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DEATH, no object of fear to good. FRANCE, prefent King of, fome
anecdotes relating to, 64.

country of, encomium

on, 65.

ners, &c. ib.

FRIENDSHIP with God, its nature
explained, on fcripture prinçi-
ples, 478.

people, 235.
DEGLUTITIOv, total obstruction
of, how cured, 259.
DENMARK, remarks on the con-
ftitution of its government, 31.
Its capital defcribed, 32.
DISSENTERS, tracts relating to
their late application to parlia-
ment, 75, 101, 163, 347, 402.
DOLLAND'S micrometer, improve-

ment in the ufe of, 414.
DROPSY, extra cures of, 261.
DUHAMEL, Monf. his experiment
to ascertain the fexual fyftem of
plants, 272.
DUMB-WAITERS, how used in the
palace of the French King, 64.
DUTCH, their wonderful industry,


ARTHQUAKES, method of
determining the strength and
direction of, 97.
ELFRIDA, Mafon's dramatic poem
of, adapted to the stage, 486.
ELM, bark of. See LYSONS.
ENGLISH, characterised as a me-
lancholy people, 173. The wo-
men of England defcribed, by
a Frenchman, 177. Their cler-
gy, 178. Their literati, &c.
180. Their King, 181.
EWING, Mr. his improvement in
the construction of Hadley's qua-
drant, 337.

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people of, their man-



ARDEN, Dr. his account of
the virtues of the Indian
pink root, 97.
GARDENS, European, feverely ani-
madverted on, 137. Vindi-
cated, 138. Thofe of the Chi-
nefe praifed, 140. Defcribed,
GARDINER, Dr. his method of
giving the folution of mercury
in fmall dofes, as an anthel-
mintic, 184. His obf. on the
abule of cauftics, in venereal
excreffences, ib.
GENESIS, chap. iv.
tranflation of, 1.
luftrations of, 2-7.
GIANTS, of the Old Testament,
critical remarks on, 5.
GILCHRIST. Dr. his account of
an infectious distemper, 97.
His obf. on the catarrhal epi-
demi, 185. Of the urinary
bladder thickened, ib.
Gop, the existence of, a truth too
obvious for rational investiga
tion, so. His particular provi-
dential difpenfations afferted,
52. His moral government of
the world, 53. His friendship
with man explained, 477-
GRAMMAR, natural principles of

૦ ૧

and v. new
Critical il-


GREEKS, modern, their national
character, 223. Their man-
ners and customs, comparel
with those of the ancient
Greeks, ib. et feq.

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HERESY, in the Chriftian church,

Sketch of the history of, 328.
HOLLAND, obf. on, 62.
thod of deftroying wild garlic,

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JORTIN, Dr. his averfion to poe
pery and fanaticifm, 24. His
fevere cenfure of Zinzendorf and
his followers, 248.


Arms, Lord, his obf. on era-

K poration, 95.

KENNICOTT, Dr. his collation of
the fcripture-manufcripts at-
tacked, 245.
KILLARNEY, lake of, poetically
celebrated, 216. The flag-
hunting there defcribed, ib.
KINGS, of England, their power
greatly limited in the feudal
times, 39. Their gradual en-
croachments on the rights of the
people, ib.



HORNSEY, Mr. his deduction of LANDEN, ME, his in veligation

the fun's parallax, from obfer-

vations of the tranfit of Venus
in 1769, 415.

HORSES, the exceffive number de-
trimental to a country, 83,

of fome new and useful
orems in fluxions, 415.
LANDLORDS, of estates in the
country, advised to relide there,
37. Great improvements to be
made by that means, ib.
Law, feudal, account of, 39.
LINNAEUS, his botanic fyftem il-

HUSBANDRY, observations on, and,
hints for improvement in, 94,
HYDROPHOBIA, feveral cafes of,


luftrated, 270. Order obferved
in the establishment of, 273.
LIVER, account of a dreadful dif-



Jiplendour of his camp de-

foribed, 452. His fingular cha-
rafter. 453. His rigid admi-
niftration of juftice, 455.
INDIA, Bath, the climate favour-
able to defpotic government,
352. That form lefs grievous
there than elsewhere, 354.
Splendour of the Mogul's
camps, 452.
JOB, critical remarks on various

paffages in the book of, 121.
JONES, late William, Efq; cu-
rious paper of his, on loga

rithms, 415-

order incident to, in hot cli-
mates, 134 Caule and cure
of, 135. See, alfo, HEBER-


LIVINGSTONE, Dr. his hiftory of
two cafes, of ftones lodged
partly in the bladder, and pardy
in the urethra, 187.
LOCKED-JAW, a cafe of, 256.
LONDON, various remarks on, by M.

Grolley, 166. Humanity of its
inhabitants commended, 169.
LORIMER, Dr. his letter on the
fimilarity between the east fide
of the old continent, and the
east side of the new, in veget-
able productions, &c. 346.


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fiftent with the Thirty nine Ar-
ticles of the church of England,

MILLENIUM, ftate of the earlier
controverfies relating to, 329.
Rational hypothefis of, ib. Lord
Barrington's opinion of, 443.
MILMAN, Mr. his account of the
fcurvy, 265.

MINERAL waters, enquiry into
the reality of their fuppofed ful-
phureous principle, 465.
his travelling
apparatus defcribed, 460. 10-
ftructions for, 461..
MISISSIPPI, the propofals for a
new fettlement on the banks of,
confidered, and approved, 206.
MONGLAS, Marq, de, his inter-
efting history, 8.
MONRO, Dr. his experiments on
the effects of opium, &c. on the
nerves of animals, 98. His ac-
count of the Lisbon diet-drink,
in venereal cafes, 185. On the
ftate of the inteftines in old dy-
fenteries, 186. On the ufe of
mercury in convulfive diforders,
187. His account of some un-
common cafes, 264.
MOREL, Mr. his account of benc
feed oil, 345.

Moscow, city of, described, 36.
MUNCKLEY, the late Dr. N. his
account of a cafe of the hydro-
phobia, 256.



MARSHALL, Mr. author of the
Travels through Holland, &c.
fome account of him, and the
authenticity of his work afferted,
MASKELYNE, Mr. his account of
a method of meafuring differ-
ences of right afcenfion and de-
clination, with Dolland's micro-
meter, 414.
MATTER, curious theory of the
náture and properties of, 315.
MEN-MIDWIVES, vulgar preju-
dices againit exploded, 321.


MERCURY, enquiry into its ope- AT, 33.

ration in the venereal disease,


OHIO, fcheme for new settlements
on the banks of, examined and
recommended, zio. Particu-

MESSIER, his obf, on the comet

of January 1771, 413.


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EGRO-SLAVE trade, rise and
progrefs of, 425.
NEWTON, Sir Ifaac, anecdotes
relating to his family, &c. 117.
Farther anecdotes of, 332.
NICOLA, Mr. his method of pre-
ferving fubjects in fpirits, 345.


Ars, and oatmeal, condemn-

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SWEDEN, fome account of, 33.
Manners and character of the
people there commended, 34.
SYNOD, Curious ftory of the fquab-
bles at one, about the Trinity,


SUBSCRIPTION, to the Thirty-
nine Articles of the church, re-
flections on, 297, 402, 437,

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country, 37.
SLAVERY, Origin of, 423. Law-
fulness and unlawfulness of ar-


Sud, his account of the WALLACE, Mr. his fent



TOLERATION, principles of affert
ed, 347. Farther infifted on in
favour of the Diffenters, 402.
TOURNEFORT, his botanical sys
tem, 267..
TRITHEISM, orthodox doctrine of,
ftated and exploded, 295.
TURNBULL, Mr. his account of
the tarantula, 95.


Nature of wine, in America,
INE, culture of, and manu-
recommended, 343.

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