pensions.

Also, the petition of the heirs of Captain Lambert Wickes, for prize money and pay during the Revolution ; to the Committee of Claims.

By Mr. Gibson: The petition of Flora S. Miller and others, for compensation for property destroyed by the United States military authorities;

By Mr. Goode: The petition of Mrs. Mary A. Hughes, for compensa. tion for the use of her property by United States authorities; to the Committee on War-Claims.

By Mr. Gunter: The petition of Elias B. Moore, to be reimbursed for postage-stamps taken by the United States Army in 1852; to the Committee of Claims.

By Mr. Henderson : Papers relating to the claim of Samuel Noble, for cotton wrongfully seized by United States authorities ; to the Committee on the Judiciary.

By Mr. House : Papers relating to the claims of Shelby Medical Col. lege, for rent and for property taken therefrom by the United States Army;

Also, of Thomas Hord, for supplies taken by the United States Army; Also, of A. J. Duncan, for property taken by the United States Arms;

By Mr. Hunton: Papers relating to the petition of S. B. Corbett, for compensation for the use of his property by the United States authori. ties :

By Mr. Martin: The petition of Joseph Anderson, for compensation for property taken by the United States Army; to the Committee on War.Claims.

Also, the petition of John A. Thompson and others, of Jefferson County, West Virginia, for the issue of a currency that shall be a legal tender for all dues, public and private; to the Committee on Banking and Currency.

By Mr. Mayham: The petition of F. P. Molton and 300 other citizens of Scobarie and Montgomery Counties, New York, for the extension of post-route 1455 to Cobleskill; to the Committee on the Post-Office and Post-Roads.

By Mr. Polard: Papers relating to the petition of Van B. Bowers, to be reimbursed for property taken from the post-office at Ducklin, Mis. souri, by robbers ; to the Committee of Claims.

By Mr. Randolph: Papers relating to the claim of R. F. Bernard, for services rendered as a lieutentant of cavalry, United States Army; to the Committee on Military Affairs.

By Mr. Schleicher: Papers relating to the claim of George H. Gid. dings, mail-contractor; to the Committee on the PostOffice and Post-Roads.

By Mr. Springer: The petition of Daniel Clary, for a pension; to the Committee on Invalid Pensions.

By Mr. Stephens: The petitions of V. Richards & Brothers and A. L. Maxwell, for stores furnished and supplies taken by the United States Army;

Also, the petition of Bernard Rice, for compensation for property destroyed by the United States Army; to the Committee on War-Claims.

By Mr. Swann: The petition of F. C. Latrobe, mayor, and 5,000 citi. zens, of Baltimore, for an increase of the salaries of letter-carriers; to the Committee on the Post-Office and Post-Roads.

Also, the petition of George Wolf, for arrears of pension; to the Committee on Invalid Pensions.

Also, the petition of Mrs. Elizabeth Goldsborough, widow of Rear. Admiral L. M. Goldsborough, for a pension; to the Committee on Naval Affairs.

Also, the petition of John H. Bond and 25 other mechanics and labor

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