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MARSHAL's Travels concluded, 3! PECKARD's Visitation Sermon, 21 MASONRY. See PRESTON. PENNINGTON on Pluralities, 286 MAUDUIT's Case of Dissenting Mi- Perrin's Fables Amusantes, 159 nisters,


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of Meillan's English Grammar, 72 the R. Society, Vol. LXI. 413 Memis's Remarks on Campbell's PHILOSOPHY

of the Passions, 326 .. Sermon,

398 Piscator y Eclogues, 70 Memoirs of Joshua Dudley, 243 Plan for the Government of Benof the Year 2500, 274 gal,

487 of an American, 411 Poems, by a Lady,

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Pollen on Adultery,

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488 Nelme on Language and Letters, Priestley's Directions for im


pregnating Water with fixed Air, New Foundling Hspital for Wit,

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Hift. of Vision, &c. Topic of Coversation, 157

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the Revolution, &c. 244 BSERVATOss on the Popish



EFLECTIONS on the Fate of

the Clergy's Petition, 296 and Condu; of a Physician, 426

on the Negro Caule, ODDs of the (ame of Billiards, 489

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on the Gout, 484 Origin andContinuance of our REMARKS on Mauduit's Loltscript *: Ealt-India Disorders, 487 to the Diffenters' Bill, 162 Oswald's Appal to Common Sense, Report of the Commislioners of Vol. II,


Trade, &c. on the Perition for P.

a Settlement on the Ohio, 239 ATULLcOn the Cultivation of made to the fonte by the Landsh Bengal, 152: Select Committee,



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on the Charazilet R








Review of the Senators, a Poem, Toilet of Flora,

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in the APPENDIX to this Volume,

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Arr.l. A fourth and fifth Chapter of Genefis, translated from the

eriginal Hebrew; with marginal Illustrations, and Notes critical and explanatory. By Abraham Dawson, M. A. Rector of Ringsfield, Suffolk. 4to. 3 s. Cadell, &c. 1772. EVERAL years ago this Author published a critical account

of the three firt chapters of Genefis * ; he has executed the present translation upon the same plan, which he tells us he has seen no reason to alter. The strict attention and care which had been bestowed upon the former publication, appear likewise to have been observed in regard to this performance; and the Writer ftill finds, as he had before done, several occafions to differ from our common English version : some inftances of which we thall proceed to lay before our Readers :

· Ch. iv. 3. And Jehovah faid | Haft not made a prounto Cain, “Why art thou wroth, per distinction-hait not sea and why is thy countenance fallen í lected the best of thy subThough thou hast done right in of. ftance.

? Be quiet: - compose fering, yet as thou' hast not done

thyself. right in dividing, haft thou not finned? 2 Be fill: for to thee ihall he be in subjection, and shalt thou rule over him?"

Mr. Dowson endeavours, in the notes, to justify and supe port his translation : the first part of his reasoning upon this passage we thall give in his own words :

3.". Tnough (am) thou hast done right in offering, yet as (cu am) thou hast not done right in dividing, halt thou not finned? be ftill:”-lo Sept. 8x cæv opbws por everyxns opbws de μη διελης ημαρτες και ησυχασον.--This is to natural and cornmodious a sense of the passage, and more agreeable to the ori.

• Vid. Rev. Oct. 1763. VOL. XLVII.



ginal than any other I have met with, that it hath often been matter of wonder to me hentäters thould have perplexed theirselves and tortured.she words so much to find out Other meanings. Engl. Þas, rendered Jath-shalt thou not be accepted ? Margin- Thalt thou not have the excellency? so Le Clerc-dignitatem tueboris. But there is nothing in the original towanswer to the words-halt thou be- halt thou have-in Engl. or, to-ueberite in Le Clesc: accordingly Le Clerc will have this or lome such word to be understood. Hon harsh and forced is this? but now by supposing lath to be the infiqative of nsa the construction is easy-Though thou hatt done right in offering (in bringing thy gift)-: nor has Le Clerc any thing to object to this rendering, except itibes his bare unsupported allertion that." nfa never fignifies in

the Old Testament-to offer ; "--whereas among the various "hignifications of this word that of bringing to God, presenting oferings, is assigned by all lexicographers as one ; and accord ingly the verbal noun, mjiith, denotes gifts, presents, obiations, mesles of meat sent as presents,-Ezek. xx. 31. bath mthnthichm-when you offer your gifts,-40. mfaguthichm-of your oblations-and which is still more dire&tly to our purpose, 1 Chron. xvi. 29. we find this word joined with-mně-laou mnēe-bring a gift, an offering

' But as to that part of the verse which this Author renders, it in dividing"-Iphth:- he acknowledges there is some difficulty. Among several other observations (for the whole note is too long for us to transcribe) he remarks, I am inclined to suspect the original reading to have been phle, phlth, phithea, I might easily be transposed, and e changed into é from the word immediately following; and as I is not prefixed to Jath this helps to confirm my conjecture of its making part of the root in this word, and having undergone a transposition. Pble, of the same import with phlā, ligniñesto divide, to separate, to select as excellent and best of the kind, to make an honourable distinction, &c. Sept. might very well render it by deans. Lev. xxii. 21. Whosoever offereth a sacrifice of peace offering unto the Lord Iphla ndr-Engl. 'to accomplish his vow-Sept. doaseinas (a word of like import with 8187.15) Euxino-xxvii. 2. iphla ndr--Engl. fhall make a solemn vow-Sept. Eugntat eux nu; but in Numb. vi. 2. the same phrase is rendered - leganas ευξηται ευχήν και 2nd xv. 3. μεγαλυναι ευχην. Thus Exod. viii. 2. ephlithi-Engl. I will sever--Sept. Tapado Enow, I will dirtinguish in an honourable manner : the like in Exod. ix. 4. in all which places, Chald. Samar. and Syr. versions have phrl, which fignifies, to separate, to divide, to distinguish, &c.

• There are several farther notes upon this passage, which we stuft pafsa by; but the Reader will observe, that by rendering

; the

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