Joannis Lelandi antiquarii de rebvs britannicis collectanea, Volumen2

impensis Gvl. & J. Richardson, 1770 - 433 páginas

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Página 507 - And in the morow he was brought to S. Paulis Chirch in London in a cophyn, and there lay open facid and bledde, and thens caryid to the Blake Frerers in London and ther bled. And thens to Chirtesay Abbay yn a bote, and there was byried in our Lady Chapel.
Página 639 - AjaxFlagellifer," wherein the stage varied three times; they had all goodly . antique apparell, but for all that, it was not acted so well by many degrees as I have seen it in Cambridge. The King was very weary before he came thither, but much more wearied by it, and spoke many words of dislike.
Página 565 - ... both before and behind with the Scottes. Yet for al that Gray with his men lightting apon foote set apon them with a wonderful corage, and killid mo of them than they did of thenglisch men. Yet wer there vi. Scottes yn numbre to one Englisch man, and cam so sore on the communes of England, that they began to fly, and then was Thomas Gray taken prisoner.
Página 566 - Lownes, destroying the countery on to Edingburg. Then he repayrid yn to England, and left the erle of Northampton gardian of the marches, which toke a trews with the Scottes that was not wel kept. John king of Fraunce toke by covyne the king of Navar, that had afore treatid with king Eduard for alliaunce. In the yere of our lorde 1355.
Página 660 - ... is a fair large gallery; and out of the same gallery goeth one other gallery, leading to the parish church of Thornbury aforesaid ; at the end whereof is a fair room, with a chimney and a window into the said church, where the duke...
Página 642 - I marvell what they think me to be," with such other like speeches shewing his dislike thereof, yet he did tarry till they had ended it, which was after one of the clock. The Queen was not there that night.
Página 652 - Bysfhop to give a Some of Mony to the Earle, which was don accordingly, and the Caftell reftored to the Bysfhoprick.
Página 465 - Cal. Aprilis anno D. 1321. And after, the Prior and the Monkes required his body, and got it of the king, and buried it on the right hond of the Hy Altare.
Página 659 - Building, and leading from the Gates aforefaid to the great Hall, at the Entry whereof is a Porch, and on the right Hand of a fmall Room called The On the left or North Side of the fame Court is One fair wett Larder, a dry Larder, a privy Bake-houfe, and a...
Página 561 - Strathern wer killid and also Morice Murref, with many barons, banerettes and knightes wer killid. The counte of March and the seneschal of Scotland fled. The counte of Marche was taken, and the counte of Menteth, that shortely...

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