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Or, GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer. For JANUAR ,

?, 1756.

To be Continued. (Price Six Pence each month.) Containing, Greater Variery, and more in Quantity, iban any Monthly Boo's of the fume Price.) I, Account of the Apprentice.

XXV. Huxhan on Antimony. II. Dr. Whytt of Sendibility, &c.

XXVI. Story of a King of Egypt. III. Derbyshire Quacks exposed,

XXVII. Original Letter from Wales. IV. Story of a Piss-Propheta

XXVIII. POETRY. Elegy in a Winter's V. Curious Recipe.

Day ; Ode to Love ; to Mr. Murphy, by VI, Our Right to Nova Scotia.

Mr. Rider ; Isabel; New Year's Ode; VII. Proposal, by a Lady.

to a Lady, with Dudley's Memorandum VIII. Flintshiie described.

Book ; Prologue and Epilogue to the ApIX. The JOURNAL of a Learned and Po prentice, a new Song, fet to Mulick, and

litical CLUI, &c. continued : Contain a Minuet,
ing the SPEECHES of P. Furius Philus XXIX. The MONTHLY CHPCSOLODIR :
and C. Nomihus on the Bill for a Niglit. Petition for a Bridge profonied; River
ly-Watch for Bristol.

loft ; phenomenon in Westmoreland x. Sad Effects of Luxury.

more Earthquakes ; Advice: from Ames XI. Man's Superiority to Brutes.

rica; List of Sheriffs ; Notorious Cent; XII. Obfervations on the Marriage Act. to restore Iron Furnaces ; Cure for the XUT, Account of a Coal that never (mokes. Droply; Semons at the Old-Bailey, Files, XIV. Simple Carriages,

Execution, &c. &c. &c. XV. Relentment and Revenge diferent. XXX. Marriages and Births, Deaths, ProXVI. Of Tinmouth Carlle.

mitions, Bankrupts. XVII. Servants (poiled by their Masters. XXXI. Alterations in the Liit of Parliament, XVIII. Vanity of Ancestry.

XXXI. FOREIGN AFFAIRS. XIX. Pedigree of a Footman.

XXXIII. A Catalogue of Books. XX. Satire on extravagant Nearnesi. XXXIV. Letter from the French Secretary XXI. account of the Britih Anerica,

of Slate to Mr. Frx, with his Anlier. XXI. New-England settled.

XXXV. Scheme for railing (wo Millions. XXIII. Of the Plan of Lisbon.

XXXVI. Price of Stocks, XXIV. Affecting Distress.

XXXVII, Monthly Bill of Mortality. With a Correct map of FLINTSHIRE, a Plan of LISROX and Map of its Environs, and a beautiful PROSPECT Of TINMOUTH CASTLE, elegantly enviaved on Copper.

MUTTUM INPAK U. LONDON: Printed for R BALDWIN, at the Role in laici- Noner-kw; Of may be had, compleat Sets from the Year 1733 to this Tinie, ricatiy Downd, or

Stitch'd, or any ungle Month to cumple at Stas.



9, lo

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C Ο Ν Τ Ε Ν Τ S. A of

3 Servants spoiled by their superiors 25 Remarks on the performers 4 Inconveniencies from the present race of And on the farce


them Dr. Whytt of fenfibilitý, &c. ibid. Vanity of ancestry

ibid. Haller's insensible parts of the body ibid. Story from a French novellift Account of Derbyshire quacks 6 Pedigree of a footman

ibid, Story of a pifs-prophet

ibid. Extravagant neatness satirized Corious recipe of a white witch 7 And ill effees of it

ibid. Representation of our right to Nova-Sco Elegant, yet cheap furniture tia

ibid. Account of the British America ibid. Proposal of a publick fpirited lady 8 Settlement of New-England

30 A description of Flintthire ibid. Success of the settlers

31 JOURNAL of the Proceedings and Debates Religious contentions there

32 in the Political CLUB, &c. continued of the country about Lisbon ibid. 9-15 An affecting scene of distress

33 SPILCH of P. Furius Philus, on the bill And relief afforded

ibid. to establish a nightly watch for Bristol Huxham's observations on antimony 34 9-12 To make vinum antimonii

ibid. Contention between the magistracy and Distress of a king of Egypt

35 inhabitants 9 His remarkable answer

ibid. Form of government in Bristol

Original letter from Wales

ibid. A kind of oligarchy

ibid., POETRY. The novice, set to mufick 36 But originally otherwise

A minuet

37 And how altered ibid. Elegy, in a winter's day

38 Too much power not to be delegated 12 Ode to love

ibid. The inhabitants hould have the govern To Mr. Murphy, by Rider

39 ment of the watch ibid. Isabel

ibid, SPEECH Of C, Numifius in defence of the Cibber's New-year's ode

ibid. magistracy

13 To a lady with a memorandum-book 39 Bristol made a city by Henry VIII. ibid. Prologue and epilogue to the apprentice Eulogium on the magistrates Reasons for the government of the watch The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER 41 by the magiftrates

ibid. Leutet from M. Rouillé to Mr. Fox, with Dreadful effects of luxury

lis, atswer

45, 46 In the ruin of kingdoms

Ways to raise the two millions And the subversion of Greece

16 Citý's petition for a bridge presented 47 Virtue of ancient Britons ibid. Seflions at the Old-Bailey

ibid. Şadly degenerated ibid. A notorious cheat detected

ibid. Animated speech of Cato 17 Dropsy cured by Calt water

42 Superiority of man to brutes ibid. Method to restore caft iron furnaces ibid. And excellency of his make 18 River lost

ibid. Observations on the marriage act ibid. Phenomenon in Westmoreland ibid. Low people cannot be married by licence More earthquakes

ibid. 19 Advices from America Uncertainty of marriages being valid ibid. List of sheriff's

41 of the matter of licences

Fires, execution

41, 42 And registering ibid Marriages and births

43 Hardhips of the clergy from the act Deaths

ibid. Account of an uncommon coal in Ireland Ecclesianical preferments

ibid. ibid. Proino:ions civil and military

44 Which never (mokes

Alterations in the list of parliament ibid. Dr. Mead's sentiments of it. ibid, Persons declared bankrupts

45 Simple carriages in Ireland

23 FOREIGN AFFAIRS Neal and clean fires

ibid. Prices of stocks and grain ; wind, weaResentment and revenge different


48 Account of Tiomouth cattle ibid. Monthly bill of mortality

ibid. If wbar Contemplator mentions be approved of, is fall be inserird. $. T.'s favour is rie ceived. Mary pieces in prose and verse are posiponed to next morib.





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the Stage

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Carpie Charis

In January was Published, AN

N APPENDIX to the LONDON MAGAZINE for 1755, with

a Beautiful FRONTISPIECE, a General TITII curiously engraved, Compleat INDEXIS, and several other Things, necellary to be bound up with the

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Scotchman, Irishman, and other memSome Account of ibe new FARCI called ebe bers of the Spouting Club,

APPRENTICE, inter perfed wiib Catchpole, a bailiff.
Remarks on tbe Piece and sbe Performers. Porter, watchmen, &c.

HIS performance AI. The farce opens with a scene
is intended as a sa between Wingate and Simon, by which
tire on those young it appears that Dick has eloped fiom his
mechanicks, wlio


master, and been missing above a month. T

neglect the busi. Wingate suspe&s Simon to be in the plot, ne is of their trade but at last finding he can make nothing of to attend to the him, sends him to fetch his master. Sidiversions of the mon goes out, but soon returns with a Rage ; to ridicule letter, which, he says, the port brought

prentice kings and to the door just as he was going out, handicraft tragedians; and is indeed very This proves to be a formal epifle from well calculated, in the words of the pro Ebenezer Broadbrim, a quaker at Brita logue,

B tol, intorming Wingate that his son came

there with a company of strollers, who To check these heroes, and their laurels

were taken up by the magiftiate, and crop,


committed as vagabonds to jail : But that To bring them back to reason and their

Ebenezer had taken Dick out of con. But we cannot help obferving, that if finement, and sent him up to town in the the satire had come from any other hand waggon. By the time Wingate has read than that of a person who is himself on this lett arrives Gargle, who tells him the stage, the players would probably c Dick is below fairs, " Where, says he, have looked

on the piece as an affront to I judged it proper to leave himn till I had their profession. The characters repre prepared you for his reception." For fented are :

which purpose Gargle harangues WinWingate, a passionate old fellow, a gate in the language of a true apothecary, great miser, and ridiculously fund of prescribes lenitives, gentle alteratives. the arithmetick.

loss of 20 ounces of blood, with a ce. Dick, his son, bound to an apothecary, phalic tincture. This enrages Wingate and mad after plays, in love with Char Till more, and tho' Gargle affures him lotte.

D « Infiammatories may be dangerous," he • Gargle, Dick's master.

continues in a violent paflion.

In the Charlotte, daughter to Gargle, in love midst of his fury enters Dick, who ohrows with Dick.

himself into an attitude, and in a tragedy Simon, servant to Gargle.

tone says to Wingate, from Hamiler, January, 1956,


" Now

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" Norv, my good father, what's the mat: among them, and is called The Genius.
ter?" In this scene Dick's wilole conver There is fome humour in the notion of
ration is tiom plays, but his father, who the broad-mouthed North-Briton's giving
knows nothing of Shakespear and Ben a speci nen of elecution, and the Tritti
Thompson, as he calls him, rakes molt man's boddering them with Otholle, but
of whac he rays as coming from Inmself, on the whole one miglit have expected
thor he is sometimes at a loss what to more from this scent, which we are
make of his behaviour. However, Dick A taught to wait for as the principal one in
is at length disinised 'o go and change his the farce. At length the spoultis all ifTue
dress, and return to his business, and it is forth, full of tragedy and wine, into the
rettled by the two old men, that as soon Rreet ; winere tbey inuult the watch, by
as he is cue of his time he hall marry who they are all taken, except Dick,
Charlotte. (it is to be observed, that the who alter being once knocked down
whole dialect in which Dick, Wingate, makes tis cscape.
and Cargle converse is entirely characte: * * Tlte scene then changing to the street
ristick. Dick's discourse is downright wlieie Gargle lives, Dick ie-enters with
spouting : Wingate laiks of noihing bue B a lan horn and a ladder, in order to keep
fractions and Cocker's arithmetick ; And hus arigation with Charlotte, and con-
Gargle converses in the language of the ceit her tscape with him frosi her father's.
prescriptions on his file, and the difpen. Cihailutte roon appears at the window,
satory.] The two uld leilows no sooner and is very ready to go off with him im-
disappear than Dick, who was ordered to mediately, but Dick infils on their acting
go home and change his dress, enters the garden-scene firft; on her refural of
again with Simon, and forms a design of which he is determined to set Ranger,
changing luis dress besore lie rerurns home. c and tho' Simon is to let her thro the
This he puts in execution by breaking

up he gocs, neck or nothing,"
open his father's closet, where it seems and gets in at the window to come out
the old curmudgeon has always some again immediately at the street door,
jemmy thing locked up, as a pawn for merely because he is dele: mined to go
moncy lent. “In a dark corner of his ca. thro' with his part. Just as Dick goes
binet Dick finds a paper, which proves off with Charlotte, enters a bailiff and
to be a note of hand of his father's for his follower in pursuit of him, and after
71. 145. 7d. value received, but alas ! alsuring then selves that he is the man
&" The name's torn off-because the note D they are afier, go out different ways in
is paid.". After the dispatch of this hu. order 10 dodge him. The watchman
fines he borrows fixpence of Simon, then coming his rounds, discovers the lad-
(which appears to be the fifteenth on der at Gargle's window, and alarms the
corewith a promise to pay him all at family. Simon takes this opporrunity of
his benefit ; and then sends hiin down to rehearsing his part of Scrub, which it
Open the troet door. In the mean while Seems) Dick was to ttach him, hy crying
Dick amures bimself with a soliloquy, out. “ Murder, thicves, Poptry ! &c."
repralenting to himself how happy he E In the midst of Cargle's unealintis at the
thall be when he gets on the stage ; but loss of his daugir'er, enters Wingate, and
recollecting that, being club-night, the this perhaps is the heaviest and fatteit
spouters a:c all mct, he determines to go part of the farce, as the action seems to
to them, and afterwards to an allignation Ntand fill, and the scene contains very
he has made with Charlotte. Thus ends liccle humour to engage the attention.
the frit úct ; but I cannor conclude my Wingate and Gargle aie indeed but very
observations on it without taking notice indifferent company ; bowever, we aic
of the inanite humour displayed by Mr. al length relieved from their duil conver-
Woodward in his performance ci dick, F fation by the arrival of a porter, who
and even in his manner of dressing the brings a letter for Gargle. This proves
*character. There was also a certain na. to be an heroick epinle from Dick, made
tive, genuine simplicity in Vaughan's up of odds and ends from various traye.
meiner of ac:ing, very seldom to be met dies. It is put together with a good deal
with on our stage, which made Simion a of humour ; but our drainatick genius
person of no mean consequence in this , bad exprefled himself in such sublime
hoe drama.

terms that Wingate and Gargle cannot
A? II. At the heginning of this ad G coaceive what it means, till the porter
the curtain siles and discovers the Spoui. informs them he brought it from a sponge
in Club, the members sealed, roaring ing-house, whither Gargle rcfolves to go
out bravo' drinking, &c. In the midis
of rius theatrical roc enters Dick, who is The scene then changes to the spung-
meeived with great transport by his com ing-house, where wish and Chariocre ile
pamilla, appears to be a principal mau


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to him.

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